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A Typical Dachshund

Dachshunds are a misnomer for being farm breeds.

Dachshunds are probably the most homely breed to raise. Contrary to the fact that dachshunds are considered as farm dogs who are renowned to help cattle in the field. But what evades the legacy of dachshunds is the fact that, they are probably as good as indoors too.

India, a country of extreme seasons and temperatures, I raised a dachshund from 2 months old to a 10 year old.

Dachshunds are very intelligent indoor dogs who tend to memorize your voice commands and react almost instantly listening to the commands. From door bell ringing to the voice of house maids entering, dachshunds almost react educately to every household reaction. Perhaps most humanly as it is gets. dachshunds tend to react to different voices differently. From swinging their necks to moving their ears, dachshunds lively react to human motions.

Dachshunds love the Indian kitchen curries and raw vegetables as much as we Indian do.

When it comes to fooding, like an average member of the family, dachshunds eat almost everything you offer them. From raw vegetables to cooked desi meals, dachshunds love to eat what you eat. They are way to clever to gauge instances and steal vegetables from your refrigerators. The relishing food for a dachshunds varies from fish curries to pista kulfi. Dashchunds also love to eat mangoes, apples and try and avoid anything that is sour.

Hyperactive is the word that describes the dachshunds irrespective of their age.

Play and Play is the only mantra of dachshunds. Be it spending time alone playing with edible bones to playing outdoor sports like cricket, dachshunds almost love everything when it comes to carpe diem. Dachshunds love running and tend to joyfully jump around in open spaces. Like every other dog breed, dachshunds too get excited with playing balls and sticks around. You can have an extra fielder in your dachshund while playing a cricket match.

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Dachshunds are very hygienic and tend to get furious on seeing rodents in the house.

Worth mentioning is that , dachshunds get so accustomed to the human living standards that they start demanding AC in summers and Room Heaters in winters. Add to it, dachshunds many times get fond of particular television shows or videos' that they literally gaze at the screen when it comes. Specific sounds in the TV shows really entrails dachshunds and they react as if they are responding to the TV shows.

If there is a dachshund in a house you are almost sure that you wont worry about lizards or rats or cockroaches. A sure relief for a person like me !

So, next time you think of raising a pet indoor, just think about a dachshund as a new addition to your family and get used to its real life adjustments. Grow with dachshunds and evolve with their perfect blend of patience and possessiveness.


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