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Are Automatic Dog Washing Machines here to stay?

Sally has been a prolific writer of wet felting tutorials for several years with the occasional foray into literature and much more...

A beautifully bathed and groomed pooch

A beautifully bathed and groomed pooch

Or is this something which only dreams are made of?

Any attempts at washing our dog would always have to be done with some careful forward planning! This meant first confining him to a room and then filling the bath. I would also have to issue my children with dire warnings - not to let him out before I got back! Once preparations were complete I could only then drag him whining and quivering to the bath. Any deviation from a well worked out routine would find me playing hide and seek with a dog! Just the scent of the Dog Shampoo would be enough to send him scurrying off to find a secret hiding place!

Once in the bath, he would momentarily relax until the time came for me to rinse the soap from his body! All the while he would keep me on my toes with some futile attempts at escape! Once he was bathed I could take him out into the garden and set him free but not before he had given me a jolly good drenching, with a shake of his body. Then he could go charging around the garden like a dog possessed!

Coin Operated Dog Washing Machines

Having recently done some research, I found much to my surprise that some coin operated dog washing machines might soon be introduced to the UK. That is such an interesting concept! The idea is that one could put one's Canine into an Automatic Washing Machine to endure wave after wave of washing delight sounds just the ticket to me! Next he will be greeted with the hot air cycle! The end result being a clean, bright and shiny Canine without the bother of a well planned out routine of dog washing at home

It seems that a Frenchman who goes by the name of Romain Jerry and who hails from a small town in France called St Max, near Nancy, has invented the machine of my dreams! His Automated Dog Washing machine will apparently turn our dirty canines and (cats) too, into immaculate nice smelling pets in just thirty minutes! The washing time will be just three minutes. The drying time will take approximately twelve minutes.

Bathing in the sea

Bathing in the sea

Maud turnis bathing into a Biting experience!

Maud turnis bathing into a Biting experience!

Making Dog Washing Your Business!

That truly disgusting experience that we have all experienced at some time when we have taken our dogs out for a walk, only to discover soon enough, that they have found something truly vile to roll in, will soon be set to right with the aid of the Automatic Dog Washer! This sounds awfully pleasing to me. I am sure that no self-respecting four legged creature will ever complain again about those three minutes spent in the wet cycle when at the end of the wash he will be rewarded with some lovely hot airtime!

Looking a lot further afield, I notice that the Australians and the Americans have already beaten us to it. They have already been operating these machines for quite some time. It comes then as no surprise to learn that in Australia alone they have over 4.5 million people who own pets and who each year spend 2 Billion dollars on their care and welfare, I can already see some budding young entrepreneurs seeing this as the perfect business venture, especially in these poor economic times, where people seem unconcerned about spending their disposable income on their pets. I have no doubt they will have many willing customers all wanting to slip bank notes and coins into the Automatic Dog Washing Machine slots!

The Japanese it seems have also been using a similar system for washing their pets. it appears not to have been greeted with the same amount of enthusiasm in the UK, Some people have already judged them to be cruel. but personally I think thirty minutes of a dog’s life spent in a Dog Washer sounds like a splendid idea. Ther will be no more cold showers for me!

If you thought your pet could be transformed in just thirty minutes from a smelly pooch to a nice smelling one, would you find yourself willing to part with £13 to wash a small dog or £22 for a medium size one? Larger customers would rise to about £31. Cats would be treated as small customers!

A really interesting fact about all of this is that I understand that whilst trying to develop more efficient washing machines, motion trackers were attached to the fur and skin of dogs to check their efficiency and ability to remove water efficiently from their bodies.

It seems those poor canines have only themselves to blame!

Automatic Dog Washing Machines

© 2013 Sally Gulbrandsen


Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on April 23, 2015:


Health and safety have gone awry but not so much so that they would condone an automatic kid washer:) All tongue in cheek of course. Thanks for stopping by to comment.

poetryman6969 on April 23, 2015:

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Now if we could only get the automatic cat waxer to work! It seems like an April Fools joke but as long at it doesn't hurt the dog.

If this truly works well then in a decade or so I predict an automatic kid washer!

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on April 23, 2015:


When I had dogs I washed them myself in a tub with nice warm water and the dogs always tried to make a break for it when they heard the tap running. The odd thing they kind of liked it while they were being bathed but I deservedly got a soaking when I finally released them from the torture of getting clean. Sometimes there seemed so little point to it all as they always went and rubbed themselves in the closest bit of soil they could find.

Thanks for the vote up and share.

Mary Hyatt from Florida on April 22, 2015:

I watched the video, and kind of felt sorry for the poor scared little dog! I didn't see any shampoo being used; did I just miss that step? I think the idea is good, but I think my little dog would have a heart attack.

We did have a car wash that had a special tub to be used for dogs, and that worked out well. You just washed your dog yourself.

My little dog is very good about getting a bath, thank goodness.

Voted this UP, and shared.

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on February 12, 2015:


Ha, they sure do and sometimes their human owners try them out just to be sure that they are not being cruel to be kind.

peachy from Home Sweet Home on February 12, 2015:

wow, even dogs have their own washing machine shower?

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on October 10, 2013:

DDE- apparently not as some humans have tried them out for themselves before wanting to inflict their poor pooches on them. Thanks for commenting.

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on October 10, 2013:

Self Serve Dog Washing Machines sounds way too much for a dog to cope with, though you made your point quite clear.

Sally Gulbrandsen (author) from Norfolk on January 29, 2013:

It seems that humans have actually tried the Automated Washing Machines before permitting their dogs to use them. I suspect that many tests were carried out long before the Machines were introduced, to dogs or humans. I suspect that the RSPCA will hold their own views on this - as they do about dogs dressing up in clothes!

Your opinion and comment is always noted and valued. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Vickiw on January 28, 2013:

I can't imagine a pooch being left alone in an automatic dog wash. I would think it would be quite a scary experience. But your article is thought provoking and interesting.

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