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Animal Symbolism and Meanings - A to C

Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom Disney World (Courtesy of

Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom Disney World (Courtesy of

Symbolic and dream meanings of animals (beginning with the letter A through C). Stay tuned for more Hubs on animal symbols.

Volume A-C [Ant - Crow]


The ant is a symbol of hard work and an organised community. In Tibetan Buddhism, an anthill represents industrious life and in parts of Africa the ant represents fertility and creativity.

To see an anthill in a dream can mean that you are avoiding hard work or being/feeling lazy.

by Declan McCullagh

by Declan McCullagh


In Africa, the antelope is associated with the moon and fruitfulness.

The Bamara people (a large ethnic group in Mali) believe that the antelope was sent by the creator god to teach humans about agriculture. The tji wara society members use a headdress in the form of an antelope. The title tji wara means 'working animal.'

Seeing an antelope in a dream can mean that high ambitions will only be achieved by using a lot of energy and will be the result of your dedication. On the other hand, dreaming of an antelope may mean that you need to back away from a situation.

If an antelope collapses in your dream, your are to be blamed for a broken-up love affair.


In the Christian tradition, the ape is a symbol of vice and lust. However, in Egypt, Africa, India and China, the ape is respected.

To dream of an ape represents deception, mischief, distrust and falsehood. It can also mean that you or someone have become violently emotional ('gone ape'). Dreaming of an ape can also indicate a wild sexual inner nature or passionate nature.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image


In China, the badger is linked with playfulness. In Celtic tradition, the badger is linked with slyness and deceit.

If you see a badger in your dream, it is symbolic of your persistence and final victory over your opponents. It can also mean that you're being 'badgered' or 'badgering' others.


Male bears represent masculine courage while female bears represent care and warmth. Psychologist Jung linked the bear with dangerous aspects of the conscious and in the Christian and Islamic religions, bears represent cruelty and lustfulness.

Dreaming of a bear symbolized independence, the cycle of life, death, renewal and resurrection.

If your are attacked by a bear in your dream or you are being chased by a bear, it suggests aggression and overwhelming obstacles and can possibly be a prediction of a threatening situation in your future.

A polar bear indicates cold emotions.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

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Birds symbolize the human soul and represents goodness and joy. The bird can also represent wisdom and intelligence. According to Australian Aboriginal tales, birds bear information and in the west, birds depicted in art represented air and touch.

In dreams, girds symbolize hopes and aspirations. Chirping or flying birds represent joy, harmony, balance and love - an optimistic outlook on life.

Dying birds in dreams indicate disappointments in life or problems that are constantly on your mind.

Bird eggs represent money.

Deformed or strange looking birds mean a unique outlook on love and romance or the inability to understand the affairs of the heart.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image


The bison or the buffalo is a high-status animal in South-east Asia and India. In China, the domestic buffalo is linked to the contemplative life and in Indigenous North America (Native Americans) the buffalo/bison is a symbol of strength, prosperity, abundance and supernatural power.

Seeing a buffalo or bison in a dream can symbolize survival, strength and power. It can also mean that you are straying from the goals in your life. A buffalo/bison can also symbolize your origin, this is especially true for white coloured buffaloes/bison - which represents the fulfillment of your desires.

In dreams, a buffalo/bison that is killed is a warning to thoroughly think through new ventures. A herd of bison/buffalo represents tranquility and plenitude.


A bul is linked with thunder and earthquakes in Crete, due to it's ferocious energy. The bull also represents the moon, sun, earth, sky, rain, heat, female procreation, male ardour, matriarch and patriach, death and regeneration.

The bull was used a lot in cave art and represents vital energy.

A bull in dreams symbolizes obstinacy, strength and power - not surprisingly. The dream may be trying to tell you to be more assertive. The bull can also be an indicator of a prosperous life. Bulls represent repressed sexual energies and fertility. A raging bull symbolizes out of control passions.

Bulls in dreams can be a representation of someone who is a Taurus (birth sign).

To dream that you are bathing in the blood of a bull represents immortality.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


In Congo, Mexico and Polynesia, the butterfly is a symbol of the soul. The butterful is also a symbol of the life cycle. In western art, Christ is often holding a butterfly.

If you dream about a butterfly, then you need to settle down (interpret that as you may). Butterflies are also symbolic of creativity, romance, joy and spirituality - a new way of thinking, a transformation. It can also signify that you're going through a transitional phase.

Two butterflies represent a long and happy marriage while catching and killing a butterfly signifies your shallowness. Mounting a butterfly on a frame represents sexual oppression.


A calf is linked to feasts, hospitality and celebration. In Judaism it represents sacrifice. A calf in dreams represent immaturity and inexperience.


