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11 Bad Effects of Not Walking Your Dog Daily

11 Bad Effects of Not Walking Your Dog Daily

11 Bad Effects of Not Walking Your Dog Daily

I want to tell you and explain to you if you need to walk your dog daily? And answer your questions like what are bad effects of not walking your dog daily? whether a short walk is enough? Maybe it will help someone in making the right decision and finally give their pet what is essential for that type of dog, which is one of their primary needs, like food and sleep.

Is it okay not to walk the dog?

There is an opinion among pet owners that if there is a yard, then it is not necessary to walk the dog, because it runs around the area, in the fresh air, does all its business there when it wants - what else does it need?

And then there's the myth that dogs of some specific breeds don't need to go for a walk either, that they'll be "blown away by the wind and rained on, that they'll freeze to death" and in general the owners specifically got themselves such a little dog so that it goes to the bathroom at home, on a diaper or a litter box.

And that would be OK, but the thing is that a dog is a DOG, not a cat, for example, with its own species-specific needs.

Let's get this straight, so why do dogs need this walk? If it can do its business on the litter box/pet/yard - WHY does it need a walk!?

Why does a dog need a walk?

The first myth is that if a dog has a yard, then it's okay not to walk it or walk it little. The fact is that a dog doesn't go for walks just to pee and poop (not to mention the fact that dogs are generally clean animals and prefer not to poop in their home) if they're doing well. They need to go out to leave their marks, sniff others' marks, get new information, visit new places, and communicate with their fellow dogs.

Imagine being locked in a big, beautiful house with a yard, but cutting off the internet, phone and all communications - and you're in that golden cage for the rest of your life! It's crazy, isn't it!? So is having your pets without any walks.

Communicating with their mates is a behaviour inherent in dogs, too, as they are social animals. By depriving them of that, you're imprisoning them in a solitary confinement cell. Another thing is if the dog already by virtue of its age doesn't want to communicate with other dogs or does it very selectively (it can have a couple of friends, and it does not want to play with the rest) - in this case, you should not force it to be friends with all of them.

If he's not communicative (afraid or aggressive towards other dogs), the owner's job is to try to correct his behaviour and make contact with his fellow dogs, and not just assume that it doesn't need to.

The second myth is about indoor dogs breeds. No matter what size, breed, sex, or age a dog is, it is still a DOG, with the same species-typical needs! Small indoor breeds have the same needs as any other dog breed: food, water, their own place, a walk, companionship with their mates, a varied, interesting life. So why does the owner deprive them of all that by "locking them up"?

Do you still have the question "is it okay not to walk your dog"? Still not sure about the bad effects of not walking your dog daily? I'll continue...

Various Activities to do with your do

Various Activities to do with your do

And so you go to a specialist because "the dog has started behaving badly" or "he has strange behaviour", "he's been licking himself for hours, running back and forth, nervously chewing on everything".

And as soon as the specialist tells you that many behaviour problems can be solved by simply walking your dog, your interest disappears, your motivation goes down, the specialist becomes "bad", you give up on this specialist and look for someone who will start to solve the problems you're dealing with, instead of saying what you don't want.

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Of course, such a bad "specialist" will be found without a problem, because it's much faster and easier to remove the symptom than to look for and work on the problem.

But, once again, he removes the symptoms, not solves your problem, and with punishment (by suppressing, dominating, intimidating, isolating, enforcing long outdated and useless rules: eat first, pass first, do not let on the bed and elevations, shake by the scruff, do not feed for several days, do not let drink, roll on the side, suppress signals of reconciliation (growl, for example), pull, drive on rigid dog gear (harnesses, slings, ECHO), etc. etc.), all the while ignoring the uncomfortable living conditions of the dog!

And after a while, the problems come back or get worse!
And what is the result? People end up getting rid of uncomfortable dogs after suffering a little, not realizing that it was them who put them in such uncomfortable living conditions.

We have to realize that by "bad" behaviour a dog is resisting conditions that are not suitable for that kind of animal because those do not satisfy its basic needs!
Just like humans, dogs suffer in different ways-some will protest and rebel openly, while others will carry that suffering deep inside themselves.

What are the PROBLEMS or 11 Bad Effects of Not Walking Your Dog Daily (short walks or no walks)?

  1. Aggression towards dogs and people,
  2. Fear of people and dogs,
  3. Excessive barking,
  4. Fear of traffic, of the city, of the street,
  5. They can no longer communicate normally with their own kind,
  6. Other dogs are aggressive and disrespectful to them,
  7. They don't obey, and they attack everyone they meet,
  8. Become hyperactive,
  9. Start wrecking the house, chewing and spoiling everything, throwing things around,
  10. Poop on the floor or on the sofas,
  11. Or become depressed, their silent suffering leads to illness, and they die before their time. By doing so, you shorten your pet's life.

Tell me, are you willing to accept responsibility for the consequences of not getting proper exercise? If the answer is yes, you're better off not getting a dog. Here is a complete guide if you are planing to adopt a dog that you should read.

Bad Effects of not walking your dog daily

Bad Effects of not walking your dog daily

If my words made you think about it and motivated you to change the situation - yay! - One more happy dog and owner to go!

Then I suggest you start small - go out for at least 15 minutes, gradually increasing the walk time. Find yourself a MOTIVATION to go for walks:

Make it a ritual to stop at a coffee shop on your way back.
Think of a fun activity to do with your dog. Maybe search games can teach your dog to look for anything. And that should kill three birds with one stone:

  • Find fun things to do with your dog while he's out for a walk.
  • You'll exercise your dog intellectually through searching.
  • You'll strengthen his bond with you through shared activities.

Find a group of dog people that you are interested in talking to.
Exercise with your dog, such as brisk walking - it's good for you and a little exercise for the dog.

You can walk your dog even if you're walking outside with kids or a newborn baby. It's nice and useful.
By the way, it takes at least 30-40 minutes for a male dog to leave his marks. A female dog needs at least 30 minutes.

And if you have a long walk (the dog needs 2-3 hours a day to walk) - try to make it diverse, including communication with your companions, training with you, and something enjoyable for yourself.

If you can't take your dog for a walk because he pulls the leash or is aggressive to his mates or people, or runs away, or is out of control or disobedient then your problem is solvable! Contact a proven professional.

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