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Buy a Great Dane and Save Money! LOL!

You might think that owning a Great Dane is expensive, but in actuality, having a Dane in your home can actually save you money. Most people think such a big dog costs a metaphorical arm and leg to feed, but that’s not true. Our two big boys cost less than $10 a week – together – to feed. How can such huge animals eat so little? Danes are lazy pooches! They have slow metabolisms and are real couch potatoes.

Okay, so they’re not expensive to feed, but dog food still costs money. How can buying a Great Dane save you money? Once you learn all the ways that owning a Dane or two are money-saving strategies, you’ll be ready to rush out and find Great Dane puppies for sale or start searching for Great Dane adoption and Great Dane rescues!

Check these out:

Specialized furniture

If you have kids around, you might be tempted to buy special kid-size chairs. No need to do so with a Dane in your home! A Great Dane provides the perfect seat for small children. It’s warm, fuzzy, and cozy, and it makes the perfect perch for TV viewing. And since Danes are washable, you won’t have to worry about the kids’ staining the upholstery.


Great Danes make perfect kiddie chairs!

Great Danes make perfect kiddie chairs!



For the most effective entertainment value, I suggest having two or more Great Danes sharing your home. Danes have to be the clowns of the canine world! With the antics of the huge furkids, you can cancel your subscription to cable. The dogs are great at entertaining kids, too, so you’ll save money on those expensive video games and video game systems. Our Danes love playing with the grandkids!


Even an only Dane will be entertaining. I’m convinced that this breed thrives on the sound of human laughter. Just some of the crazy sleeping positions they get in are hilarious, so they’re funny even when they’re asleep!

Great Danes are canine comedians, even when they're asleep.

Great Danes are canine comedians, even when they're asleep.

Garbage disposal

You’ll have no need for a garbage disposal with a Great Dane around! Ours will eat anything they see us eat: pickles, tomatoes, broccoli, peppermint candy, baked potatoes, etc. You won’t have to worry about getting crumbs on your floor, either. After the grands make a mess eating, we send in the four-legged cleanup crew, and they take care of the problem.

Note: Don’t allow the Danes to eat too much junk food. Great Danes can throw up a huge pile. Of course, if you have two Danes, the other one will eat all the vomit. Problem solved!


Hamlet is enjoying a pickle.

Hamlet is enjoying a pickle.

Alarm systems


Do you have one of those fancy-shmancy alarm systems, where you have to pay a monthly fee for monitoring? Cancel that subscription and tear that sucker out of the wall! You won’t need no steenkin’ alarm with a Great Dane living in your house. The bark of a full grown Great Dane is much louder than some wimpy alarm, and alarms aren’t equipped with 1.5-inch-long canine teeth, either. Most Danes are sweet and harmless, but believe me, they can look and sound terrifying!


And if you’re plagued by uninvited guests – you know, like door-to-door salesmen or pushy religious fanatics – the Danes will put a stop to that, quickly and effectively.

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Grendel is on guard, looking out the picture window.

Grendel is on guard, looking out the picture window.



The more Danes you have, the more you can cut your heating costs. These bruisers put off a lot of BTUs. On those cold nights, just snuggle with a couple, and you’ll see what I mean. They’ll sleep as close to you as possible, generously sharing their welcome body heat. There’ll be no chance of your accidentally becoming uncovered during the night, either. In fact, you’ll be trapped in your blanket or comforter, unable to move – kind of like a human burrito.


If you want to stay warm while watching TV, just let the dogs on the couch with you. They’ll be more than happy to plop down on your lap, keeping you nice and toasty.


A Great Dane or three will keep you warm on those chilly nights.

A Great Dane or three will keep you warm on those chilly nights.


Yes, Great Danes can provide you and your family with transportation in several ways. For one, small kids can ride the Danes, although saddle breaking one is somewhat of a challenge. (See my hub on this topic.) If you have a wagon, you can make a simple harness for the dog, and it can easily pull kids in the wagon. We did this with one of my former Danes, Ebony, and she happily pulled all three of my little girls around.

