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Black Mamba Snake Bites, Venom, Images, and Information

Black Mamba Snake.


Black Mamba Snake

* Adult Length: up to 15 feet (4.5m)

* Colour: Typically brown / grey (gray)

* Venom Type: Dendrotoxin

* Victim mortality rate: 100% untreated

* Habitat: Grass land, woods and swamps.

* Proximity: Mid and South Africa

* Venom injected per bite: 100-130mg (average)

* Time till death after bite: 10 minutes (average 30)

* Usual diet: Frogs, toads, rodents, chickens

* Speed: 20km per hour

* Victim Symptoms: Nausea, paralysis, asphyxiation, death.

* Distinguishing features: Black mouth, faeces (poo) smells like curry powder.



The Black Mamba snake is not the worlds most veracious snake, but the mortality rate on humans makes it the most deadly.

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This very highly aggressive venomous snake is typically blamed for many human deaths every year.

Also known as the 100 pace snake due to amount of steps a person can take after being bitten before they will die.

The fast acting venom can kill a full grown human within 10 minutes. The average time till death is between 30 - 60 minutes, but it can take over three hours depending on certain circumstances.

Attacks on humans by this snake are considered rare. Unofficial reports suggest that anything between 100 and 5000 people are killed every year from the Black Mamba snake in Africa.


Symptoms: Bitten victims will feel a sharp pain immediately where the frontal fangs have penetrated the skin. This may be followed quickly by dizziness, nausea, and headaches.

Erratic heartbeat, coughing and difficulty in breathing will rapidly follow. Temporary or permanent paralysis of the muscles and internal organs will only be offset by death as the respiratory system collapses.

Without immediate medical attention and anti venom being given, most Black Mamba bite victims will die.

It is imperative that when encountering any type of snake that it is not startled. NEVER RUN FROM A SNAKE. This may agitate it into striking out. Always walk calmly away, facing the snake in case it readies for an attack.


What to do if bitten

If bitten by any snake, do not attempt to suck out the poison. This does not work but will infect the person sucking on the wound.

Keep calm. If the heart rate rises, the venom will spread around the body faster. This will allow a quicker death or paralysis and leave less time for anti venom to be sought.

Seek medical attention. Africa has a venom which is a 10 in 1 solution. This serum will help cure snake bite victims of the 10 most venomous snakes in Africa.

Most of Africa is now aware and ready for Black Mamba snake bite victims. But with the sheer size of this amazing continent, there is not enough anti-venom to be supplied in every area. This may mean a very long trek to a hospital or medical facility which has a stock of the serum.

Most snake bite victims may not survive the journey.

It is apparent that not all bites are lethal. Some bites are considered 'dry'. This is when no venom is injected into the wound by the snake. But do not take chances.

9 People Killed by One Black Mamba Snake

A black mamba snake had found its way into a hut in a small African village. Once the residents returned home, the snake was agitated and became hostile as it felt threatened and cornered.

Other villagers heard the screams of the residents, and one man entered the hut to se what was going on. He never came back out. Another person also entered a few minutes later. He also never came back out of the hut.

This continued for approximately one hour until a total of nine adults had entered the hut. Each person whom had entered, screamed and never came back outside.

The rest of the village remained vigil outside of the hut until the daylight hours. Upon adequate daylight, they armed themselves and entered the hut en masse.

They found nine dead people and a baby whom was still alive. The viciousness of the attack and the rapidness of the fast acting venom led people to believe that the snake was severely threatened and very scared.



The Black Mamba snake has been known to kill lions and even rhinoceroses. The toxicity of the venom can bring down an elephant, and in just one bite, enough venom can be injected to kill 25 humans.

The snake is a good swimmer and can be found in marshland, rivers and small lakes looking for prey.

This snakes eyes cannot shut, and will produce a thin transparent membrane to protect the eyes when striking out.

The anti-venom produced for this snake, is produced by injecting horses with a small dose of venom. After several injections, the horse then becomes immune to the venom and the blood containing the required antibodies can be syphoned off to produce the required serum.

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