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Bunny Breed Guide: Flemish Giant Rabbit


Nothing is more awe inspiring in the bunny world than a Flemish Giant. Often referred to as gentle giants, these rabbits can grow larger than a dog, and can be quite the conversation stopper when they come casually hopping through someone's back yard!

The Flemish Giant first came to fame in America in the early 1900s , when people began to show off these giant beauties at county fairs and shows. Like the New Zealand White, they are highly prized for both their meat and their fur, and make excellent pets due to their docile and friendly natures.

As with all rabbits, it is important to get your Flemish Giant Rabbit used to being handled, and to associate you with positive things. Because these rabbits are relatively large, the bite or scratch you get from them will be much more painful than that of a mini lop or dwarf breed. Having said that, if you treat your bunny well, bites and scratches are more of a rarity than a rule.

A Flemish Giant may be a good choice if you are looking for something with a relaxed temperament that doesn't need to run around like a mad thing too much. Unlike their smaller counterparts, Flemish Giants are quite happy to lay around a fair bit, though be warned, they do consume a lot more feed than smaller rabbits.

If you're considering a Flemish Giant, also consider the cage you will need for these bunnies. 30 by 48 inches is considered to be the smallest acceptable floor space for a single Flemish Giant, though larger quarters are of course, encouraged.

Flemish Giants come in a range of colors, light greys, sandy tones, darker greys, fawns, whites, blacks, and blues are all possible colors for a Flemish Giant.

An average Flemish Giant generally weighs around 6.5 to 7 kgs, or 14 - 15.5 pounds. If you would like to show your Flemish Giant Rabbit, or would simply like to know what the breed's ideal standards are, here are a few things to look out for:

Head: The Flemish Giant has a large and well shaped head. The eyes should be bright and alert, and the ears should stand nicely erect.

Body: The body of a Flemish Giant Rabbit should be long and powerful. It should be in proportion throughout the entire body. The hindquarters should be nice and thick, and the flesh of the rabbit should be solid and well formed. The fur should be glossy and thick set.

Faults: Too much fat is considered a fault in Flemish Giant Rabbits, as is baggy skin. The coat should be even in color, so patchy colored coats are frowned upon. The rump should be nicely rounded, so square looking hindquarters are not good, neither are wedge shaped heads, or ears that are not carried nicely erect.


Bethany on November 18, 2013:

I have a giant and she is getting really big. When I got her she was as big as a kiwi and the guy I got her from didn't know her breed so I thought she was gonna stay small so her name is Kiwi.

Sharpshire Rabbitry on May 30, 2013:

We raise FG in Ohio and they are truly gentle giants. Ours have 8ft hutches just like our Checkered Giants. Im looking forward to breeding come fall.

peter sanchez on November 21, 2012:

Iloved rabbit were can I buy in dominican republic

JOHN VERNON on September 29, 2012:





Thumper on August 14, 2012:

I'm thinking about breeding Flemish Giants... but I don't know what colors make a blue and how to get the proper balance of grey in the rabbit. Thanks!

eddyslim on June 13, 2012:

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Kim on May 25, 2012:

Penny- the huge dunlop under the chin means its a female. Females have that extra fur under their chin to make their nest with when they have babies.

kristen on May 18, 2012:

where can imagine one I live in Texas

ANGELO P. on April 29, 2012:



penny acors on April 29, 2012:

Message flagged Sunday, April 29, 2012 5:37 PM

hi i live in ny ,i have been searching for flemish giants with no luck .i didn't see a location for u ? i see on ur page u said there r 7 different styles of fleimsh giants . none that i have sen look like my giant . he is 16 lbs an has a huge dunlop under his chin . the 3 i bought do not have it . any help would be great thank u penny acors

J on March 16, 2012:

Once we are married my boyfriend and I are getting two giants. We have time to do research which is good but I am glad I found this site.

Teresa on January 25, 2012:

I want to get one, but my parents won't let me. How should I convince them?

