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Canine Behavior and the New Parent

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New Addition To The Family

My puppy Bama when she was about 6 weeks old. Her breed is American Pit Bull Terrier.She was born Feb. 1, 2019 in Phenix City, Al.

My puppy Bama when she was about 6 weeks old. Her breed is American Pit Bull Terrier.She was born Feb. 1, 2019 in Phenix City, Al.

Welcome To Pet Parenthood

Pets experience some of the same characteristics as humans, jealousy can be the main one. If you already have a pet, you will see this when bringing home a new pet. Keep both on a leash and do not give more attention to one than the other. Start out by giving the new pet the same items if possible, such as toys, bed, bowls for food and water, just the basic stuff.

Introduce them slowly, let them sniff each other but if you see any signs of aggression, take them for a walk and repeat the introduction. Continue to let them tolerate one another and soon they'll want to play with each other. When you see this, it's time to reward them with some sort of treat.

If you must leave and can't take them with you, separate them. Always speak to them in a calming voice. If you bring a kitty home, make sure to trim the nails. Kitty's like to scratch so you'll need a kitty condo or some sort of scratching post so not to scratch up your furniture. You'll need to create a warm environment for your kitty, an oversized dog kennel will work. Litter will need to be added along with bed, water and food bowl and toys.

American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF)

"The CDC has not received any reports of pets becoming sick with COVID-19 in the United States, and we have no information that suggests that pets might be a source of infection for people with the coronavirus that causes COVID-19."

Feces Eating

When your pet eat their own feces or another dogs feces, there may be a medical problem that you need to address. Problems like intestinal parasites may exist or if blood is in the stool they will eat it.

Pets are smarter than we give them credit. When you're house training and you find feces, most owners will punish the pet. If you punish regular for incidents, the pet then associate or relate what happens when an incident occurs and therefore will eat the evidence.

It is unhealthy for your pet to eat feces, make sure stools are disposed of if this is a house pet. When pets are kept outside in a pen or property fence, hose the feces into the ground or pick them up. The same applies if this is a house pet, take the pet to a designated area and pick up the feces.

There are additives that can be added to the pets food. Also there are sprays that will make a feces taste bad. If you don't wish to try any of the above, you can try using a leash when taking your pet outside. After the pet releases and motion to eat the feces, gently pull back on the leash. Try doing this about four or five times.

Another tactic is to not use the leash and call your pet as soon as the feces are released. When the pet comes to you, give a treat. Try that four or five times. Make sure it's a likeable treat.

Anxiety and Boredom

Pets are like children, you must have time for them, that includes play time and going for walks and other forms of exercise. Some pets, not all, will suffer anxiety and boredom when left alone, so to amuse themselves, they become destructive. If you must leave the pet alone inside, make sure toys are available and a bone to chew on.

If an older and larger pet is not trained to stay away from couches, pillows and fabric chairs, when left alone they will chew things that are made of fabric and cotton such as a couch. Some pets like to chew table and chair legs. Your pet misses you and anxiety builds up long before you walk out the door. You may consider a pet sitter but ask for references, remember you're opening your home to a stranger.

Another way to prevent boredom and anxiety is doggie day care, if you work or going on vacation. Most day care also offer boarding if you can not take your pet on vacation with you. Your pet gets to socialize with other pets, and day care is a safe place where your pet will get plenty of attention. You may consider a dog walking service but whatever your choice is, ask for references. Your veterinarian can provide you with a list of professional services for your pet. An obedience class is another option where there's plenty of exercise.

If none of these options are available to you, a calming product may be the answer for you. There are chews, wraps to wear and sprays..

Anti-stress wrap works by applying constant gentle pressure to the torso. Available in sizes to fit small and large dogs. Anti-stress wrap works by applying constant gentle pressure to the torso. .

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Anxiety and Boredom

Anxiety and Boredom

Potty Training

Puppy Training Pads work well but start with the large size because accidents will happen if the pad is not big enough. This is the problem I had, half the body, the front paws will be on the pad and the middle part will be off the pad causing an accident on the carpet.

The best place to place training pads is close to an exit but not to close because you're be gradually moving the pad closer and closer to the exit until you reach the door. Then place the pad out side the door. The puppy will whine, scratch and sometimes spin around because he has not yet learned to come to you to go outside the door. During this training period, a pup needs to go a few minutes after eating so keep a close eye. House breaking can be a lengthy process but it is well worth all the headaches if the pup is going to live inside with you.

Many new pup parents keep their new one in a cage but fed outside the cage and then taken outside afterwards to pee and poop. Once the playing and exercise is done, the pup is returned to the cage. This type training works well with pups that are 4 to six weeks old. If the pup whine, ignore because if you feel sorry and pick the pup up, that is exactly what is wanted.

How To Potty Train A Puppy on Pads

Are You A New Parent

When To See The Veterinarian

Pets are like us, they don't want to be stuck and poked in undesirable places but it has to be done in order to have a healthy pet. It doesn't matter whether it's a puppy, kittten, horse or whatever, it has to see the doc! Early health screenings are essential for a healthy pet, as early as 8 weeks old.

Three sets of combination vaccinations are usually given at 3 week intervals: Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus sometimes Parainfluenza is included

  1. 8 weeks - first round
  2. 11 weeks - second round
  3. 14 weeks - third round
  4. 16 weeks - Rabies vaccination

Did You Know?

One tick species, called the brown dog tick, is capable of living and developing inside your house, without ever leaving it.

  • A single adult female can consume 0.6 mL of blood or more.
  • Severe tick infestations can cause anemia, weight loss, paralysis and even death.
  • Some ticks such as the Lone Star Tick (Ambiyomma americanum) found in parts of the United States produce a toxin that can cause paralysis.
  • Ticks require an animal host to survive and reproduce. Ticks feed on mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians.
  • Ticks, and the disease organisms they carry, including Lyme disease, are found in every state in the United States.
  • Ticks often go unnoticed, and once attached on your dog, can feed for up to five days.

Reference: Blagburn BL, Dryden MW. Biology, treatment, and control of flea and tick infestations. Vet Clin N Am Small Anim. 2009;39(6):1173-1200.

I Used Chew No Poo Bites

I used chew no poo bites to deter my dog from eating feces. The product has ingredients in it that dogs can't stand the taste, so they won't eat their poop. It works and it has peppermint as one of the ingredients for a better smelling dog breath.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. It is not meant to substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, or formal and individualized advice from a veterinary medical professional. Animals exhibiting signs and symptoms of distress should be seen by a veterinarian immediately.


BODYLEVIVE (author) from Alabama, USA on December 03, 2012:

Thank you Nyamache for stopping in. I learned something today because I didn't know cats chewed on stuff, so thank you for that. I do know that they claw up stuff unless they're trained to something like the kitty condo.

BODYLEVIVE (author) from Alabama, USA on December 03, 2012:

Hi Midget38, Thank you for stopping by and posting. I wrote this because we had that problem with a puppy. Calling his name, he would look at me but he would not come but when I acted playful he would come and forget about what he started to do after a while.

Michelle Liew from Singapore on December 02, 2012:

Thanks for letting us in on the things we can do to discourage our pets from eating their own faeces. This is especially important for puppies! Thanks for sharing.

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