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Are Ball Pythons Really The Best Beginner Snakes?


1. Boring

Now this is probably one of the most controversial things about ball pythons. Many people swear they their calm demeanor is what makes them a very entertaining snake. Which can be true, considering they are a pretty easy going snake. But if you are looking for a snake that you are going to be able to sit and watch slither around its enclosure, you wont get that from a ball python. They are nocturnal species which means they sleep all day and are up all night. So there's a good chance you wont see your snake a whole lot. This is the case with a lot of snakes, but there are lots of other snakes that are much more fun to watch. But on the other hand if you are looking for a snake you can handle rather than sit and watch this snake may be a good snake to choose.


2. Eating

If you have done any research at all on ball pythons you will notice the same thing will always come up. They are not the best eaters. Now there are snakes that are picky eaters and sometimes especially when babies be very difficult to get them to eat ( looking at you hognose snakes). But with a large majority of those snakes, once you get them to eat they will keep eating for you. The reason ball pythons are known for being bad eaters is because they will just stop eating. When I say stop eating, I mean they just stop. They wont take frozen, thawed, live, freshly killed, or scented. When they do this it can be very difficult to get them to eat again. Now I know what your going to say. "My best friend has one and he eats all the time and has never had any issues." That may very well be the case, some ball pythons eat like clockwork from birth to death. But that's not always the case and no two snakes are ever going to be exactly the same.


3. Cost

Ball pythons themselves don't cost that much, they are usually pretty affordable unless you want a really unique morph. The cost I am talking about is not the snake itself but the cost that goes along with owning a snake. So the main thing that is going to get pretty pricey is feeding the snake. Especially if they get to the larger end and you are having to feed a rat. I always tell people when they buy a snake to always make sure that they know where they can go to buy live, even if they only feed frozen, thawed especially with ball pythons. If your ball pythons goes on hunger strike you may have to try feeding live. If you have noticed most pet stores don't sell live rats and mice anymore. So if you have to feed live and you cant find it that could raise an issue. But the cost problem is going to pop up if you have to go to your local pet store and buy your frozen rats. If you have ever been in your pet store and seen the price of individual frozen rats compared to the price of bulk frozen rats online. The first thing you will notice is that in the stores they run between $7-$15 depending on size and store. They are much cheaper online in bulk. But if you are a teenager, paying for things with an allowance or part time job, spending that much online for a bulk bag of rats may not be in your price range right now. Plus lets face it mom and dad probably aren't going to want a big bag of rats in the freezer. So if you have to buy a frozen rat every week even if it is only $7 that comes out to $28 a month and $336 a year just for food and that is on the cheaper end. Now with that said a large majority of snakes eat rodents. But other popular starter snakes will eat mice when they are full grown and will never get to the point of needing a rat.


So is a ball python the right snake for you?

Ball pythons are good snakes, they are very calm and don't mind being handled. They are also one of the most popular snakes in the united states. But they are also one of the most neglected and rehomed snakes out there. I am not against ball pythons and I am not trying to talk you out of getting one or trying to make them look bad. I just want to make sure that you know what your getting in to so that you can have a happy and healthy snake. So please take everything you read hear into mind. But also do more research, I have worked with ball pythons but I am not an expert! Talk to people that keep them as pets and do your homework. But whatever choice you make, please be sure you are ready, and take great care of your new snake.

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