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9 Most Beautiful Cats in the World

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The author loves all cats from the cat family, no matter how big or small.


Snow Leopard

This gorgeous big cat has a gray white spotted coat. The snow leopard is native to high altitudes of Western China, Southern Russia, and other parts of Central Asia. An apex predator in its native mountain ranges, the snow leopard has a very long tail to balance high speed mountain chases.

The paws of the snow leopard are very large and act like snow shoes. When resting in the mountains, the snow leopard wraps its long fluffy tail around itself to warm its body and face against the frigid environment. This majestic animal is one of the most beautiful in the cat family. However, due to poaching and land development, snow leopards' population has been decreasing.

Let's protect the environment and teach people not to hurt wild animals. That's the only way to stop snow leopards from disappearing in the future.


Pallas's Cat (Manul)

The Pallas's cat, also known as manul, is a small-size wild cat that has a very unique appearance. Due to its adaptation to its native land of Mongolia, the Pallas's cat looks both cute and grumpy. With a broad face, large eyes and small ears close to the face, it's hard to imagine that this is a predator.

The body of a Pallas's cat is fluffy with large but short limbs. Even though most people think of wild cats as apex predators and this is certainly true for large cats such as tigers and lions, the Pallas's cat has its own predators to worry about. The eagle is one of the most fierce predators for the Pallas's cat.

However, this small cat has its own way to avoid the gaze of an eagle. With its grey coat against the snowy Mongolian land, it won't move for many hours so that eagles confuse it with a rock.

With the surge of its popularity on the internet, please don't ever think that you can own this adorable wild cat as a pet. Take a look at the Pallas's cat's canine teeth. They are much larger than domestic cats even though the Pallas cat is not very much bigger than the domestic cat.


Siberian Tiger

What is the biggest cat in the feline family? The Siberian tiger is the biggest and true king of all cats. The largest male Siberian tiger weighed over 900 pounds! With majestic looks and large body, this tiger lives in the frozen forests of Siberia.

Even though the Siberian tiger is an apex predator in the wild, its numbers have been declining due to habitat destruction and poaching. It is very sad that humans threaten the existence of this beautiful animal. Due to intensive conservation efforts in its native land of Russia and China, population has been stable. However, it is important to continue this effort to help the Siberian tiger thrive.


Sand Cat

The sand cat is an adorable wild cat that looks almost like a domestic household pet. But the sand cat is a very successful predator in its native desert ecosystem. Due to the harsh nature of the Arabian dessert, creatures here adapt to their environment with specialized biological tools. In the case of the sand cat, its coat is a very good camouflage and blends right into the dessert.

Due to the unforgiving sun and high temperature during the day, the sand cat usually avoids any daytime activities by resting in its burrow. At night, the sand cat travels great distance to find food and sometimes mate. With very large ears, the sand cat is able to detect the slightest sounds made by its prey and other sand cats.

What's really surprising about this little cute cat? It doesn't need to drink water! Due to the harsh desert climate, the sand cat has adapted to getting all of its needed water from the prey. It is fortunate for the sand cat to reside in the unforgiving desert because humans are not able to disturb this cute creature.

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The caracal is a wild cat that is native to Africa. Although it is not as big as other large cats, it is still a very dangerous animal. Caracal is medium-sized but with a very muscular build. This cat is a lot stronger than how it looks.

Unfortunately, some people keep these wild cats as pets and even declaw them to make these wild cats more "domesticated." This practice is very cruel. Let wild animal stay in the wild and enjoy their lives!


Sunda Clouded Leopard

The Sunda clouded leopard is endemic to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. With a distinct coat that loosely looks like clouds, these leopards have the most distinct looking coats of all cats. The Sunda clouded leopard is small to medium-size with a maximum weight of 60 pounds. Although not very large, this predator makes it up with stealth and agile moves.

This skilled predator is no match for humans. Habitat destruction is threatening this cat at an alarming rate in Southeast Asia. Let's do our best to preserve the old forests of Southeast Asia through more conservation habits!


Persian Cat (Doll Face)

The Persian cat is one of the most recognized domestic cat breeds. With its broad head, small ears and huge eyes, this gorgeous cat captures hearts of all cat lovers. The long coat comes in a variety of different colors, from white to black and everything in between.

The Persian cat has been one of the top domestic cat breeds for a long time. There are generally two types of Persian cats, doll face and punch face. Some Persian cat breeders aim for extreme physical attributes with eyes and nose positioned horizontally on the same line. This extreme look is called punch face Persian cats.

However, exotic looks cause breathing issues for this beautiful cat. Let's steer away from the punch face and go for the more traditional doll face Persians. The punch face is a perfect example of humans trying to profit from a certain unnatural look of the cat.

If you must purchase a pure breed Persian cat, look for responsible breeders that breed for health cats. It is important to remember that you can always rescue cats from your local shelter.


Maine Coon Cat

This domestic cat breed represents the true ruggedness of the state of Maine. Much larger than other domestic household cats, the Maine Coon is covered with fluffy long hair. Unlike most cats, the Maine Coon is very friendly and playful. If you love the personality of a dog but want a cat, the Maine Coon cat is the perfect match for you.



There are lots of big cats in Africa. One of the lesser big cats is the cheetah. This big cat is smaller than lions and leopards. With long legs and slim body, the cheetah is build for speed. It catches its prey through exciting high-speed chases.

This African big cat competes with other large cats in Africa such as lions and leopards. When the prey of predators overlap, these predators will kill the young cubs of competing species whenever they get a chance. It is cruel. But it's the predator's biological instinct to ensure the survival of its own kind. As a result, cheetah cubs are sometimes killed by lions and leopards.

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