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Canine Good Citizen (CGC) a great title for every pup!

The Newfoundland Club of America—responsible for the preservation, protection and welfare of the Newfoundland Dog in America since 1930.

Did you know that starting in January 2013, CGC became an official title at the American Kennel Club? This means CGC now appears on the title record of dogs whose owners choose to earn the title and these owners may list the suffix, “CGC” after the dog’s name.

Started in 1989, Canine Good Citizen is a two-part program: it teaches responsible dog ownership to owners and basic good manners to dogs. The heart of the CGC program is the 10 item Canine Good Citizen test. All dogs who pass the test can earn a certificate from AKC, and owners may now choose to have CGC as a recorded title.


Check it out:

Every year the NCA offers Canine Good Citizen testing at our National Specialty Show. Showcasing the wonderful temperament that our breed is known for.

The Canine Good Citizen program emphasizes responsible pet owners for owners and basic good manners for dogs. Every Newfoundland should have the ability to pass a CGC Test with basic training.

Highlighting Responsible Ownership


Demonstrate Everyday Activities

Want your Newfoundland to be welcome at the park? To be the dog that brightens people's day when you walk down the street? To be easy to manage when you have guests and to be your veterinarian's favorite client? CGC Training is a fantastic start!

Big Dogs Need Manners in Crowds


Demonstrating Control

Thinking about doing Therapy Work with your Newfoundland? The exercises in the Canine Good Citizen test form the foundation of the Therapy Dog International Certification Test. Having a solid base will make getting certified as a therapy dog much easier.

Getting Along with Other Dogs

Some rental agencies, homeowners association, co-op, and condo boards and insurance companies such as Nationwide look for Canine Good Citizen certification according to Loretta Worters, vice president of communications for the Insurance Information Institute. “Many insurance agents will accept certificates from AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Program” says Worters.

Life is Distracting

If your dog hasn’t passed the Canine Good Citizen test yet, set CGC as a goal this year! You’ll join the ranks of responsible Newfoundland owners when your dog passes the test and you’ll get the added benefit of training that is both fun and functional.

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