Elliot on December 28, 2011:

4 weeks*

Elliot on December 28, 2011:

Just got a flemish Giant the other day, best rabbit ever but some people say that if they're broken coloured they'r enot pur ebreds? My Flemish Giant is grey with white legs and a white spot on his nose, does this mean he's not a pure bred? Also he has one floppy ear but the breeder says this should become erect again (he's 4 months)

joko susilo on November 30, 2011:

i have two FG male and female, i try to breed them. they are kindly and sweet with me. i don't give grases for feeding them just pelet for them and it's good for them.

danii on November 03, 2011:

Hi there, please help, I have a flemish giant, he's 7months and I've had him under a week, he come from a breeder as an outside bunny, he's still outside. But he's on his own, he's not been neutered, he's just started to nip me, it shocked me and still does, what do I do? He's big and friendly, liked cuddles, now he just wants to nip and have no cuddles?.... Help?

willy purnomo on October 20, 2011:

hi..i'm very interested to buy these rabbit...please help me how i can get it...for information I live in Indonesia and my email: willypersada@Gmail.com

thanks before for these information....Gbu

S&A Angels Rabbitry on October 17, 2011:

id like to correct about the body they should NOT be so long in body if they are to long they have bad should they should only have a bit long like a dip....for the head its nice to have a big thick head though it don't always happen they can still have a nice head even if its a bit narrow, also with ears sometimes they do bend over no matter how thick they are or good substance to them it happens for many different reasons some yes can be weak ears but others can just be from being nervious...also for eyes that goes for every breed u should have said about the eyes gotta be correct for each color! and wow u got ur colors wrong to, colors are blue, white, sandy, light gray, steel, and fawn but no brokens lexi is right about that.........for temperment yes its said they are more relaxed however flemish giants or rly any breed u gotta look who ur buying from if the rabbits not use to human touch ya its gonna be a naughty rabbit that freaks out ive had that happen many times and mstly the does are nothing but mean bucks are always nice(most of the time)

lexi on October 17, 2011:

flemish don't get big as a big dog, a small dog yes but flemish can weigh just as much as a french lop i breed both of them and ive had more of my french lops weighing over my flemish! i am a flemish breeder they arnt for everybody and don't let anyone tell u they come in broken colors many people try sayin they do but if u see a broken color its a cross breed....anyways flemish gaints arnt easy to breed either try finding colors that work together that u need with good type is not easy ur grays, steels and whites are easier sense they can be bred together but fawns can ONLY be bred to fawns any other color is a risk of brning out a bad color of fawn or something els, if a breeder sees this in the pedigree they will right away turn away!

kikii on September 03, 2011:


Lolo on August 17, 2011:

i mean netherland dwarf lol...

Lolo on August 17, 2011:

I have a new zealand dwarf but this flemish giant seems very cute!!!

kaitlynzeronas on August 13, 2011:

i have tons of gients i love them this year we r breeding them its so cool having the lil babies n thar so cuite!!!!!!!! (:

d on May 08, 2011:

When younger we had a heavy denim coat we wore because my rabbit would affectionately bite me.."boy" and also if they had to go potty and i had held them too long.

have fed my rabbits vitamin c guinea pig grain for years and most of my rabbits especially my big whites have lived to be 9 or 10 yrs old.

Jules on April 18, 2011:

I am getting my Flemish Giant next week and am sooo excited. I built him a buynny run with a hutch in it so he will have his own lil home and private yard. I live in northern Cali so it does not get too hot. I am already collecting 2 liter bottles so i can freeze water in them and place them in his pen when it does get hot. I am also going to line the fence with a mister just to be safe. He will be indoor most of the time so he can kick it with my dogs, cats and us humans. Can't wait to just kick it with him in the couch and watch TV. Tehehehe I think I will name him "Thump"

summer on April 11, 2011:

very good article, but the size is off, the breeder I got my Flemish Giant from shows the nationally and he's way over 20 pounds, and the doe I just got from him placed in the junior division and is over 20 pounds at 9 mounts of age.

Anonymous on March 27, 2011:

actually no i don't i want a black Newfoundland and a russet colored golden retriever

Anonymous on March 26, 2011:


Lauren on February 21, 2011:

OMG that thing is giant!!!!

julie on February 13, 2011:

I got mine today he is so awesome, he jumps around and gets along so well with my kids :)

Jackie on January 28, 2011:

I'm very interested in adopting a flemish here in Chicago or at least within a couple hour's drive. If anyone has one they're looking to rehome (I really prefer that to buying from a breeder) please let me know! I have previous rabbit experience, am home most of the day, and own a large apartment with plenty of space. Thanks!

