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Amazon Delivery Guy Attacked by a Dog and Bitten


When a dog sinks its teeth in your flesh, you really haven't a clue how such a horrific attack will conclude. Amazon drivers are faced to deal with vicious house dogs frequently. Owners irresponsibly fail to put them in the house, knowing they're getting a delivery on a certain day and it can be quite concerning. Owners, if your dog attacks an Amazon driver for making a delivery and the driver fights back and even puts your dog at a disadvantage, you will have to accept the fact that your dog was out of line. I was bit by a dog while making a delivery, yes, and fought back, but was I wrong for even attempting to deliver a package in a circumstance that favored the possibility of an attack even if I "carelessly thought" the circumstance favored me?

There was a barking dog chained to a front yard tree; I was smiling with assurance, convinced that I was safe to pass for a delivery. Unfortunately, when I stepped up on the front porch, the angry dog reached my body and took a confident bite at my arm, not once but twice. From that point, a new birth of energy motivated a fight mode and I was triggered to attack back, and I did.

Driving towards a home in a middle-class single-family home neighborhood, this delivery will be just like any other delivery....well, at least that was the idea. I pull into the driveway of the customer's home, welcomed by a vicious barking dog that was restricted by a rope. Under the assumption that the dog couldn't extend to a certain distance, I grab the customer's package, scan it into the system, and hopped out of my delivery van to proceed to make the delivery. The barking dog stands obedient in one spot, staring furiously at me as if it wanted to take a huge chunk out of my neck. But I'm thinking if I walk further away from this angry fella, towards the porch, he would not be able to reach me. Boy was I wrong!

As I reach the customer's porch, the dog runs to me in attack mode as I stand still in confidence that the rope will stop it short. The dog not only reaches me but jumps up and takes a bite at my arm. Ouch! I elbow the dog off of my arm and unfortunately, the dog jumps up after me once and again and takes another bite out of my arm, this time it really sinks its teeth in. I had no choice but to get this dog off of me and let it know that this Amazon delivery driver didn't appreciate its attack.

A sudden burst of angry and dominant energy took over my presence and I reacted to the dog bite aggressively. I took a strong kick at the dog, kicking it in its body. It backs up in pain, looking into my eyes it regret and hurt with a loud whine. As the whining dog backs away, I charge it with both of my fists bald and yell, "why would you bite me? Why? Why? Why did you bite me?". The dog just drops its head down in surrender with sad eyes; I felt sympathy for its helplessness. I back away, walk away to my vehicle to continue with my next delivery. I am calm at this point, however, I have deep teeth bites on my right forearm that left a bloodstain on my white long-sleeved long John shirt the size of a fast-food chicken patty.

I should've paid closer attention to how far the rope attached around the dog's neck extended. Also, because I've had a pretty good streak when it came to nice, friendly house dogs in the last month that didn't attack me, doesn't mean that I should create all house dogs equal from that point forward. I walked to the customer's home for a delivery with my guards down and I paid the price for doing so.

What type of dog took a bite at my arm

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I'm not sure about the type of dog that bit me but I did return the property another day and took a photo of it.


Did I go to the hospital after getting bit by the dog

I decided to just continue on with my delivery route and not seek any medical attention. People who saw the wound suggested that I get medical attention because of how deep the cut appeared, but I just decided to let it heal on its own. I didn't want to do through the whole process of dealing with reports.

How many people are bitten by dogs every year?

According to AVMA, over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year.

Amazon drivers are faced with dangerous matters every day, it's a risky job. If you're able to keep your eyes open, stay aware of your surroundings, can run for safety when the time comes to do so, and willing to fight an animal if you have to, besides being able to perform typical daily duties, you have what it takes to deliver for Amazon. Bears, wild turkeys, alligators, angry birds, and of course vicious dogs are outside your door, and depending on your location (city or state) of delivery, you may have to be extra careful when working outside.

I was bitten badly by a vicious dog and have an ugly bite mark on my left forearm to prove it. If I had reported this incident, likely, I would have been the one in the wrong. Just because I underestimated the distance of the rope that was attached to the dog's neck and to a tree doesn't justify the attack as being the owner's fault. However, it is suggested by Amazon that customers put away their dogs on the day of an Amazon delivery. But, as drivers, we should take precautions. I shouldn't have attempted to make the delivery anywhere near the barking dog. I should've placed the package in a location that was far away (15 feet+) from the dog and certainly, I wouldn't have a dog bite beauty mark on my forearm that could remain there for the rest of my life. I love dogs, but this one caused me to attack it as if I didn't. I had to do what was necessary.

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