If you’re into speed, buy one of those tandem leashes that allow you to walk two dogs at once. Hook up your Danes and throw on a pair of roller skates. Just make sure you get skates with good brakes.

Now that I have two Great Danes, I want hubby to build me a little cart and make a double harness. We live just a block away from a shopping mall, and they’re building a Publix just up the street, too. Think of all the money I could save by not having to buy gas! I wonder if I could get the mall and the grocery store to install hitching posts?


Saddle breakin' a Dane ain't always easy!

Saddle breakin' a Dane ain't always easy!

Danes prefer to be ridden bareback.

Danes prefer to be ridden bareback.

More reasons to buy a Great Dane


After owning many dog breeds, I’ve found that Great Danes are the best dogs you could have. They’re smart, easy to train, sweet, loyal, and beautiful. And as I’m sure you’ve already deduced, Danes are very gentle with children.


If you’re interested, look on the internet for Great Danes for sale, or for Great Dane puppies for sale. There are also plenty of Great Danes for adoption, from animal shelters and Great Dane rescues. Great Dane adoption is a great idea because you’ll be saving two dogs – the one you take home and the one that gets to take its place at the shelter or rescue.


How can you resist a Great Dane puppies for sale ad??

How can you resist a Great Dane puppies for sale ad??

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Robyn'e on December 08, 2012:

I have three Great Danes. Reading your forum, I wonder why people are finding it cheap to feed these dogs. It costs me 504.00 every month for food. I feed my Danes 3 cups in the am and 3 cups in the evening. I go through 2 bags every 9 days. Any suggestions?

Tracy B from Canada on August 11, 2011:

I loved reading your hub. And had to share some lines with my fiancé. I have been wanting a Great Dane. But with 3 dogs already my house it full. Haha.

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on January 02, 2011:

Donna, I had two Akita sisters, but they didn't sleep with me. Thanks for visiting!

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on January 02, 2011:

A bed-hog beagle, esatchel? Yikes!

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on January 02, 2011:

Pat, Labs are great! We've had a couple.

Donna Ferrier on December 31, 2010:

This is hilarious...LOL. I had an Akita for 12 years, so I know what it's like to have a big dog around, snuggling in bed.

PDGreenwell from Kentucky on December 31, 2010:

I love your Great Danes! I imagine you could always put them to work plowing a garden or carting groceries home from the store as well! lol I have merely one fat Beagle and he hogs the entire bed. My husband and I regularly wake up in the middle of the night clinging to our respective edges of the mattress by our fingers and toes because Darwin has climbed in and shoved our sleeping bodies out of his way!I can't imagine you have any hope of winning that battle with two or three Great Danes! Thanks for the money saving tips! :^P

patdmania from waterford, mi on December 24, 2010:

Your Great Danes are beautiful! I like the saddle! I have a great dane/lab mix. He is a cool dog! Has the great dane size, however he looks more like a lab.

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

JDavis, My ex-brother in-law used to raise Bloodhounds. His were big, sweet pooches!

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

Thanks a bunch, drbj! We're just one big happy family!

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

turtledog, the Great Danes are a lot more snuggly than a heater! lol

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

Susan, Newfies are great dogs! I'd love to have one, but I think it's too hot here.

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

Les Trois, we've had several pointers, and they ate WAY more than our Danes. As you said, they're very energetic!

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

Steve, one dog sleeps with me, and the other sleeps with Johnny. The third Dane isn't ours - it's my daughter's. We were just grandpup sitting! lol

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

HH, our house isn't huge, but the Danes aren't clumsy, so it's all good!

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

Wayne, remember to get two! lol

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

FP, Great Danes are awesome!!

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

Austin, good for you for adopting pound puppies! You can sometimes find Danes in shelters, too! We bought one of our Danes but rescued him from a bad situation.

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

Scribenet, Grendel is about 33 inches tall, and Hamlet is a little taller. Thanks for reading!

