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Are Pugs Good Family Dogs?

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Yuliss has worked with sheltered dogs, training them to be adoptable to good homes. She has had her own dogs and now has 4 human children!

Pug Stats!

Classification: Toy, Companion Group

Weight: 13-20lbs

Height: 12-14 inches, 30-36cm at the withers (shoulders)

Life Span: 12-15 years


Your Interest in Pugs

Pug Breed History

The Pug originated in Eastern China to lay in the laps of Chinese royalty during the Shang dynasty in 400BC. The dogs exact origin is unknown as Emperor Qin Shi Huang destroyed all records of the Pug during his reign between 221-210 BC.

The Pugs popularity continued however, and soon reached Tibet where they were kept by monks, the dogs popularity continued to Japan and on to Europe. The breed found its way to the House of Orange , where a Pug saved the Prince of Orange's life by barking to scare off a potential assassin. William III and Mary II travelled with a Pug when they took over the English throne in 1688.

Pugs were incorporated into paintings in Spain and rode with the coachmen of the rich in Italy, dressed up in matching attire. They were used by the military to track other animals and people, and were also used as guard dogs.

During the 1800's Queen Victoria began to breed Pugs herself. Her love and devotion to the breed helped establish the Kennel Club in 1873. Also, in the 19th century the United States of America saw the Pug for the first time. By 1885 the Pug was accepted in the American Kennel Club.

Pug Puppy at the Beach

Pug Puppy at the Beach

Pug Traits

The pug is often described as a dog that has "much in little" referring to its gentle, friendly personality and strong, but square and small body frame. These dogs are known to be fond of children, quiet and docile. They are often aware of their owners emotions and can be very playful and bratty at times. The Pug is valued for its ability to be alert, but does not bark often. Pug puppies are known as "Puglets". Puglets do best in families that can play with them indoors and outdoors on a daily basis and who have the patience and consistency to properly train a Pug puppy from day one.

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Most Common Health Conditions in Pugs

Of course, most Pugs will be perfectly healthy, these are just the specific health risks that more commonly affect this breed. It is important to know what health risks are specific to the breed you choose so you can better prepare and care for them if the unthinkable should occur. Some risks are easily treatable while other conditions may occur more in the aging dog and become chronic conditions with no cure, but treatable symptoms.

The most common health issues with Pugs include eye injuries, heat intolerance, respiratory issues, obesity, skin infections within the facial skin folds, less common and life threatening is a condition called glaucomatous menigoencephalitis an inflammation of the central nervous system, and hemivertebrea, a painful condition where a spot in the dog's spinal cord fuses and causes a torsion like the "spin" in the tail, only that special type of fusion only belongs in the tail bone, when it accidentally fuses in the spine it causes the dog a lot of pain and disability. Unfortunately, some of these health problems are a result of over breeding.


In this hub I introduce you to the Pug breed. It is a popular, small breed dog that is great for apartment living and city living circumstances. With lower exercise, grooming and training requirements, this breed is fun-loving and easy to manage.

Originating in China, the Pug was a true lap dog for royalty. Eventually making it's way to Europe and the United States this breed as found it's way into the common family home, where they are comforting, easy companions for children of all ages.


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