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Behavior of Cats by Zodiac

Andrea has a background in Western Astrology. She also loves cats and likes to help people better connect with their feline friends.

Cats and the Zodiac

Those of us who like cats, tend to like their purring, aloof, and often independent nature. As I type this, my own cat is trying to press her paw on my laptop. And now she's sitting in my lap purring, as though she's wasn't trying to obstruct this hub at all.

Cats make for exceptional pets. They fight off mice, they love their family, and they understand a thing or two about anxiety. Your feline friends love to play and spend a large chunk of their day sleeping. They want to bond with their owner, and may see this person as a big cat or their parent. Whether you already have a cat or are planning to get one, this hub is here to help you see how the zodiac may influence your special four legged friend. Some cats may connect with you better than others, and I'm not here to say what your sun sign compatibility will be with a cat. You're not dating the cat, you're looking for a buddy who will be there when you get home, who likes to purr, and also likely wants to snuggle. (Except for maybe a few of these, who would be like snuggling with a cactus.)

Aries, Warrior and Leader Cat

Bold, demands attention, will have expectations and requirements. The Aries cat is protective of its kin, has high energy and playfulness, and may frequently try to run outside. The Aries cat will lash out at you for questioning it. It wants to be the alpha cat or alpha pet. This cat will make demands on its own time. If offended, it may push things off tables. The Aries is concerned about who you date, and will not like people it deems as unsuitable for you. Aries will pee on things related to its enemies. They’re not shy cats, but they do their own thing. They hate when you are gone and will meow about it. Aries are social cats, they can be talkative, in your face, and tend to want to be with people who manage their money well. Aries isn't for the poor in wallet. They want to tell you their secret plans to rule the world... in meows. They have an affinity for warm places, they love the color red, and nothing is too challenging for them. They’ll climb the highest mountain, kill the biggest rat, and will meow angrily at cats and animals outside mocking it. Aries can also have a loud purr. They can get their selves in a mess and need your help.

Taurus, Enjoying the Fruits Of Life

Taurus is a cat with a love of the outdoors. If you don’t let them outdoors, make sure to have a window that looks out. They’re favorite color is green. They like eating grass, they love mornings, and they love making messes, especially with dirt. They like to work with their hands, so they may use their claws in a way to hold your finger. They need a scratching post. The Taurus is into its senses, and loves any gifts that challenge their senses. Taurus cats come in two different ways: shy or charge right at you. Give them a nice cat bed to relax by a window. They want a good pat on the head and scrub around the ears. Check the Taurus regularly for fleas, as they tend to get into messes. An open door to the wild is really tempting to this cat. They’ll bring back treats to the house, dead trophies and such.

Cats are allergic to certain flowers, like lilies, but your Taurus cat would appreciate some nature inside the house. Do some research to make sure you're buying flowers suitable for a cat. Remember the five senses with the Taurus:

Eating: needs a healthy diet, get some wet food, and check for urinary tract infections.

Smells: keep your home clean, but a nice earthy smell is comforting. Brew a hot tea or bake something in the oven every once in awhile.

Sight: buy it laser toys to challenge it.

Touch: needs affection from the right person.

Sound: loud noises are not the best, but some music would be nice.

Gemini, the Genius and the Talker

This is one of my personal favorites. They love to connect with their human, and sometimes like to taunt them too. They are energetic, talkative, and may enjoy watching TV. Gemini are social and may try to send your friends texts or figure out the television remote. They demand cuddles and are particular about which people they like. Playful, intelligent, and great friends. They can’t wait for you to get home and will likely greet you at the door. They can come off like a dog, perhaps we’re once raised by dogs. This cat will target its enemies by using the bathroom on their stuff. Gemini does not do well with a stupid cat, this will make the Gemini nervous and upset them. Gemini cats want a smart owner too. Leave music on to keep them entertained. When gone for a vacation, make sure when you return you spend extra time and affection on this cat. He may have thought you died and grieved over it.

The Gemini has their favorite spots in the house, and may want to sleep in your bed at night. You'll find them in the daytime staring out the window watching animals and people go about their schedules. Gemini likes when you talk to him, and probably understands more words than you think. This is a curious cat who is generally friendly. Does very well to have another pet live with them. Be attentive to their anxiety. Too many people might make a Gemini feel threatened.

