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Can Snakes Really Come up a Toilet?

A snake expert I am not, but I have a heck of a good (albeit freaky) snake story. This really happened to me and I’m still not over it.

Boa Constrictors CAN come up your toilet

Can snakes come up a toilet?

The quick and simple answer is YES. It happened to me. Let me take you back there.

In 1990 I left home for the first time to finish out my last two years of undergraduate studies. A friend and I rented an off-campus 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom apartment in a complex full of college students. Our apartment was on the second floor. I moved in a few weeks before my roommate was to arrive.

It was about my second weekend there, my first time living alone, when I was awakened at around 7 in the morning by a loud noise.

Not knowing what the noise was, I got out of bed to look around, still half asleep. But I had to urinate first - you know how it is, I had just woken up.

My bathroom was attached to my bedroom. Let me set the stage for you. When you entered the bathroom, the toilet was directly in front of you, the tub/shower was to the left of the toilet, and there was a long counter with the sink to the right of the toilet. I had a small decorative basket on top of the toilet tank which I noticed had fallen into the bathtub. I thought to myself that must be what I heard, the basket falling (remember, I was half asleep so I didn’t stop to think HOW the basket would have fallen off the toilet tank into the bathtub).

I then sat on the toilet to do my business. As I sat, I turned my head slightly to my left and there it was. Stretched across my bathroom counter, neck raised and its face staring at me only inches from my own face was what turned out to be a 6.5’ boa constrictor! Thats right! A FRIGGIN’ SIX-AND-A-HALF-FOOT BOA CONSTRICTOR!

What did I do? Well, all I remember doing is jumping up, grabbing the cordless phone (uhm, cell phones didn’t exist yet!), and running out of the apartment and down the stairs in my tank top and underwear while dialing 9-1-1.

The 9-1-1 operator answered and I proceeded to explain what happened. She said she’d send someone, then asked me lots of questions - what kind of snake was it, how big was it, where was it last, did I close the bathroom door...I knew none of the answers! Two fire trucks showed up and the men had similar questions. Still no answers from me. To say the least, I was a bit freaked out.

So in they went ... and out they came with what they declared to be a 6.5’ boa constrictor in a bag. They explained to me that it had obviously come up my toilet, as the snake was wet, the area around the toilet was wet, the toilet tank was wet, and the counter where it was stretched across was all wet! They explained that it wasn’t an unusual occurrence. They told me that snakes can get into the sewage system and live there for a long time, or it could be someone’s pet (likely because they aren’t native to the area) that escaped down their toilet or even that someone flushed down the toilet. Crazy, right?!

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Later that day, I made several phone calls to pet stores, asking how snakes reproduce - I felt like I knew, but needed reassurance because I certainly didn’t want to encounter a bunch of baby boas slithering around my apartment! Along with the answers to my questions, more than one pet store said they would have given me hundreds for a boa that size - who’d have thunk?! After I completed my research, I went to the store and bought small hand weights. Those hand weights lived on top of my toilet lid for the remainder of my least (like at least a year!) and beyond. I figured if something was going to try and come up my toilet again, it would have to be strong enough to push the lid up with the weights on it and I‘d know right away.

I had snake nightmares for years!!

To this day, I never sit on (or even squat over - girls, you know what I’m talking about!) a toilet without looking down into it first - AND during. I’ve shared this story with so many people over the years and I still get chills when I remember it all.

Oh and I didn’t mention that the 9-1-1 operator hung up with me when the firemen got there and after they questioned me I called home. When I heard my dad‘s voice, my emotions overcame me and I began to bawl as I tried telling him what happened. My dad couldn’t understand a word I was saying and started freaking out, thinking I got raped or something awful. When I finally conveyed what happened coherently, all he could do was laugh. I can laugh about it now too.


Lily Rose (author) from A Coast on January 31, 2020:

Bashra, oh my! I think that would be worse than a boa!

Anya Ali from Rabwah, Pakistan on January 31, 2020:

LOL! In Pakistan, also watch out for the 'go', a kind of monitor lizard.

Linda Chechar from Arizona on January 22, 2020:

Eek! That's a scary snake incident. I would have moved out of the apartment immediately. What a frightening story!

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