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Alipur Zoo, Kolkata

Kolkata's mercury is still at the bottom in the winter. Wondering where to go. That's right, let's go out to Alipore Zoo. In the winter season, like every other year, Bengalis spend the winter in picnic, walking around in the destination of their choice. This winter, Alipore Zoo is the number one choice among the Bengali families and youngsters in the perimeter of this city. This zoo was established in 18th century. Its area is about 45 acres. It gained a reputation as the abode of the now-dead Advaita, an Aldabra giant tortoise. At the time of his death, the tortoise was more than 250 years old.

In 1800, the Governor-General of Bengal, Arthur Wellesley, established a small zoo at Barrackpore near Calcutta in his summer residence as part of the Indian Natural History Project.

Since then, as zoos have sprung up in various cities around the world, the British community in Kolkata has been thinking of turning the zoo into a formal zoo.
On January 1, 18th, Prince Edward VII of Wales officially inaugurated the zoo in Alipore, an elite suburb of Calcutta. After that, the zoo became rich in animal collections of various eminent people and donations from aristocrats. Suddenly, like a story, on May 6, 18, the doors of the zoo were opened to the public. Now if anyone questions you. Where in Kolkata is the most crowded place in winter? But in a word, it is Alipore Zoo. However, not only in winter, but also throughout the year, Kolkata has won the first place among the sights in terms of crowd size. Looking at the records of the last ten years, it is easy to understand that there is no other place in Kolkata that is as popular as this place. Why this crowd? It is like seeing the attraction of children towards the zoo. Whether it's watching animals on YouTube or the National Geographic Channel on TV. Even in the age of animal planets, no child or teenager can avoid the attraction of seeing a tiger, crocodile and giraffe.
Let those who come from outside Kolkata know
Sealdah or Howrah should come first by train. There are many buses from Sealdah or Howrah that will take you to the front of Alipore Zoo in 20 to 40 minutes. You can also come to Kolkata Alipore Zoo by taking Taxi from anywhere in Kolkata. Those who come by metro can get off at Netaji Bhavan or Rabindrasadan metro station and take a bus or taxi from there.
This time it is the right time to visit Alipore Zoo. Thus, this famous zoo in Kolkata is open throughout the year. However, if you want to visit the Kolkata Zoo in peace, it is better to come on an empty day. Usually on holidays and special occasions there is no place to set foot. It is better not to come here on those days. The best time to visit the zoo is early winter. The zoo is closed every Thursday except for a few days of winter.
The entrance fee to the zoo is 30 rupees. You can also buy tickets online or go there and collect tickets from the counter. If you want to take video with the camera, you have to pay separately, there is no obstacle to take pictures on mobile.
Just opposite the main gate of the zoo is an aquarium, a collection of marine fish from around the world. If you have time, spend some time there. Entrance fee is only 5 rupees. Now there is no restriction on entry with food inside, but if you get dirty everywhere, you may have to pay fine, you may have to enter with dry food. Do not throw polythene packets inside the zoo. Never throw any food to the animals.
The zoo has a magnificent statue of Atlas, so be sure to take a selfie with your loved ones while standing in front of the statue.
Alipore Zoo is famous not only for its animals and birds, but also for its beautiful gardens. Don't take your eyes off the beautiful flowers along the way. However, do not touch the tree or the flower.

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