A camel represents wealth and status in the Middle East. In medieval Europe, it represented temperance and in Christianity it is associated with humility and obedience.

Dreaming about a camel represents the need to be more conservative or signifies that you are carrying too many burdens on your shoulders. It can mean that there are emotions that need to be expressed and released, that you need to learn to forgive and forget. On the other hand, the camel can represent stamina.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image


In China, the carp is a symbol of longevity, virility and academic success. Images depicting carps were used on ship masts or roofs - used to ward off fires.

To see a carp in a dream means that pride and ego needs to be put aside. It can also represent patience, perseverance, determination, tenacity, courage and success.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


A cat is a representation of clairvoyance, agility, watchfulness, sensual beauty and mystery. It also symbolizes female malice. In Rome, the cat is a symbol of freedom.

A black cat is associated with evil and harm. Many know of the superstitions that dictates the bad fortune of black cats crossing your path. In the western world, the black cat was associated with witchcraft and the devil.

Dreaming of a cat is symbolic of an independent spirit and female sexuality. It also represents bad luck. A cat can indicate many, many things depending on its context in the dream.


The chicken is a cult animal of the Makumba cult of South america, the Voodoo of the Caribbean and of Africa. It guides souls in initiation rites and is a sacrificial animal. The chicken is also the 10th sign of the Chinese zodiac.

Not surprising, seeing a chicken in a dream indicates cowardliness. It can also represent gossip and be a warning to listen to what people may be saying to you (or what you may be saying to others).

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image


In India, the cobra divinities were guardian symbols and were usually kind and giving. In Hinduism, the cobra is a spiritual treasure. A cobra with an erect hood is the protective snake used for royal power - used by the Pharaohs of Egypt to strike down enemies. Cobras are associated with wisdom and prophecy.

Dreaming of a cobra can mean that a situation or dream has you hypnotized - in a trance. It can also symbolize creative energies.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image


A cock (rooster) is associated with the dawn and the sun. It was a funerary sign in China, used to ward off evil. In Japan the cock is a sacred animal and in the Islam faith it is seen by Mohammed in the First Heaven. Cocks also represent lust.

Seeing a cock in a dream can be a representation of masculinity, pride, valour and cockiness or arrogance. It can mean that you are being a show-off and that you are inconsiderate when it comes to others. The cock can also represent something phallic.

To hear the crow of a cock in a dream can mean that you brag and glorify yourself exceedingly. Dreaming of a cock fight suggests rivalry or disagreement.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image


In South America, the condor is a symbol of the sun.

If you see a condor in your dream, it could mean that you are connected closely with your spirituality or to the supernatural. It means that you are very insightful. 


The cow is an ancient symbol of maternal nourishment. The cow often personifies mother earth and the moon. In the Hindu religion, the cow is viewed as sacred and symbolizes happiness.

To see a cow in your dream indicates maternal instincts or a desire to be looked after. It can also represent a passive and docile nature - it means that you obey others without question. 

A cow skeleton can signify your maternal figure is void of emotions or doesn't respond to your needs. A herd of cows symbolize a desire to fit in or belong. 


A coyote is a spiritual symbol and culture hero of North America and Africa. Seeing a coyote in a dream suggests deception and weakness.

Courtesy of

Courtesy of


In China, a crane symbolizes immortality. In Africa, the crane represents speech and the ability to communicate with the gods. Christians sometimes associate the crane with resurrection. 

A crane seen in dreams can denote happiness and maternal love - also, looking out for your loved ones. A crane can also be a sign of immortality.


In China, a cricket is a good luck symbol but also associated with death and resurrection. 

In dreams, crickets symbolize introspection and seeking guidance. Hearing the chirp of crickets means that you allow the tiniest things to bother you.

Public Domain Image

Public Domain Image


Crocodiles represent destruction, voracity and divine punishment. It also represents occult power over water, earth and the underworld. In Ancient Egypt, the crocodile fecundity god was Sebeck. In Asia, the crocodile is said to be the inventor of the drum and of song.

In dreams, a crocodile can symbolize freedom or hidden power. It's a warning of danger - someone can be giving you bad advice.

Crocodiles represent the conscious and unconscious / emotional and rational. The crocodile can represent your aggressive nature or your insincerity - shedding 'crocodile tears.'

Being bitten or chased by a crocodile signifies disappointments in love and business.


A crow is a representation of war, death and evil. In Europe and India it is bad luck but in the Americas and Australia it represents the sun and creativity and civilization.

To dream of a crow means that there are dark aspects of your character and annoying habits. It is also a representation of death.


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