Email: christycrc@gmail.com

Chris on January 24, 2011:

I use one of those collapsable pens usually used for housetraining puppies. I keep it in the kitchen for easy cleaning as I have a linoleum floor. A rabbit will use a litter box filled with straw, but rarely will he be perfect in his habits. Be sure to get a pen at least 48" tall--they are if anything more agile as kits than when they reach their impressive full size and no longer try to escape. Don't forget some toys for when he's alone--or another bunny, ideally.

RAMOUNA BOWRA on January 22, 2011:

I got mine today and she is so cute i jus could eat her up(she is my lil angle an i'll never hurt her)

scb on December 27, 2010:

hello, i am planning to get on eof these bunnies. i have a medium sized room and a large backyard with a fence. could the rabbit stay in my rooom during the day? also where would i gewt a lage cage at?



Jordan on November 24, 2010:

I have a rescued Flemish giant that I got September of 2009. His name is Moose, as you can imagine he is huge!! (about 18 pounds) haha. He was originally rescued from a woman trying to sell him and his littermates for food or to whoever would buy them (dogfighting bait). Anyways, I love my bunny so much and I just finished building him a 6 foot long hutch in my backyard. He was originally inside and went outside during the day but he preferred going outside better. He definitely is a conversation starter when friends and family come over. I would recommend only experienced and dedicated bunny lovers to adopt a Flemish giant. Mainly because they are so big, they need LOTS of food and space. If you don't have the time or money to take that on then you should not own one. And please remember to adopt a homeless pet over buying one! You save a life and give to a good cause.

alyissa on November 20, 2010:

i own a flemish and his name is bumbo. he is a year old and the worlds funnyist bunny the cat got too close to him one time and he kicked the cat in the head and the cat has never messed with bumbo again. thank for the information...

ErinHolman on October 07, 2010:


I am interested in buying a Flemish Giant rabbit but I am not sure if they are the right rabbit for me?

I grew up with Horses and have recently sold all of them so now I want a pet that is big cuddly and friendly like my horses but obviously not a horse lol

Can anyone tell me detailed inforation about this breed?


Steven Konitzer on September 22, 2010:

I am wanting to obtain 2 males and two females who would i contact i live in Tucson Arizona my number is (520)-551-9276

Shanny on September 14, 2010:

Wow, how amazing!! These bunnys sound like heaps of fun. Im so glad I got 2 N.Z Flemish kittens today. I even got them befor doing my research on them, haha. Your guys comments about these bunnys have comfirmed that I made the right choice today!!!

clarko on August 28, 2010:

Chewbacca is a big boy now and still as sweet as when he was a baby. Maybe a little more so with the grooming and interactions we have with him. He can be a handful when we have to trim his nails - please all check the nails so they don't grow all crazy and their teeth too. He allows our tiny cat Sprocket into his cage to hang out and enjoys sleeping with the dogs too. He has only bitten once and does not dive for us with his paws like our little bunny did. All around great personality. I'll never get another kind of bunny. Our whole family is hooked on the Giant.

deborah on August 26, 2010:

ilove my rabbits

Callum G on August 10, 2010:

Iv just bought a Flemmish Giant 2 weeks ago, its awesome. We keep him across 2 rooms in the house which we'v had to "bunny-proof" and he sleeps in a dog basket cos hes already huge.

Does anybody know at what age they stop growing?

Cal from England

Bec's and Robbie on August 07, 2010:

we have two Flemish and are expecting a litter from our wee fiona. We live in New Zealand in a wee town in the South Island, we love our two big babies, i work as a perschool teacher and i take the "kids" to work all the time they love all the attention and my son Robbie loves to show them off. we have had our kids micro chipped and they runn around on the front lawn they have a night and wet day cage but they are normally out and about on the lawn, only prob is big bunnies can reach almost everything in the rased garden and they are areally good at digging up my carrots, we have a garden thats just for growing winter feed so they always have fresh grass and veg's. they are almost human, my foxy enjoys cleaning and cuddlying up to them in front of the fire on a cold winters day, best pets ever for a child, i would never own another little rabbit

i love my flemish and i recommend them to any one who asks about bunnies

LisaB on July 28, 2010:

I have a 3 month old Flemish named Benjamin. I let him roam the fenced yard for a few hours every day, and he is already following me when I garden. So sweet and gentle, he love to have his nose or ears scratched. He wears a harness with a name/phone# tag in case he gets out. Even though he's a baby he made friends with my cockapoo (who's used to rabbits loose in the yard). Can't wait to watch him grow!

