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All You Need to Know About Therapy Dogs and Why Society Needs Them!

Ronald is a pet healthcare expert who has worked in the animal healthcare industry as a Pet Healthcare Writer for around 3 years!

The global COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on people’s mental health as more and more people are struggling with this mass issue. This growing mental issue needs a solution, and there’s nothing better than therapy, of course. While therapy is most certainly the need of the hour for people trying to cope with mental health, there’s another way in which we can tackle this problem, and that is via therapy dogs. That’s correct! Therapy dogs are trained by professionals and they do an amazing job in helping people overcome their mental issues. In this article, you’ll get to know more about therapy dogs and why society needs such beautiful four-legged creatures!


Therapy Dogs – What Are They?

In simple and lucid language, therapy dogs are simply dogs that know and understand you and your emotions, how you feel from time to time and lots more. These dogs help in keeping you motivated, provide you with ample amounts of affection and comforts, and they do all they can to keep you calm and stress-free. Moreover, they make amazing companions and can probably be your best friend as well. Therapy dogs are literally there for you whenever you need anyone, especially during your not-so-good days. And of course, they will also be there with you in your good days as well. They are always there for you, always!

Are Therapy Dogs Different From Normal Dogs?

Yes, absolutely! Therapy dogs are trained by proper professionals so that they can connect with humans and help them get over their mental health issues. They know how to turn a frown upside down, they know when you are sad, they know when something’s not right with you, and they know how to listen and comfort you when you are feeling blue. Even normal dogs will probably do all of the above because that’s just how dogs really are. They will love you unconditionally and be by your side no matter what!


How Are Therapy Dogs Leaving A Mark On People?

Therapy dogs are doing their best they can to keep you in a good mood and tension-free. That’s their main motive, to be honest. And just by being there, listening to you, comforting you, they are leaving a mark on people by helping them overcome mental health and mental issues. Therapy dogs help you in more ways than you can ever imagine. Some of the ways in which they help you are as follows –

  • Act as excellent stressbusters
  • Aids in lowering your anxiety levels
  • Keeps you calm and composed almost every time
  • Helps boost your immunity and your health
  • Assists in overcoming feelings of isolation and alienation
  • Give you much needed company
  • Listens and understands your emotions and makes you feel better than before
  • Helps you with emotional disorders
  • Aids in lifting up your spirits
  • Encourages you to improve your verbal communication skills
  • Treats you as your best friend
  • Will always be there by your side
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Why Does Society Need More Therapy Dogs?

As the years roll by, mental health has perhaps become the number one issue faced by humans. And thus, society is in absolute need of more and more therapy dogs because they help humans in ways that nothing else ever could. Also, dogs are regarded as a man’s best friend and they would more than gladly help humans out when there are in dire need of some help. Moreover, therapy dogs are the solution to overcoming mental health in humans and it has become an absolute necessity to have more and more therapy dogs in the world today.

Final Thought

Therapy dogs or rather dogs in general are always there to lift up your mood and help in relieving stress and anxiety. Thus, having a dog or a therapy dog, irrespective of whether or not you are suffering from mental health issues is perhaps very necessary. And I would most certainly recommend everyone, whoever is reading this, to adopt a dog because trust me, your life will turn around for good, and adopting a dog is perhaps the best decision you can ever make. Dogs are simply the best. They definitely are!

© 2021 Ronald Daniel Sampson

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