Cancer, Motherly and Emotional

The moaning cat, the insecure cat, and the motherly cat. Feminine cats of this type are extremely protective of their kin. They deeply purr and moan. They cry loudly and can be rather moody. Give them wet food. Give them really nice sparkly gifts. Cancers are like mermaids in that they like shiny things and have a curiosity with water. Don’t throw a cat into water. The Cancer cat has a special love of their family and are very partial to them whether they show it or not. Never get too mad at this cat as they’ll take it personally. An upset Cancer who feels neglected or under valued will lash out. This is a cat who doesn’t necessarily like to play. They prefer affection, snuggles, and shiny collars. Give them a cat room or decor fit for a prince or princess.

The Cancer cat would appreciate birthday gifts and being included in the holidays. This is a sensitive cat who doesn't want to be with people who fight too much or live in dangerous neighborhoods. They can reclusive, but if anything ever happened to their owners, they might die of a broken heart. Cancers want to reassure their owners when they are sad, and they wish they could help you with your homework.

Leo, Golden Royalty

This is the mighty cat who thinks he is a lion. Your Leo may go outside to spar cats, go on a spirit journey, and sit atop a building for days. They could leave for weeks, leaving you upset! The Leo tends to have reddish fur, long hair, and the stance of a small lion about to pounce. The Leo is a social cat who wants people to fear him and think he is great. You must adorn the Leo with gifts and stroke his ego. Did he bring back a dead mouse? Tell him what a good job he did. Work extra hard to keep the litter box clean as this cat sees it as an opportunity to piss wherever it pleases. The Leo will wake you up so you can hear its awesome meow. Leo will get in front of your television so you can see it. He’ll get up in your face while you’re on your phone. The Leo demands your love, even if you don’t want to give love. Expect the Leo to bonk its head into you.

Leo will likely wake you up by putting his paw on your face. He might try to sleep on your face. Leo thinks he is much bigger than he really is, and wishes he could go outside and chase the dog. Leo demands tasty food, and to be treated as the king of the house. All other pets are its servants or civilians. Your home is the Leo's kingdom.

Virgo, Keep It Clean, Organized, and Perfect

The Virgo cat is sensitive. They request you keep a clean house. If they could handwrite you a letter about what they wish the house looked like, they would do it in a heartbeat. They don’t want a litter box, they want a zen garden. Clean and upgrade your house, furniture, and all the smells. Virgo is shy and may hide under the bed when guests arrive. Virgo is a loner and only picks a handful to be her friend. Virgo doesn’t like clutter, a few superb gifts will make them happy. Give them nice expensive wet food. Your Virgo wants an excellent veterinarian and check ups regularly. It requests you do not move too much when you go to sleep. It will stay away from your girlfriend or boyfriend if it doesn’t like them. The Virgo will not give up their bedspace. The Virgo will not put up with territory wars, slinking off making their own kingdom. Virgo loves to sit in the lap. A nice cozy fireplace on a fall afternoon is a delight. Virgo also enjoys brawn -- big muscles, carpenters, those who can make things with their hands, the smell of a nice beer. Do not forget to pay your bills and have a cold house in winter. Your Virgo will be displeased.

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Libra, the Dainty Fairy Queen

Libra is like Virgo in that they like finer things. But they are more social and friendly, though aloof and sometimes unpredictable. Libra loves fall; they’re chickens about the outside world and if they got into trouble out there — they could really get into trouble. However, Libra really likes nature. It's inspiring to them. They're going to need to step up on their roar game if they go outside since they can be rather delicate angels. Libra wants to know everything about you and is analyzing you. The creative cat may do unusual things, and wish to be an artist. Dress them up, give them different collars, and change out their food bowls. Give them a variety of nicknames. They can throw temper tantrums, attempt to be the life of the party, or sulk in their bedroom.

Libras like to watch independent movies, strange things on TV, and listen to various types of music. They also love a large book collection, where they can stare at words they don't understand and try to come off as cultured. Your Libra cat wants to have a buddy it can meow to and update them about life, trivial things, and the sort. Libra occasionally gets blue and wants to be by itself. This cat does well with another pet.

Scorpio, the Badass

The most misunderstood and aggressive cat. The Scorpio belongs to no one. Pick it up and prepare to be attacked. He will draw blood. But also the Scorpio just wants a solid friend really, really bad. These are the warriors of the stray cats. They battle other cats, dogs, and cars. They may have missing teeth, a missing ear, or a missing tail. They roam the streets like a wolf, taking charge of the strays, and you may hear them howling in the middle of the night. Or in pain and in terrible heat...

