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How to Find New Cat Breeds

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Stacie L has raised many pets and had some cats live into the twenties. She also ran a successful pet sitting service.

One of the national CFA Winners 2011

One of the national CFA Winners 2011

Cat lovers

Cat lovers are abundant all over the world. They date back thousands of years as their owners adored them then as we do today.

Beginning in the late 1800's, ladies from high society started to organize clubs and associations to show off their special felines. Over time, may varieties were developed so finding one to please the fussiest person is becoming a little easier.

The different associations started shows or cat competitions to allow breeders to introduce their own favorites. Introducing a new one is usually done at a competition where many breeders earn ribbons and prizes for their cat. They have an animal that becomes more valuable in terms of their offspring lineage, earning power and pride of owning a winner.

Cat Groups

There are CFA or Cat Fancier of Association Competitions all over the USA and the world. The different groups meet once a year for the best in show and to introduce the public to established breeds or possibly a brand new breed. The breeders are responsible for the many different varieties of felines seen today. Not only are they showing their newest breed for the prize, they are also in business to sell their beloved felines to the public.

If a cat wins any award, then the offspring will fetch a pretty penny, as they say. Those who raise cats in their homes, do have to love the animals. There are many expenses involved with shows. Traveling to the different locations, hotels,meals, pet carriers, vet bills, official documentation and so on. When a cat is presented to the world, she or he must be in top condition. The breeder must keep the animal healthy, well rested and accustomed to strangers touching them.

Perhaps asking questions and joining one of the CFA groups will provide you with the incentive to find the right cat for your family or become a breeder yourself.


Some Past Winners

In 2011, the Best Cat picked was a red & white Persian male by the name of "Hear Me Roar." He certainly has a cute face! The CFA site has the other cat winners as well.

Wikipedia defines a Persian as " a long-haired breed of cat characterized by its round face and shortened muzzle. Its name refers to Persia, the former name of Iran, where similar cats are found. Recognized by the cat fanciers since the late 19th century, it was developed first by the English, and then mainly by American breeders after the Second World War. In Britain, it is called the Longhair or Persian Longhair.

In October of 2008, an eighteen-month-old Grand Champion Platina Luna Blade Runner, a Russian Blue cat from Greensboro, North Carolina, was named Best-in-Show at the CFA-Iams Cat Championship held at Madison Square Garden. Press Release October 2008

According to Wikapedia..The Russian Blue is known for being a very intelligent and active animal. They have been known to open doors/windows, play fetch, and are sensitive to basic human emotions. They enjoy playing with a variety of toys and develop extremely loyal bonds to their loved ones. The Russian Blue is also known for getting along very well with other pets and children in a household. They are known also for being quiet and clean animals that are normally shy around strangers, unless they are brought up in a very active household. The males are known to be more active and outgoing than the females according to many breeders.

As stated in 2011, the association has changed some rules and now there are regional cat competitions so check their site.

New Cat Breeds Pictures

typical Burmese cat

typical Burmese cat

Exotic shorthair kitten

Exotic shorthair kitten

Newer, Unusual Breeds

Most of us grew up with the domestic shorthair cat or tabby. They are perfect for families with children, are abundant in every state and probably all over the world. There are millions of these cats but no one places a monetary amount on them so many they remain homeless

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Newer breeds were developed and types like Exotic, Ragdoll, Munchin, Savannah, Birman, Scottish Fold, Toyger, Korat, and Sinapura, are foreign to non-breeders. There is a breed for every taste and disposition.

I know some that own a "Ragdoll" because it is docile and passive. They will lay on your lap and look for affection, all day if you like. They make good indoor cats so be aware.

The "Exotic" has a pushed in face and reminds one of a Pug dog,so perhaps a dog person would be attracted to this cutie.

The "Munchin" is just what it sounds like; a tiny smaller version that remains kitten size its' entire life.This breed should probably remain indoors or watched by it's owner when it goes out. The smaller size makes it vulnerable.

If you like your cat to be a little more spunky, then try a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest. It's believed that the Maine Coon cat is a decedent of the Norwegian and is slightly smaller.

They will be very active and hunt down anything that moves! You may have to put a bell on them as they will roam. I had family members that owned these large cats and they were always on the hunt.

2011 CFA Show Agility Tests

Rules have changed

The shows are an extraordinary event for all who love cats. Forty-three distinct CFA breeds from lean and lanky, curly coated Cornish Rex to heavy doll-like extravagantly groomed Persians were all there to delight the eye

At last, a beauty competition in which no one has to worry about the contestants' online photos, possibly shady pasts or garbled answers to questions about their ideals. But was a talent show (the ever popular Feline Agility Competition) and Hollywood stars (a show by cats that act on television), as well as many worthy unknowns eager to be loved (the Adopt-a-Cat event).

*Rules have changed for the cat competitions and follow the link at the end.The CFA made some rule changes and it doesn't appear that there is only one grand champion cat. Here is the ruling link.

Start a Group

If you live too far to attend regular meetings then maybe start up your own cat lovers group.

I know people living in rural areas love their felines as much as those in cities. There are many breeders in the countryside that would like to meet others. You can obtain information from the national cat associations about guidelines, show competitions and general help. Any information is available on the internet today so check out the links.

Past Cfa cat championship contestants

Summary of Cat Shows

Sharp competition and hundreds of ailurophiles (cat lovers!) join this annual spectacular event to fulfill every attendees wishes.. Professional speakers, veterinarians, top notch judges all with valuable information were on hand to satisfy your knowledge and curiosity and answer questions about cat care. The obstacles are adjusted for size and height of competitors.

Learning about new breeds, meeting others with the same interests, or becoming a cat breeder yourself, are great reasons to attend.

I really am a ailurophile! At least I learned a new word. There are other cat clubs around the country and if you love them as much as I do, you can join your state and/or local club to learn more and find others like yourself.

Breed of cat Preferred

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Stacie L (author) on October 21, 2008:

thanks for the comment! I,too, have loved cats as long as I can rememeber!

whastzis on October 20, 2008:

Love cats! And for a laugh, check out the latest You-Tube White cat video.

I have had cats for all my life- nothing like them for affectionate compaionship!

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