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Arabian Leopard Day

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Arabian Leopard Day

Arabian Leopard Day was first proposed to take place on the 10th February every year from 2022. The Arabian Leopard is classed as Critically Endangered. There may be as few as 100 Arabian Leopards remaining in the wild.

In spite of having strict protection they are still hunted and die from accidental poisoning. The few animals that remain are spread over a huge area.


The Arabian Leopard - Panthera pardus nimr in Captivity

The Arabian Leopard is the smallest leopard subspecies.

There are two captive breeding programmes on the Arabian peninsula, one in Sharjah in the UAE (Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife) and the other in Taif in Saudi Arabia (Prince Saud Al-Faisal Wildlife Research Centre [PSFWRC]). The Saudi population is now being managed by the Saudi Royal Commission.

The Saudi population is 10.3.0

In the late 70's and mid 80's wild leopards were caught on the Musandam Peninsula and transferred to the Oman Mammal Breeding Centre.

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There were or still are some Arabian Leopards in Ta'izz and Sana'a Zoos in Yemen.

Some leopards are held in private collections in the UAE.

The plans are for breeding and release once assured that they will be strictly protected in the wild.

There are both regional and International Studbooks for the Arabian Leopard.

Captive Arabian Leopards in Yemen

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