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Alangu Mastiff (Bully Kutta) Dog Breed Information, Facts & Characteristics

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Alangu Mastiff (Indian Bulli)

Alangu Mastiff (Indian Bulli)

The Alangu Mastiff Or Indian Bulli

Alangu Mastiff or Indian Mastiff dog is a giant, indigenous mastiff dog, also known as Indian Bulli, Bulli Kutta, or Sindh Mastiff. The former name of this dog is Sindh Mastiff, which was derived from the name of its place of birth "Sindh Prant". In today's time, the borders of Sindh province are spread between India and Pakistan.

Alangu Mastiff is a strong, muscular and fearless dog, whose determination and stamina are incomparable. Due to these qualities, it has become one of the most demanded dog breeds in dog fight over the years, Alangu Mastiff (Bulli Kutta) was in high demand in Pakistan, for the sport of the dogfight. Between the early 90s to 2010, they became quite popular, because of its excellent performance in a dog fight, and they are mainly known as Pakistani Bulli or Bulli Dog.

Indian Bulli Kutta

Indian Bulli Kutta

Facts about Alangu Mastiff

  • How did it get its name "Bulli Kutta and Sindh Mastiff"

The name Bulli is derived from the Hindi word Bholi, which means "wrinkled face", and Kutta meaning "dog". So, the "Bulli Dog" meaning, the dog having wrinkled face.

They were developed in the province of Sindh, and that is why they are also called Sindh Mastiffs.

  • The ancient depiction of the Alangu Mastiff Dog

An ancient depiction of the Alangu Mastiff is available, in the Darasuram Temple of Thanjavur district, in southeastern India.

  • Well suited to tropical climates

Alangu Mastiffs are well suited to tropical climates, but not suitable for cold climates.

  • They are a moderate eaters

Alangu Mastiff dog ​​is a moderate eater who does not overeating. Also, their diet is less according to their size.

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  • Often compared with "Dogo Argentino and Kurdish Kangal" dogs

Often, the Alangu Mastiff dog is compared to the "Dogo Argentino" in appearance and the "Kurdish Kangal" in a dog fight.

  • Their presence abroad

In the recent few years, the popularity and demand of Bulli Dog have increased, And apart from India and Pakistan, they can also be found in Canada, UK, Mauritius, Nepal and other countries.

Indian Mastiff (Indian Bulli), Alangu Mastiff

Indian Mastiff (Indian Bulli), Alangu Mastiff

Appearance And Physical Traits

Alangu Mastiff dogs were bred for personal protection, they are very strong and fearless dogs, who are known to fight till their breath. They can even give their lives to protect their owner. And because of their physical ability, courage and aggressive nature, they became the top choice to participate in dog fight games. In South India, they were used to protect the royal family, and also known as Wolf killer, In Tamilnadu state of India.

Physical Traits

  • Origin : Sindh (India/Pakistan) and Thanjavur (India)
  • Height : 30 – 34 inches (76 to 86 cm)
  • Weight : 150 lbs – 200 lbs (68 to 90 kg)
  • Color : Black, White, Brindle, Fawn, Red, Harlequin colors
  • Lifespan : 10 -15 years
  • Breed Recognition: Not recognized by, any of the major kennels
Alangu Mastiff (Bully Kutta)

Alangu Mastiff (Bully Kutta)

Personality and Temperament

Alangu Mastiffs are described as a strong, fearless and very protective and devoted to its family and extremely courageous for their daring to stand up to wolves, and other predators protect its family and flock.
But if well trained, and early socialized at an early age, they are good along with kids and other pets.


  • Alangu Mastiff was bred to protect livestock and family. They are very protective and devoted dogs.
  • They are aloof, and suspicious of strangers.
  • Alangu mastiffs are territorial and aggressive towards other dogs.
  • They are very energetic and hardy dog that need lots of exercise to burn their calorie.
  • These are good for outdoor living, not recommended for apartment living.
  • They have low cold tolerance, they are suitable for the tropical climate.

The Origin and Breed History

The clear history of their origin is not available, but Alangu Mastiff was bred to work for personal protection and as a guard dog. They were developed, in the early 19s, During the reign of the English rulers, by mixing between a Kumaon Mastiff dog of Uttarakhand, and an imported Mastiff type dog. Their physical structure and wrinkled face, very looks similar to Kumaon Mastiff dogs.

The depiction of the Alangu Mastiff  Dog: In Darasuram Temple of Thanjavur

The depiction of the Alangu Mastiff Dog: In Darasuram Temple of Thanjavur

Wherever there is another believe about their origin, some people also believe that Alangu Mastiff is actually a mastiff type dog from from Tanjavur district of South India, the Bulli Kutta are developed by crossing between an Alangu Mastiff and a Kumaun Mastiff Dog. An ancient depiction of the Alangu Mastiff is available, in the Darasuram Temple of Thanjavur district, in Tamil Nadu state of India.

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