Scorpio will destroy objects, will attack people it doesn’t like, and yes, howl at the moon. If they pick you as a companion, they expect full loyalty for their services. They will behead mice. They will die for their loved ones. They may actually wake you up during a fire to alert you.They will not take crap from another cat. They prefer to be loners, tinkering on some project you didn’t know existed. The Scorpio is often a black cat, which is a very misunderstood cat that can get swallowed up by the evils of society. This cat doesn't care as much about etiquette. It wants its own leather jacket, or a version of that in cat form along with a motorcycle.

Sagittarius, the Cheerful Spirit Waiting for Christmas

Playful, random, and talkative. Sagittarius wants to be where the party is at. Favorite time of year? The holidays. They love messing with Halloween decorations and sleeping in the Christmas tree — or playing with ornaments. Sagittarius would love a nice little sweater. They are curious cats often getting themselves into trouble. Oh, a hot stove? Oh, what is this glass on the edge of a table? Can I eat this jewelry? Is this cat food gluten free? Expect this cat to be a barfer, it gets into whatever it can.

Sagittarius is one of the few cats to have an appreciation of bubbles. Sagittarius is so odd that it loves both fireplaces and possibly a bath. They like to mess with their owners because they are curious. They are aloof. They think they are humans, and wish someone would read their screenplay and give them a job in Hollywood. Sagittarius has finer tastes. They would love a summer vacation in Italy. Get little costumes for this cat, give them toys frequently, buy them treats, and give them a massage. Read a good book out loud for them to hear. This cat has an interest in podcasts. It also really loves instrumental music. It is watching you and laughing in its heart when you do yoga.

Capricorn, the Traditional and Family Loving Cat

Slow warming up to people and letting them know them. This cat isn’t particularly clean, but they do conserve their energy. They may seem slow and wise with a slight humor. Give them a cat fort to play and exercise. They’ll eat cheap, durable cat food. They’re not fond of glamour or getting dressed up. Capricorn does love a good family picture. Capricorn loves children and wants them to behave. Capricorn wants to give you updates about the family. It would love some time outside. Capricorn is suited for a family and not college roommates. It wants to feel like it is in a traditional home. Parties and frequent creative bouts are too much for it. It would like someone who is somewhat straight laced or introverted.

Capricorn doesn't mind most dogs. It likes the smell of the earth, and would like a nice window to stare outside. Winter fascinates this cat. The Capricorn is constantly sleeping and also getting good and plump. Watch its diet carefully. This cat is in a philosophical mood, wanting to hear podcasts, and also just recline in a chair and smell some beer or a good meatloaf. Capricorn will bond with children, making it hard for them to say goodbye to the cat when they go off to college.

Aquarius, I'm not Human?

It’s the cat you’ll find stuck in the blinds. This cat will do unpredictable things, stuff you didn’t know cats COULD do. It is one of the most trainable cats. Aquarius would use a human’s toilet, it would learn word commands, and it may occasionally walk on two legs... Aquarius is weird to the other cats, but they‘ll include the oddball in their games. This cat may like a good beating as a massage — not hitting the cat, but giving it a strong pat. Play music and get art for the cat’s entertainment. Expect it to play games frequently. Ever play fetch with a cat? This one likely knows how to do so. Ever catch a cat sleeping with an open book? Don’t be surprised. Or how about somehow climbing around in the ceiling. Aquarius is here to amaze and stun.

This cat will craftily get outside if you're not watching. They collect things from around the house for their own personal stash. You may see them moving about as though they have something to complete. Aquarius can sometimes seem detached, as though they have their own thing going on in their head, but they do like then you walk to them and include them in activities. They get bored of toys very fast.

Pisces, the Daydreamer and Closet Hider

The cat daydreaming in your cupboard. This cat is royalty, and will be picky about who they like. The Pisces is dainty, delicate, and clumsy. They often seem to scream youthful. You’ll find the Pisces hiding everywhere: a closet, a cabinet, the litter box, etc. They spend their days in ideas preferring to dream. Not as much interest for going outside. Do not disturb the cat and their dreams. Pisces has sudden bouts of exploring and mischief. They rely on you for reassurance. When they let their guard down, they show love by getting as close to you as possible. This cat is likely to fall off furniture without realizing it. Change is also hard for the Pisces. This cat may struggle with anxiety.