Pa Flemish Rabbit breeder on July 23, 2010:

To answer a few questions on here, the price of one in Pennsylvania is around $30-50 USD, if you have a pregnant female ALWAYS remove her and place her in her own cage, at 28-31 day she'll have her babies and in 10 days their eyes will open, at 14 days they eat solid food and at 4 weeks they can be moved into their own cages and seperated males in one cage, females into another. At 7 months you can breed a flemish Giant buck and 8 months for the doe. If you have an apple tree, cut some nice sized branches off for them to chew on, remove all leaves and apples. Sunflower seeds are supposed to be used in moderation and the only use is to keep their coat healthy, so use only 4-5 sunflower seeds per bowl of food. Also NEVER breed them when they're MOLTING or (pulling hair) because there is a chance that the offspring will have a lifetime 24/7 molting.

Albert's Mom on June 29, 2010:

I have had a Flemish giant for a little over a year. His name is Albert Hume and he is the most adorable pet I have ever had. He loves to cuddle, play fetch the ball but chews a lot of things that are on the "no-no" list. He is quite sociable, greeting guests and binking about. My weekly visit from the massage therapist now includes a massage for Albert. He walks right up to her, head butts her, puts out his front paws, lays down his head and awaits a massage. It is a hoot. If she stops before he is ready, he will head butt her and await more. Litter trained and having a large playpen in the living room, he has the run of the house 3-4 times a day. Never had a better pet than Mr. Albert.

Treasa on June 28, 2010:

Does anyone in arizona have any of these giants for sale.

I am looking for Flemish Giant or Silver Fox Rabbits

holli on June 11, 2010:

my boys have been doing flemish for ffa for about 3 years now - if you do keep them outside you might want to keep a mister on them. check the lemish giant rabbit breeders web site for people who are near you they have been very helpful

Hoppinhogs farm on June 04, 2010:

Hello all, I'm looking to get some of these gentle giants. I bread other smaller rabbits and are kept out side in a pin i built. Anyways that's beside the point. Lol. I'm getting these flemish for breading for the local feed store and 4-H. I live in Arizona in payson it don't get as hot as phnx. I was wanting to know if i should house raise these or build a very large bin for them out side with lots of shade. And if i house raise them i was planning on getting two does from same lit. I have a dog witch she is use to being around rabbits that are in pins. I would like to know if the two does will get along well together in my house with my dog. I have also only been farming rabbits for about 6 months. And by the sounds of these flemish and what i have read they can be a handful if anyone could guide me in the right path that will be best i would be grateful.

Thank you

Natasha on May 20, 2010:

I have a male Flemish giant, his name is Rocky. He is a year now. He is the best pet ever. Rocky did however bite a couple of times but never drew blood. On day I googled how to stop him from biting and it said, when he bits you, you need to say EEEEEEEK real loud. My family laughed at me when I would do that, but after that he doesn't bite anymore. The website said that's how the rabbits communicate with each other when they are hurting one another. Rocky began to spray bad and it smells horrible. This was a problem because he lives in our house and when we would let him out he would spray us serveral times. I took him to get neutered, it was the best thing ever. He no longer sprays. I think he was sexually frustrated. He runs all over our living room. We had to rabbit proof it, so he would not chew on cords. He gets along well with our little dog.

Lynne on May 17, 2010:

I have 2 flemish a girl, Santina who is over a year and a 10 week old boy, Meatwad. I just put Santina out in a huge hutch, its almost 6 feet long. She LOVES to be pet but hates being held, but i didn't get her til she was close to 5 months and wasn't handled. Meatwad is such a sweet guy, I am getting him neutered at 6 months. I have always had small bunnies, but i just love these guys now, they are bigger then my dogs lol

meggers on May 15, 2010:

I live in utah, it is very hot and dry here. Where could i get one of these? I really want one but I don't know where to get one or if it could even stand utah. HELP!

