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Behind The Scenes at a Herd of Moose

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

A beautiful female moose.

A beautiful female moose.

I Should Have Really

sat down and do a lot of research about our pal, the moose. I did find what the plural of moose was—moose. As in a herd of moose. The parental organization says that the male is the Bull, the mother is the Female and the babies are Calves. This sounds more and more similar to a cattle herd.

No. I did not do that much research on moose, because I have a lot of respect for the moose and I would not want the Wildlife Organizations of The World to take a dim view of this piece provided if this hub does not meet their standards of The Lives of Moose in and About America. I certainly do not want to ruffle the members of this Wildlife Organizations in any way.

This is Kevin James. He was the star of "King of Queens." One of his buddies, “Richie Ianucchi” referred to him as "Moose.."

This is Kevin James. He was the star of "King of Queens." One of his buddies, “Richie Ianucchi” referred to him as "Moose.."

To Show You Just How

meager that moose are found in the Main Street, America, I cannot find, for the life of me, find anything or anyone who will tell me the story of Famous Moose or go as far as to share their tales about meeting Celebrity Moose, and I would not discount their efforts.

The thing is, I like moose. Sure they are not as pretty as the girl next door, but I am taking a courageous stand when I openly discuss my affection for this wonderful beast who will not care to hurt you if you are walking near the Female and her Calf, and the Bull Moose has made you, and you are not smart enough to just stay clear of this herd of moose, well, you are on your own.

And you might be one of those people who appreciate every creature that lives on this earth, including the moose, but as for me personally, I cannot tell you that I would take any of these moose (in the photos in the hub) to the Senior Prom, no, sir. I know what the Female Moose would do: cut loose on the gymnasium floor, bust a few good Moose moves and drink too much punch that some fun-loving Party Animals have spiked with a good dose of Jack Daniels, Old No. 7. And guess who would be stuck in taking my date, the female moose home? You guessed it. And what would I say upon reaching her home and when her dad, the Bull and mom, the Cow chew me out for allowing her Calf daughter Moose to show-out in public and then I am told to leave and never show my face again.

Right you are, Mr. and Mrs. Moose. No problem whatsoever. I might sneak around the call the Calf daughter to see if she is over her hang-over and if she is in a lot of trouble. I would like for her to see me as a caring date.

"Rocky" (left) and "Bullwinkle," (right) from "Frostbite, Minnesota."

"Rocky" (left) and "Bullwinkle," (right) from "Frostbite, Minnesota."

Here are a few Interesting Moose Facts:

without question, the most-interesting moose would be “Bullwinkle J. Moose,” the partner of “Rocky, The Flying Squirrel,” who shares a house with “Bullwinkle,” in Frostbite Falls, Minnesota. Both gained notoriety when the duo got jobs performing in a traveling circus—and “Bullwinkle’s” main job was to toss “Rocky” into the air as to launch him to flight and so many intricate routines.

Our second-most famous moose is “Moose” who was “Archibald Name” buddy in Riverdale High in the famous “Archie Andrews” seen in comic books. Pete Ward and Mark Waid are to be credited for this comic icon. Enough about “Archie,” so what about “Moose?” His full-name was Marmaduke"Moose" Mason(often referred to as Big Moose) is a fictional character in the Archie Comics universe. He attends Riverdale High School where he is typically depicted as the best athlete,but the poorest student. His difficulties with school were later attributed to dyslexia. Mason is a Russian-American. The live action version of Moose is portrayed by Cody Kearsley in Riverdale.

Then you have Moose Head Beer, Moose Lodges, and my personal favorite: “Mr. Moose,” of the “Captain (Bob Keeshan) Kangaroo,” children’s show that ran in the morning line-up of programming. On the show, “Captain,” would talk to the “Mr. Moose,” character (brought to life by puppeteer, Cosmo Allegreti), and “Mr. Moose,” would ultimately trick “Captain” by asking him some off-the-wall question that called for “Mr. Moose”to drop a ton of ping pong balls which was the pay-off to the joke.

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Speaking of Cosmo Allegretti, he was the creative genius who created and voiced puppet characters like Grandfather Clock, Bunny Rabbit and Dancing Bear on the children's television show "Captain

Incidentally, Moosehead Breweries Limited is Canada's oldest independent brewery, located in Saint John, New Brunswick. The brewery was founded in 1867 and is still privately owned and operated by the Oland family. Now in the sixth generation of family ownership.

Remember the CBS hit show, “The King of Queens,” starring Kevin “Doug Heffernan James? Do you also recall Larry “Richie Ianucchi” Romano, brother of Ray Romano? Well, the fact is: “Richie” always referred to “Doug” as “Moose,” due to “Doug,” “Spence Olchin,” and “Deacon Victor Williams Palmer” all attending (a) high school in Brooklyn.

Bob Keeshan played as "Captain Kangaroo," on CBS for years. Cosmo Allegriti was his puppeteer who worked Mr. Moos, Dancing Bear, Bunny Rabbit and Grandfahter Clock.

Bob Keeshan played as "Captain Kangaroo," on CBS for years. Cosmo Allegriti was his puppeteer who worked Mr. Moos, Dancing Bear, Bunny Rabbit and Grandfahter Clock.

In Conclusion, the Moose

is not such of a far-flung animal as a Moose. Fact is, by the information in this hub, one can draw the conclusion that the Moose is a vital link in the Chain of Ecology as well as the Life Levels to our earth.

Our friend, the moose, also occupies a special place where both the moose and mankind meet to be adored and appreciated: over the mantel over a huge fireplace in the den of someone’s home or in (that) male homeowner’s hunting lodge that also has a huge fireplace.

Ready to Learn More About the Moose?

April 4, 2019_________________________________________

This bull moose is saying hello to you.

This bull moose is saying hello to you.

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