Pisces is the type to get in your lap while your typing a hub and fall asleep. They like to be close to where the action is happening while also having time to be in their imaginations. If there were any cats who it be nice to see what their dreams are like, I would put my money on the Pisces. They love certain people intensely, and may become disheartened going from a kitten to an adult. Mine struggles with her diet since she prefers to sit somewhere and dream rather than be active. She loves to give massages, and is mighty for her size.

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Andrea Lawrence (author) on January 03, 2019:

Would love to know if they match up to this article.

Andrea Lawrence (author) on January 03, 2019:

Female cats are often independent and standoffish. I have one who goes from being a hidden little monster to rolling around in my lap.

Andrea Lawrence (author) on January 03, 2019:

Ah, glad to help my readers who have cats.

Andrea Lawrence (author) on January 03, 2019:

These do sound incredibly like Aries and Scorpio, which only show their affection to certain people and at certain times. How very interesting. Sounds like you have some fierce cats. I have a Pisces and a Gemini. They are quite the odd pair.

Suzie from Carson City on October 19, 2018:

OK Ladies....I have the info. My eldest (female) is middle baby (male) is Aries (my sign!) and my "baby" boy "Beemer," is gemini. I have to go back over your article to see how fascinatingly they match up !! Thanks!

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on October 19, 2018:

Paula, busier than a one-legged butt kicker. Now I wonder how I ever had time to work. LOL I'll wait with tuna-baited breath fer ya to tell about your cats' zodiac. Luv Ya back!

Suzie from Carson City on October 17, 2018:

MzB....Hey, how ya doin? I sure will get back to you on my babies Zodiac signs! I've been busy lately with way too much on my mind for an old(er) woman to handle. Gotta take my time...slow & easy. Otherwise I get all upset and confused!! LOL Know what I mean?? Love ya girl, Paula

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on October 17, 2018:

Hey, Girlfriend Paula, nice to know that you love cats, too. Just another thing we have in common. After you check your cats' zodiacs, I'd be interested in knowing how closely they follow it. Too bad we don't know their birth times or in most cases, their accurate birth dates. On March 23, 1983, I came home from work to find a bed full of newborns (4 on my bed). The little mama started moving them as soon as I got home, so I guess she felt that maybe she'd better. Anyway those are the only ones I've ever had with accurate birthdays. Most of my female have been standoffish. The males have been the affectionate lap cats.

Suzie from Carson City on October 16, 2018:

Andrea......What a delightful article! I do love cats and am the Mom of 3....2 adorable. lovable males and one ornery, standoffish female! LOL. They all seem to get along and have very individual personalities. I need to go into their health records to check on what zodiac signs they each fall under! I certainly never gave this a thought before reading your interesting article.

Thanks so much for adding a fascinating point to understanding our cat-babies. This was Purr-fect fun to read! Peace, Paula

Doris James MizBejabbers from Beautiful South on October 16, 2018:

This is a very informative article. I never thought about cats having astrological signs, but being Sirian souls, I guess they do. My two are both rescues, and if the shelters had the right information, Cici is Scorpio and Tas Too is Aries. Cici was traumatized by a former owner's dog when we got her as a six-month-old, so she was a real badass, a big-boned gray-striped one. It took a couple of years to settle her down, and now she is a lazy overweight slug.

Tas Too was a 4-month-old small black cat the shelter described as a "street cat." He is still small (10 lbs. with tiny paws) Neither wants to be held or cuddled, nor will they sit on our laps, but they snuggle up to us in bed, Cici at our feet and Tas Too by my side. Both are industrious mousers. But I guess cats are like people and their rising and moon signs have a lot of influence on their personalities.

Andrea Lawrence (author) on April 05, 2018:

My cats are hard at working on something with all their energy. ;)

Andrea Lawrence (author) on April 05, 2018:

Thank you! Would love to do a post on dogs too, but since I have two cat roommates, it seemed easier to write about them. ;)

Galaxy Harvey from United Kingdom on March 30, 2018:

Very interesting post. My current companion is definitely a Taurus. I also recognise the traits of a Gemini in one of my previous friends too.

Heidi Thorne from Chicago Area on March 30, 2018:

What a cute post! I have dogs, but my BFF has two cats that are very shy. I wonder what their signs are? I'll have to ask her and see if they fit their astro-profile. :) Happy Weekend!

Andrea Lawrence (author) on March 29, 2018:

@Mary Norton

I'm glad you enjoyed the read!

Mary Norton from Ontario, Canada on March 29, 2018:

I never thought that cats have their astrology signs. Our daughter has many cats and I have observed these characteristics. Enjoyed reading this.

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