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A Happy Cat


My name is scotch

My pet is cute and healthy

needs to eat healthy food to become pretty

Need to take a bath 4 to 6 times a week to look finest

and their bodies feel fresh.

I enjoy looking at it when it looks beautiful.

like a baby when they take good care of their mommy

It looks strong and healthy.

And their body has resistance and decease freely.

I enjoy looking at you,

The way you're moving

I enjoy what you are doing.

It's like a person, a human being,

A pet that needs attention

Like men, they have affection

It's a living creation

That men give appreciation.

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My pet I choose is the cat.

Among so many kinds of cat,

I choose Persian

It's always, even at the night comes

I enjoy listening to his purring.

It's like a motor in my ears.

It's a sign of contentment,

That humans love it.

We're friend


I need a friend

I need a friend

Like humans need a friend

The whole day happy

But since young, Skippy

I cannot ride on what she did.

But still i enjoy watching her.

Jumping while playing

My friend, my sister Skippy

You're like an ice cream

You have first tricolor hair

My beautiful sister.

Skippy is your name.

Your eyes are like a full moon

That gives us light in the night.

You can see it even in darkness.

Because of your eyes that light at night.

It's easy to look but hard to touch

like a ice cream can milt in my hands

Your color is unique.

It's a combination of the three.

The orange, black and white

Your friend Skippy is full of beauty

You're a kitten. You have arrived

Sooner or later, we're the same in size.

Your tommy it will be,

You become extra large

When you eat fully you become fat.

You grew up like me with a big stomach.

I'm happy playing and jumping

Skippy is tired from playing

Because Skippy got tired of playing, she needs to refresh herself to become strong again. She needs to sleep more to gain energy again and it can play and jump. Skippy is very sweet and she knows how to place herself and becomes comfortable while sleeping. I really enjoy looking at her doing what she did.

Scotch and Skippy are both Persian Cats and they possess the characteristics of the following: gentle, quiet, docile nature, a very sweet cat, but it discriminates affection, only giving attention to the people whom it trusts.

They love and enjoy toy games, but it don't need constant entertainment in the whole day. They need a rest to relax their body to gain energy again. They need to sleep from 12 to 16 a day for a big Persian cat, but for kittens, they need to sleep 20 hours a day in order to gain more energy and their body to become strong and healthy.

I was thinking my Scotch needed a friend because there were times that I saw him he was sad. That is the reason why I decided to give him a partner that looks like his daughter, because it is a kitten and her name is Skippy. An energetic kitten that always loves a game, even in itself, she is playing alone. She knows how to entertain herself to make her day happy.

Like father & daughter sleep together


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