karen on February 26, 2010:

lydia/ponylover! The other thing i've realised now is that she is so easy to train she has these treats i give her and she just has to hear to rustle of the bag and shes straight down the stairs and up onto my leg to get one also i house trained her so is super clean i trained her like you do a dog if they don't soil where they are meant to, put their chin in it and then put them into the spot where they are meant to go it really does work and they are so clever they know when they have done wrong. i always had small rabbits, i had one for 7 years he was like a child to us and passed with old age, he was an outside rabbit never came in, his passing near broke our hearts, so lou lou is really like our little lady in the house she sits at the top of the stairs looking down at you when you come in the door and follows you round for a cuddle and of course her treats just like a little dog only 10 times better!! Enjoy her, they need discipline if you don't you'll end up hating them and they end up aggressive and unloved they rely on you for the rest of their lives so enjoy every second!! also accept the fact that sometimes like lou lou their house is their territory and when small kids come in and try to reach out to her they frighten her and she doesn't like feeling threatened on her turf so keep kids away from her if shes not used to being around kids everyday.

karen on February 26, 2010:

lydia/ponylover. I have a beautiful female flemish giant called lou lou she is now 8 months old. When i got her she was brill jumped up on our bed at night and stayed till the morning just so loveable and then she went into heat and anytime you went near her she made a screeching noise very scary you couldn't touch her tummy and at night no more sleeping on the bed she spent the night keeping us awake knawing on the skirting boards and anything else she could get her teeth into so off to the vets and got her spayed, after that she settled a little but still ate everything, we have a huge walled in back garden and she was out for half the day so it wasn't like she had nothing to chew on but when i brought her back to the vet as it was starting to worry me he found her teeth didn't meet so she was trying everything too keep them down so he removed her front teeth top and bottom so now i have a gummy bear who has literally changed overnight she is so happy, is eating perfect it has caused no complication at all we just tear her brocolli up smaller and obviously no hard treats as it frustrates her but everything else is perfect she still has big molars at the back to eat and hasn't bitten anyone as i found out after she'd badly bitten my niece and my friend but both said nothing they just didn't take interest in her after that so now lou lou is a new bunny and so happy thank god. Hope this helps.

GwenSTAR2 on February 26, 2010:


Where did you get your flemish giant ? I live in south africa, johannesburg and would love to get one as well.

Please help

kevin on February 19, 2010:

typo sorry would like to purchase flemish giant for pet lots of room can be reached at kbhagan1960@yahoo.com

kevin on February 19, 2010:

looking to purchase flemish giant can for pet in ohio can be reached at kbhagan1960@yahoo.com

kathy on February 07, 2010:

omg i just bought a flemish. 4 months old and already big,with lots of room to grow. love him

Elaine on February 03, 2010:

I just got my first Giant bunny, I named it Humble Bug, It is still small and so sweet, and really is Humble,I have a large walled in yard and love the fact that it will have a large yard to ;ive in with my kangaroos and other animals, it is living in a play pen at this time and seem very happy doing so. it loves being with me and loves to cuddle. I am getting one more of these gentle giants in a month, so I will be twice as happy then, I love having it as my new mate,,

RiddlesBunnyBarn on January 24, 2010:

Lydia/ponylover!, In my experience, I've noticed that does/females are more aggressive and the biting can be from hormones. She sounds like a dominant female bunny. To keep her as a pet, I'd recommend spaying her and I bet she will calm down a lot. You could also breed her and that could calm her down, but that requires a lot of research to do correctly. I've been breeding rabbits for 15 years. You can breed FG females between 8 months to 12 months. If she is over 12 months and has never been bred, there can be complications and it is best to not breed at that point.

Lydia/ponylover! on January 21, 2010:

Btw guys when we offer Toffee a small bowl of sun-flower seeds, instead of eating them, she grabs the rim of the plastic bowl with her teeth and pushes/pulls it away from her violently, what's up with that? I am reseaching but... no luck. If you have any ideas of what this could be reply to me! PLEASE!


Lydia/ponylover! on January 21, 2010:

OMG Toffee is not biting much anymore but she still gives the odd hard bite. How do I stop this? ITS DRIVING ME MAD! And when guests come around they are put off by her biting (it hurts) how do I stop it plz plz reply! I'm in desprate need of a solution.

Teddy on January 19, 2010:


Lydia/pony lover! on January 05, 2010:

dovadee, I would advise you keep your pregnant rabbit seprate from the other rabbit as I have herd of stories that rabbits/guinea pigs have eaten/attacted the others babbies! So I wouldn't want that to happen to my Toffee's babbies (she is my fawn FG kit, doe). Rather be safe than sorry! LOL !


P.S: My Toffee has moved in with my chickens around the back and the chickens are scared of Toffee lol! She is rapidly growing (which is good) and is not biting as offten as she was when she arrived (I suppose it was stress related)

thanks again!

