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Basset Hound Puppy – What Equipment Do I Need?

Thinking of buying a basset hound puppy? Wondering what equipment you need in the house ready for the arrival of your new pet. This article will identify the 10 items you cannot be without to welcome home and care for a new basset hound puppy.

My gorgeous basset hound puppy Bella

My gorgeous basset hound puppy Bella


A crate is a safe and secure place for your puppy. Basset hounds are den animals and will love having their own place to go to get away from it all. It is not cruel to put a puppy in a crate.

Initially your basset hound puppy may become distressed when in the crate, especially when you leave the room or for extended periods of time. Put a treat in there so it becomes an enjoyable place to got to. Use an old piece of clothing with your scent on it for them to cuddle into and gradually increase the period of time they are left in there alone until they are used to it.

Crates are also wonderful to help with house training a puppy and to secure your pet whilst travelling.

Make sure you get a crate big enough for you puppy to lie down, stretch out, stand up and turn around. Remember your puppy will grow very quickly so get a crate a little larger to prepare for the future.


Buy a nice comfortable bed for your basset hound puppy. Try to avoid foam beds until they grow older and stop chewing. Get a bed large enough for your puppy to grow into and stretch out.

Basset hounds love their sleep and love their comfort. It will put a smile on your face to see them rearranging the bed until it is perfect and then curling up inside it.


Get a range of toys for your puppy to play with both when alone and with you. Chew toys and toys containing treats in the centre are great for when alone to keep them entertained.

As well as keeping your pet from getting bored, toys provide a multitude of other advantages. They will help prevent your puppy from chewing your walls and furniture, clean a dogs teeth, provide mental stimulation and exercise their jaws.

Get toys suitable for the size of your puppy. There are so many wonderful toys out there to choose from, it can be fun for you too.

Child door locks will keep your basset hound puppy out

Child door locks will keep your basset hound puppy out

Child Door Locks

Basset hounds are nosy and very curious dogs. Child door locks will keep your puppy out of your cupboards you do not want them entering. Be especially sure to secure those containing chemicals or other dangerous items.

Child door locks can become very irritating for us but they are essential for the health of your basset hound puppy, and to prevent your items from getting ruined.

Stain Remover and Anti Chew spray

Until they are fully house trained, your basset hound puppy is going to make some mistakes. Don't be harsh on them, they will get it. You will need an effective pet stain and odour remover spray though. Use it to remove the odour as otherwise your basset hound will return to do their business on the same spot.

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Puppies get bored easy and puppies chew everything and anything. Toys will help prevent boredom and give them something more exciting to chew. But this will only entertain them for so long. Use anti-chew spray on skirting, pipes, furniture and anywhere that your puppy may chew or you have seen them chew.

Food and Bowls

You will need a separate bowl for your dog food and water. Avoid the plastic bowls as they can pick up germs. The ceramic or metallic bowls are a much better choice.

Get a good quality puppy food. Don't be stingy on their food. You get what you pay for and the budget dog food is usually bad news. Give your basset hound the right diet.

Ensure fresh water is always available.

Towel dry a basset hound whilst still a puppy so they get used to it

Towel dry a basset hound whilst still a puppy so they get used to it

Shampoo, Dog Toothpaste and Toothbrush

Dogs do not need to be bathed regularly. Every few months is fine unless they have rolled around in the mud or something smelly.

Use a dog shampoo in the shower or bath. Get a non-slip mat to reduce accidents. Some dogs love a bath and some hate it so it may take some getting used to. Towel dry them to get most of the wetness of. This can also take some getting used to.

Brush your basset hounds teeth regularly to keep them clean and prevent gum disease which can affect middle aged dogs. Use a special doggy toothpaste and toothbrush. These can come in different flavours to make the experience more enjoyable for your puppy.

Stair Gates

Stair gates are essential to barrier off the parts of the house that your basset hound is not allowed to go. One of these should be upstairs. Due to the physical characteristics of a basset hound it is a bad idea for them to climb stairs. It can cause problems with their joints in time.

Poo Bags

You are required by law to clean up after your dog in public areas and to use the correct bin. You will want a supply of poo bags to keep with you at all times when out with your puppy.

I keep some in my different jackets and the car to ensure I am never caught short.

Leads and Collars

Get a comfortable collar for your puppy that they are able to grow into. When fitted the collar should not be so loose as to fall off your puppies head, and not so tight that you cannot fit two fingers underneath the collar.

The collar is obviously essential for walking your dog, and will also make it easier for you to control your basset hound when friends are around or when bathing them.

Select a collar and a lead that are suitable for your basset hound. A basset hound is not a small dog, but it is also not all that powerful. There are a wide selection of leads available. Choose one that your puppy will not be able to chew through.

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