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A Book Review- Flash the Homeless Donkey

Ellison is a professional horse trainer and riding instructor. She runs a summer camp program and offers kids a safe introduction to horses.

Flash and his book

Flash and his book

How The Story Begins

The book begins with Rachel acquiring, Flash. Oddly enough, he was a stray donkey. One that was standing in the road and almost hit. Come to find out there are a lot of stray donkeys in Texas. The police were not surprised when they called to report the donkey. Evidently, this was a common occurrence in this area.

Flash was never claimed by any owner and ended up staying with Rachel and her husband who had found him. They lived on a small farm and already had a little barn and fences up to keep him in.

Flash's Personality

The author did a great job of describing Flash's demeanor. She described his personality and mannerisms in a way that made it very easy to see how he progressed over time.

As Flash got comfortable with his new owners and new environment,his true personality shone through. It sounds like he has a huge one!


The Author's Journey

The author tells of the things she was going through in her life, how they affected her and her family. She also describes how much Flash and his behaviors gave her simple reminders of what was important in life. She found comfort in interacting with him, and he helped her restore her faith in God.

As we all know, all things Equine are like giant mirrors for us and they reflect our emotions back onto us. Sometimes there is no better way for us to learn the life lessons that we need to learn.

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It reminds us of the important things in life and how our lives are always teaching us lessons, even if it comes by way of a humble animal, like Flash, the donkey.

In Conclusion

I loved this book. I sat down and almost read the whole thing in one afternoon. She developed her own character so well, as well as Flash's, so it was easy to see where she was coming from. She was very forthcoming about the hardships in her life, and how they had made her question her faith.

As the book progresses, she finds so many answers to her questions about faith and life. All because she took in a homeless donkey.

The story of them training Flash and all his antics make the book fun. If you have horses or donkeys you will totally relate to some of the stories that she tells about the life they live together on their small farm.

I'm a Christian, so I absolutely loved all the references made to faith, the Bible and scripture. The author trying to find her way back to her faith is a large part of the story. I think anyone that has a soft spot for animals in need will enjoy the book. It helps the reader appreciate how animals help us through life.

The author's life lesson came in the form of a stray donkey, but he impacted her life and her families living in a big way.

Highly Recommend To Equine Lovers

This is a heartwarming story for lovers of all things equine. Who doesn't want to read about a goofy stray donkey and all its antics!

Also Recommend to Christian Readers

If you are a Christian, you will relate to the author's journey to find faith and enjoy the scripture and prayers that are included in the book. It is a good reminder that we all struggle with our faith from time to time. We just have to keep on believing and God answers our prayers in the best way he sees fit. Even if it is in the form of a homeless donkey!

Flash checking out his own book!

Flash checking out his own book!

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