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Are Dogs, Cats, Snakes Your Favorite?

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Quite frankly, it's late. The weekend is winding-down. And I'm way below my coffee drinking quota, so you fellow coffee drinkers can relate. Plus, there is nothing complicated about this piece. It's really a delight for me to share this with you, because my late daughter, Angie, was a pet fanatic. She got that from yours truly. Okay. My wife, Pam, also put her traits into Angie's gene pool to love all pets. And she did.

In the latter years of Angie's life, she had "Queenie," a tabby house cat, and "Pappy," her rat terrier which helped guard her when she five in the yard where we lived in our early lives. I can tell you with a clear conscience that "Pappy" took very good care of Angie. Pam and I would watch the two from our living room window and talk about those priceless moments, we were blessed with so many that we can not count them.

I can talk. Meeeowwww!

I can talk. Meeeowwww!

Just look at this cute tabby. Isn't he/she so cuddly? I love cats (and dogs) but I do not want to influence your vote. I placed these three graphics on my hub because these are the only three pets that I wound-up as Pet Favorites. But we have to talk honestly about cats. Sure they are finicky. Sure they do what they do and go where they go, and this is only a cat's nature. Even when we get irritated and lose our temper, we still find ourselves loving the "mean" cat who made you so irritated.

Is this handsome dog your best friend?

Is this handsome dog your best friend?

Who doesn't love a loyal dog like this one? I do. And probably most of you. Over my life I've loved seven dogs and never had a boring moment with them. And there are those moments when life gives you those special moments. Example: when you are just sitting in the sun on a beautiful fall mornng on your front porch. It's not cold, but crisp. This makes your coffee taste great. Then to amplify this wonderful moment, your dog suddenly appears and lays down at your feet and takes a nap. You chuckle to yourself, but when you finish your coffee, you follow your dog's lead and find yourself napping as well.

Do not freak. This snake is not poisonous.

Do not freak. This snake is not poisonous.

Now the above "Pet Favorite," is one that I feel must have "that" special taste for the non-poisonous reptiles. Believe me there are numerous reptile fans in our country. I would join them, but as a child, I was taught to fear all reptiles. But when I became an adult, I learned the difference. The poison snakes do have their place in the food chain. So enter the non-poisonous snakes who keep them in check, but have either as a pet? I want to be perfect honest. I don't hate them, and I haven't grown enough to love them.

But my best to your "Pet Favorite." If you like, write the pet or pets whom you love and keep you on your toes in the below comment boxes and sure, take a turn at voting on these three "pets" and we shall tally the outcome.

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Special Notice:

"There was no harm to the cat, dog, and snake during the production of this hub. Thanks very much! Kenneth."

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Kenneth Avery (author) from Hamilton, Alabama on September 15, 2021:

Thank you, tony55. Your comment is much-appreciated.

femi from Nigeria on September 15, 2021:

Have had both dogs, cat, however dogs are my favorite. Snake or any reptile no way.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 14, 2021:

We love both cats and dogs and have had them as pets. way! Ha!

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