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My name is Bartho. I'm a 53 y.o. A brazilian black. I have a 22 y.o. son and I'm divorced. I have 2 post graduations by UNIFESP. Love dogs.

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"The day will come when men know the secrets of animals, and that day, a crime against an animal is considered a crime against humanity."
Leonardo Da Vinci


The African Greyhound

Although extremely loyal and affectionate with his family, the Azawakh is more apparent temper all sighthound breeds. Azawakhs are fierce protectors of their people and territory. When properly introduced to strangers, the initial reaction of the Azawakh may vary from acceptance, indifference or avoidance by the friendly and caring.

The Azawakh is extremely intelligent and has great independence and, therefore, training and socialization should begin early. The Azawakh is a partner interested and willing to adapt easily to subjects such as obedience, freestyle and agility training.

Traditionally, the Azawakh was a companion of Tuareg nomads in the desert sub-Sahelian. The breed is known as " Aidi n'Ailluli ", meaning " noble dogs of the free people." The Azawakh is considered a right family member, charged with protecting the camp and herds from invaders. Agile, and with great strength, also hunts hare, antelope and wild boar to benefit his family with meat. Race has emerged in the United States in the 1980s.



The stance of Azawakh inspires awe and splendor.
His eyes, which are set deep in the human eye, causing a great sensation. His strength and delicacy of his complexion, which exposes bones, muscles and veins make any vet says that this dog is an ideal model for an anatomy class.

There is nothing superfluous in the Azawakh, her long legs and neck seem to have no end. When you move, members glide effortlessly. He gives the impression cram his nose with his cheeky attitudes. In fact he remains distant, observant, alert, with his head high, given the first sign of movement, trying to check and understand a new situation, when that happens, he takes a similar behavior of cats like the cheetah.
Dog lovers are not normally accustomed to the personality of the Greyhounds, especially that of Azawakhs, as lovers of cats feel more comfortable with it. The Azawakh is not really a dog, because even when built inside the house, quickly realizes that he belongs to the wild and independent. Like living with other dogs and form clans, because each animal must find its place in the hierarchy.Age is usually the rule of a hierarchical group Azawakhs. They have a dominant female, one dominant male and an entourage. The male dominates other dogs, and some of the young females more submissive. This hierarchy can be quite complex.

He keeps away from strangers can be aggressive if necessary, remembering instinctively that the camp and the cattle are under their care. He always remains independent, reserved and observant. Even come to appreciate and love certain friends or frequent visitors, it is who decides when and who can please him. Usually no exception, but it is sometimes difficult to do come close.
Do not expect to have it under your domain immediately, the dog will sagging over time as they become more mature and confident. The Azawakh is faithful and docile with his family, especially with children, provided they respect it. If your life is shaken by defections, loss or accident, it can return to the wild for some time.


The Azawakh is most likely originating in the Middle East. He has lived for thousands of years with populations of nomadic farmers, descendants of the barbarians, the Tuareg and their vassals, who migrated from Asia to the southeastern Sahara (called the Sahel).
As the Azawakh lived with farmers, their function was to protect the flock and the population of the community and camps. He growls and howls to warn the arrival of intruders and prevent them not to come close and if they persist, the Azawakh the attacks and cast them out.
The Azawakh also known as Sahel Hound is a hunting companion, especially with regard to chase gazelles. They hunt in groups taking turns to tire their prey and when the access, drop-in for croup.
The habitat of the Azawakh is spread over an area as large as France, starting in the NigerBasin, which includes the Azawakh valley covering three former colonies: Mali, Burkina Faso and Nigeria.
The geographic, political boundaries and the nomadic lifestyle, which distanced the people from each other across the width of the area, prevented the crossing with other breeds.

The first Azawakhs taken to Europe in the 70s by the French and Yugoslavs were readily assimilated by Slough, which resemble Azawakhs in certain respects. However, their different characteristics undoubtedly led the FCI (Federation Internationale Cynoligique), under the leadership of France, to recognize the Azawakh Hound as official race in 1981. Since then there have been over 500 Azawakhs France.


The Azawakh loves to run and his favorite game is chasing or being chased by another dog racing around shrubs, bushes and trees. They run, jump over each other, escape every attack, hit the ground with his front paws as a call for fun and immediately run off.
As the Azawakh not live without their owners, it is essential that live indoors. Coexistence with other animals is not a problem, provided they start early. Many Azawakhs share their homes with cats. In Africa, when young, many are tied together with the goat herd in order to consider them family members and defend them against predators. It should present it to friends so it is acquired, teach him to accept visitors at home, that does not consider as intruders or predators.
It's good for the dog around the clock access to a garden. It should take you to walk regularly and release it once a week for a good race.
Giving a good education, a lot of education and a healthy dose of patience, the Azawakh becomes a perfect family member. He is so unique and special, so mysterious and fascinating, you never get tired of having him on your side.

GENERAL APPEARANCE - Particularly leggy and elegant, the Azawakh sighthound gives a general impression of refinement. Your bones and muscles are revealed through thin and lean skin. This animal comes as a dog whose outline stronger stem is inserted in a rectangle with the long side vertical.

TEMPERAMENT / BEHAVIOR - quick, alert, aloof, reserved with strangers and may even be difficult to approach, but can be gentle and affectionate with those he is willing to accept.

- Length of body: height at withers = 9: 10. This ratio should be greater in females.
- Depth of chest / height at withers = about 4:10.
- Length of muzzle / head length = 1: 2.
- Width of skull / head length = 4: 10.

Skin - (standard does not comment).

Hair – short hair, thin, and settled in the womb without hair.

COLOR - fawn with little spots limited to the extremities. All shades are admitted sable to dark fawn. The head may or not have a black mask and a line, but this is very fickle. The coat has a white chest and a white brush on the tip of the tail. Each of the four legs must have a compulsorily a sock white at least like a shadow. The brindle is accepted.

SIZE - Height at withers:
Males: between 25,20 and 29,73 inches.
females: between 23,62 and 27,56 inches.
- Length: (standard not comment).
- Weight: males: between 44,09 and 55,12 £.
females: between 33,07 and 44,09 £.

HEAD - Long, thin, lean and chiseled. Rather narrow, without excess.

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