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Can Irish Setters Be Considered as Ideal Family Dogs

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Can Irish Setters be considered as ideal family Dogs

Irish Setters are delightful Dogs with amazing personalities. Yet, do they make great family canines? How would they do on the property? This article will investigate the delightful Irish Setter dog breed

General Info

Hailing from Ireland where they were bred as hunting dogs hundreds of years’ prior, Irish Setters are cordial and clever canines.

Irish Setters are a medium-large variety. Male Irish Setters weigh between 65-75 pounds, and females weigh between 55-65 pounds. Irish Setters are tall with a thin and athletic form. They by and large live to be 12-15 years of age.

Maybe the most distinctive trait of Irish Setters is their delightful red coat that shifts from a chestnut to mahogany variety. They have long hair that plumes out at the chest, tail, legs, and ears.

Irish Setters Personality

Try not to allow the refined and exquisite walk to trick you. Irish Setters are dynamic, lively, active and high-energy canines who can act clownish on occasion.

Notwithstanding being free and hasty now and again, they are perfect with kids and different pets. Irish Setters are not difficult to house-train and are agreeable on almost any territory in practically any environment. On account of their high energy levels, they need reliable preparation and everyday work-out to forestall bothersome way of behaving.

They are likewise delicate to manner of speaking and won't answer well to hard discipline.

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Are Irish Setters make good family dog breed?

Irish Setters make extraordinary family dogs in the right circumstance! Irish Setters require continuous activity and thusly a good estimated backyard is very nearly a necessity for possessing an Irish Setter. It would be truly challenging to live with an Irish Setter in a loft.

Moreover, a family that possesses an Irish Setter should be home frequently enough during the day to practice the canine appropriately. Assuming that the entire family is working and school for almost the entire day, an Irish Setter will battle because of its high energy level.

Irish Setters are delayed to develop, which fundamentally implies they have a drawn out little dog stage. Close to year and a half old enough, our canine began to quiet down a smidgen, yet she actually had a lot of energy.

Assuming your home has hamsters, chinchillas, or other little rodents-you'll need to ensure that they are well out of your dog’s reach. Similarly, you'll likewise need to ensure that you gradually

acquaint your dog to any cats. However most Irish setters won't attack a cat. Whenever the situation allows, get this breed as a little dog so you can prepare it from the very first moment to leave cats, rodents, and other little pets alone.


In this article, we discuss why an Irish Setting makes a great family dog breed. You will discover how this breed originated, you will learn that their elegant, docile appearance is actively full of dynamic personality and will even make you laugh! Their exercise and grooming needs are high, but the fun is endless! One of few breeds that is not only gentle with children, but also friendly with other pets in the household. Perfect for families that enjoy many animals at once.


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