Lydia/pony lover! on January 05, 2010:

I am a proud owner of a fawn Flemish Giant kit (baby) doe called, Toffee! She is the sweetest cuddlest thing! But she bites. How do I stop her doing this? And I am thinking of breeding in a few years/months when she is older. What age do they have to be to start breeding? This web site has been VERY helpful! :D

Bill E. on December 28, 2009:

We have a Flemish Giant male rabbit, he is the most mellow, laid back rabbit I have ever been around, a real member of the family. He is about 30 months old, and has recently, in the last two months, gone blind. He has Galucoma. Anyway, we are treating it, and he's a house rabbit, so it doesn't seem like it's too big a deal. It's not like he has to forage for food! We have two dogs, and they act like the rabbit is another dog, and are very gentle when he comes around. We still let him out to roam the house a couple times a day, and he still know when he is under a table, or other furniture, so we suspect he can see at least a little. We love this little guy, and would recommend this breed to anyone thinking of a rabbit. If anyone else has a rabbit with Glaucoma please email cpuncher2000@yahoo.com and let me know your experience.


lacey on November 21, 2009:

looking to buy young flemish giant

Angie on November 10, 2009:

I am getting one of these beauties within the next week. I live in sunny South Africa. I have been wanting 1 for a long time and have just found a breeder. I am so happy.

The Breeder vp on August 27, 2009:

I just got a Flemish giant and its the most adorable animal i have ever own.. he likes to lay down and watch t.v. with me when i come from work. he is at the door waiting for me when i come home from the office..i could not compare him with any other pet that i had. he is the greatest pet ever

D-Roc on July 30, 2009:

OMG, I want one so bad, I love this information that you have provided on this site. It was very helpful. I hope to find one when I purchase one here in Chicago, IL. Thanks for the info, I really needed to know all of this, so that I'm able in finding the right flemish giant rabbit. Hopefully I find a blue one.


C.Toulon on June 23, 2009:

from kruduck@yahoo.com

please advise on how i can get a flemish giant rabbit to purchase. i live in the Commonwealth of Dominica (situated between the french departments of Guadeloupe and Martinique) and must not be confused with the Dominican Republic found alongside Haiti. kindly include cost as CIF. i can be found on telephone 1-767-616-5216

dovadee on June 22, 2009:

Hi I just bought 2 flemish rabbits. I am very new to this. The female is supposed to be pregnant. Should I build her own pen or can they stay together??

brittany on June 04, 2009:

I am looking to get a flemish, I have read up a great deal on them and have had many bunnies in my life.. where could i get one and how much?

Marina on May 27, 2009:

I am a breeder of Flemish, but have had them for years as pets. They are hands down the friendliest and sweetest rabbits in the world...Could never be without one!

Clarko on May 20, 2009:

I love my baby giant named Chewbacca. Not skittish like our smaller bun. Very sweet bunny.

nathan on May 03, 2009:

I have a baby flimish and I love her so much

David on April 27, 2009:

Ive been looking at getting one from my Boss at work. This site has been the most helpful for information about them!!!

Nancy on March 29, 2009:

I have two flemish giants, and they are just the best. But they are not for every body. Bigger sheds,bigger poos,bigger appitites,bigger binkies.. i live in south florida so as far as tropical goes, they do alright. However I keep mine inside, and they only play outside in the early mornings when it is cool enough. They have so much fur that they get hot very easily.

beckey on December 17, 2008:

i have a flemish giant. i almost sold her for market but i ran out crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy on October 13, 2008:

I am a proud owner of a Flemish Giant, and i live in Southwest Florida, for that tropical part. We have a/c, and never let the house get above 85, and have fans frozen water bottles and so forth to keep them cool when the air goes off and windows come open. They are such WONDERFUL rabbits, I cant imagine life w/out. I just wish they had a longer life span :-( 4-6 years is all we get with these beautiful bunnies.

Patrick on October 07, 2008:

looks like my bunny

Jhonny on September 24, 2008:

Can it live in a tropical country?

arrgh! on September 21, 2008:

nightmares!! they are coming to get me!! the giant bunnies!!! ARRRGHH!!

mommy on August 05, 2008:

that big boneded thing made me lol!maby ill tell my bff about this

John Rowan on June 04, 2008:

Nice helpful guide,im intrested in getting 2