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A Possible End to the Rein of Terror for Wild Horses and Burros

There is an Exelent Chance We Will be Seeing Very Little More of This!


Many wins In Federal Court Show Congress In Support of Protection Laws for Wild Horsess and Birros.

It would seem that several Congressmen have changed their thinking on the Protection of wild horses and burros. After many various wins, they now say the BLM will have to utilize their funding for humane fertilization of wild mares. However, they ( BLM ), are now engaged in an end-run around Congress and stepping up their round-ups to extract as many wild horses as they can, before funding is made available.

BLM Round-ups are Cruel and Inhumane to Say the Least!

The use of the PZP fertilization methods are safe and pose no pain or injuries to the wild mares. A dart containing the serum is fired from a rifle. The dart hits the mare, and the serum is unloaded, and the dart drops off.

In these round-ups, mares are often killed and sometimes foals are too. Or, the foals and their mothers are separated. The pilots don't care, as long as they move the numbers. And the BLM gets their count. Please take a look at the link, and the video below. They say a lot.

Do What Has to be Done, But Be Carefull !

In the overall end, the welfare and safety of the horses should be the main concern of all who take care of the wild horses and burros. While maintaining safety and numbers of them. After all, too many animals have died in past round-ups and, overpopulation is the concern. Safety above all should be paramount for all concerned. This is, of course, our opinion.

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