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 24, 2010:

Zsuzsy, thanks for the kind words! We do love our babies - both the 2-legged and the 4-legged ones!

Joseph Davis from Florida on December 23, 2010:

Great hub and wonderful pics! I have a bloodhound myself. Love the big breeds.

drbj and sherry from south Florida on December 22, 2010:

Beautiful, handsome dogs, Holle, and a great, funny hub to boot. Loved the photos. You are very fortunate. And so are your dogs. :)

TurtleDog on December 22, 2010:

That's a real good article. I love the BTU's. I should get a few of them for my livingroom... beats the 'ol kerosene heater (if anyone actually remembers them)

Great photos too! voted UP

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 22, 2010:

Mo, don't be jealous of your brother!

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on December 22, 2010:

What beautiful dogs you have. I can relate your hub in so many of the same ways as with my Newfoundland dogs. They are like potato chips, you can't just have one. People think that having a giant sized breed is so expensive when it comes to feeding when in fact it really isn't that bad. Mine sleep in the bedroom with us and some nights it gets too hot in the room even in the dead of winter. Danes have always been one of my favorite breeds but I was never too crazy about their short life expectancy. Wonderful Hub and thanks so much for sharing. Merry Christmas to you, your family and of course those wonderful dogs.

Les Trois Chenes from Videix, Limousin, South West France on December 22, 2010:

Hi, not convinced re saving money but loved the article and pictures. Our pointer Molly is more than enough for us. I'm wondering how you cope with three huge dogs, but then, you did say they are sluggish while Molly is a little ball of energy and wears us out!

SteveoMc from Pacific NorthWest on December 22, 2010:

I don't think I could really deal with a huge dog like that, but I love them just the same. They sound delightful but I could not sleep with a bed hog like that. LOL Merry Christmas! Love the saddle.

Hello, hello, from London, UK on December 22, 2010:

OMG can anybody still fit into the house hahaha Wonderfully written hub. I could see your heart in it. Loved reading it.

Smaridge01 from Florida on December 22, 2010:

Oops, double tap on the submit button. Still, great hub! :)

Smaridge01 from Florida on December 22, 2010:

That is a cool, informative and FUN hub! Vote up. Fun to see all your pictures too. Thanks for the entertainment. Gotta go now, on the hunt for my own pack of 'Danes! =D


Feline Prophet on December 22, 2010:

You make a great case for Great Danes! Who knew they were such versatile creatures?! :)

Lela from Somewhere near the heart of Texas on December 21, 2010:

Those dogs will never fit through my pet door! A friend of mine has two Danes and they are the best dogs I've ever seen. They have a small dog too and she bosses the Danes around. It's hilarious!

I have 3 rescue dogs now, but when they move on, I might just get a Great Dane! Cool hub. Rated up

Maggie Griess from Ontario, Canada on December 21, 2010:

OMG...I was ready to run out and get me a little ol' puppy and as I read and looked at the pictures...I looked at Grendel and how that puppy filled the room; Great Danes take up a lot of space! How tall is that dog? Wow!

So totally adorable! I think I will have to find a bigger place first! I like the couch potato aspect as well!

Totally captivating article!

Zsuzsy Bee from Ontario/Canada on December 21, 2010:

Habee your 'babies' are beautiful. What a nice write-up too about the Great Danes along with those fabulous picks. Thank you for sharing.

Hope you and your gang have a super duper Christmas. And wishing you all health and everything good in the coming year.

kindest regards Zsuzsy

mocrow from Georgia on December 21, 2010:

Your dog is evil! lol

Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on December 21, 2010:

Thanks, Rich. My dog isn't prone to flatulence, but hubby's - the black and white dog - is!!

richtwf on December 21, 2010:

I was surprised by your title and then read on and then realised how you came to that title!

This hub and seeing those lovely photos reminded me of an old school friends' dogs. He had a Great Dane and it was not only great in size ... it was also a great passer ... a great passer of wind! lol

Anyway thanks for this hub and giving me a little laugh and smile!

Cheers and God bless!

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