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Best Dog Crates and Containment Playpens on Amazon Reviews

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Chinese Crested Dog

Chinese Crested Dog

Puppies and Dogs are without a doubt the most loyal, loving and adoring sidekick, you will ever come across. When you accept a dog into your life, you are making a commitment to a living being, one that will rely wholly and solely upon you for its continued existence.

Part of this invisible contract you took on when you adopted your dog, was to keep it safe from harm. But realistically, you can't be with your mate every second of your lives. You need to work and socialize, he needs to sniff bums and dig holes. Both activities able to be completed on their own without the other party chaperoning the other.

Unfortunately, dogs cannot be trusted. They are by nature an active and inquisitive lot. Whereas our brains tell us to stop, slow down, think about things before we act - our pets brains do not. In some instances they can just keep on going on and on and on, until they literally drop to the ground, utterly exhausted.

Some of our other bundles of joy seek freedom in every motion of their day. Leave that gate or door open a centimeter, or take your eye off them for just a second - and Houdini, is gone. Off down the street, dodging cars, getting lost or worse, getting attacked by some less than desirable people or other dogs.

Boredom can also send a dog stir crazy, just like humans, dogs have mental health issues and emotions. Along with this boredom and insanity comes acting out. This is often in the form of chewing, making of territories or scratching at or tearing of valuable and cherished items of most particular, their owners.

Whichever your comrades bad habit is, whatever the danger they potentially could put themselves in, it is up to you, the owner to ensure they are able to be contained in a safe manner, removed from dangerous areas or situations. There is also an obligation to the dog for it to receive exercise, preferably outside in the sun and fresh air for maximum health benefits.

If you find the need to contain your dog, for any of the numerous reasons that can come up, rather than restraining a dog with a rope or chain, rather than locking them inside or outside, a Dog Exercise and containment playpen are a safe, happy option for your puppy dog.

Puppies need to be restrained for their own safety, preferably by a playpen and not his brother sitting on him!

Puppies need to be restrained for their own safety, preferably by a playpen and not his brother sitting on him!

Precision Pet Soft Sided Play Yard

Water resistant and puppy potty accident resistant, this versatile, lightweight dog playpen and travel, exercise yard will be sure to keep both owner and dog happy. This includes the zip off, washable bottom to hygienically remove any leaks and spills every dog occasionally experiences, but especially those who are utilizing the dog playpen as a toilet training tool.

Designed for quick, speedy use, Precision pet soft sided play yard has an easy 1-2-3 set-up, that takes only seconds to put together inside or out. Requiring no tools, it folds compactly into its storage bag for easy travelling.

Although lightweight and made of durable, weather-proof fabric, epoxy coated steel wired frame the sturdy playpen and exercise yard will provide a sturdy, safe area to contain your dog when you need them to be.

The fabric covered, strong steel framed Precision Pet Soft Sided Play yard has no sharp or jaded edges. Its soft, durable fabric provides your pet with a much softer surrounding than many other types of dog pens. I certainly appreciated knowing that my puppy was in a playpen that had softer edges, particularly when she had softer bones as a developing puppy.

The hexagon shaped playpen has a door that is opened from the outside, that is sealed shut with extremely tough Velcro closures, when not open. No easy latches that a magical and talented dog can open and escape from.

The larger size of this product has the measurements of 46 x 46 x 28 inches. Comfortable enough to contain medium to medium/large dogs safely and securely. This sizing is rarely available in the larger size. Ideal for containing a mischievous middle sized pet, or multiple smaller puppies.

So if you're requiring a quick, speedy set up that can transition from inside playpen to an outside exercise area with ease, a dog containment yard that will keep your best mate away from the furniture he keeps chewing or worse, marking. When you realize you need to keep your best friend safe from himself and his escape antics or just in an area where there are no fences, you can't go past the large sized Precision Pet Soft Sided Play Yard.

Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard ~ LARGE

Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard ~ SMALL

Carlson Convertible Pet Yard

Carlson, a well known pet supply company has designed a pet specific, completely steel, convertible dog play yard that can be adapted and interchanged into doorway barriers, freestanding pet yards, fireplace guards or a safety barrier set-up between walls.

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With multiple shape and configurations able to be set up, the 28 inch height 150" length, creates up to 12 feet of space for your pet to play in, making the Carlson Pet Yards one of the most versatile pet playpens currently on the market. There are options of either freestanding or wall mountable barriers with the hardware required for wall mounting, available on-line if required.

The initial pack Carlson Pet Yard contains six of the 24" Panels and has an easy, one touch opening system, walk through door for your convenience. Perfect if set up as a barrier between walkways.

The high 28" barriers should keep most sized pets securely in one part of the house, or out of another. If you find your fur baby needs more room to play or you need to create a barrier in a particularly large room, there are single 24" panels available to purchase as an add on also.

The sturdy dog playpen has been constructed from robust, chew-proof, pet friendly steel with a quick fold down, and pack away - hassle free size. Easy for transporting and storing away when not in use.

Keeping your pet safe is a priority in our pets lives, I know it is for me. Being able to use this product in many versatile ways, makes the Carlson Pet Yard a unique product leader in dog play pens and outdoor exercise areas.

Carlson 24 Inch Panel For Pet Yard

Sometimes, We Just Need A Break.

Even though they are your pride and joy, despite the fact they can make you smile when no-one else can, considering they're the only ones who will listen when you're upset - sometimes we all just need a break from each other.

And Fido too. Sometimes Fido's needs a time out or an opportunity to rest and recuperate just as much as we do.

There is nothing wrong with needing your space. It doesn't mean you love your dog any less, you just acknowledged that for you and your pet, you require an alternative option and a dog playpen or dog outdoor exercise yard is an awesome answer.

Reasons to Use A Dog Play Pen

  • Stop escaping dogs.
  • Restrict dog from a certain area of the home.
  • Toilet training.
  • Outside exercise in a non-fenced yard.
  • Containing dogs/puppy in a particular area.
  • Keeping dogs away from another pet.
  • Stopping bad behaviour from acting out.
  • Ensuring dogs safety
  • Travelling.

Pawhut 4 Panel 28" Heavy Duty Pet Playpen

Pawhut offers a slightly smaller, heavy duty, durable outdoor and indoor Pet or dog play pen. Made from low carbon steel, covered in black powder coat coloring.

Even out littlest of furry friends can need a strong, heavy duty dog playpen or exercise yard. The Pawhut 4 panel, heavy duty play pen will keep even the most determined of pets safely secured within either the 4 panel set-up or combine two sets together, for double the space.

Set-up is easy and you're able to connect the panels together without any tools, but the unique slip on clips that come provided by the package.

A swinging out, opening door provides easy access for both your pet and yourself, with no sharp or pointy bits sticking out to catch yourself or your pet, on. I found the smooth, easy opening and quick latching door, to be one of the most effortless on the models to use.

Two (2) of the panels are 27.6" tall by 49.2" wide and the other two (2) panels are 27.6 high by 31.5" inches wide. Making a perfect rectangular shape, flexible and durable enough to use both indoors and outdoors.

Featuring straightforward set-up and take down instructions, you can provide your most precious pet with a versatile, strong dog playpen or exercise area in minutes.

The Pawhut 4 panel, 28" Heavy Duty play pen, is one of the most affordable dog play pens available today on the market that isn't made from flimsy, thin wire. If you're requiring a containment area for your pet but don't want to spend the big bucks, this dog play pen is certainly worth considering.

Metal Art Dog

Metal Art Dog

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