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7 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Pets Than Dogs


#1: Cats Don't Require As Much Attention As Dogs

Cats can easily entertain themselves and don't always need someone to play with. They don't mind being left alone to take a nap for a few hours. However, dogs need attention almost constantly and don't do very well if left alone for a long time. This is another reason why cats are easier pets to have. If you need to work late or have plans for the day that don't include your cat, they'll be fine with it. Cats just don't need that much attention. And if you have two or more cats, it's even better since they can entertain each other.

Think of it this way: if you ignored your cat for a few hours, what do you think they would do? Most likely rub their face up against something and meow a few times, but eventually they'd realize that you're not willing to give them attention at the moment. If you ignored your dog, what do you think would happen? He would definitely be unhappy.

Dogs can also get destructive when they're bored, so they need something to be occupied with; also known as your attention. If you own a dog, you should know that giving them attention is like a job.. A fun yet demanding one. Cats enjoy their independence, and dogs require more attention by far. In summary, cats are simply more independent animals.


#2: They Clean Themselves

Unlike dogs, cats groom themselves on a regular basis. That's one more thing you don't have to worry about, and it also makes their coats feel softer and cleaner. Besides clipping their nails as necessary and the occasional brushing, you generally don't have to groom your cat unless you really want to. Dogs, on the other hand, need to be bathed regularly, and you need to clip their nails and brush them when needed. You also have to say that dogs are usually much more stinky than cats, too. Not only that, but dogs like to roll around in all kinds of gross stuff, including dead things, trash, and mud (which might be a part of why they're so smelly).


#3: You Don't Have to Take Cats Outside to Use the Bathroom

Anyone who owns a dog has to take them outside every couple hours so they can use the bathroom, no matter the weather. Then you have to scoop your dog's poop up with a pooper-scooper and throw it away. Cats, on the other hand, simply use a litter box. Yes, cleaning it can be gross, but it's easier than taking your dog outside every two or three hours, especially when it's freezing outside. Plus, you can use litter box liners to make cleaning your cat's litter box easier.

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#4: Cats Are Better If You Don't Want All the Responsibilities of a Dog

You might want to get a dog but don't like how much time, effort, and responsibility you have to put into owning one. If this sounds like you, then maybe you should consider a cat. Cats are much easier to own because they don't require as much attention and dedication. Cats can basically take care of themselves after they leave their mothers and you give them a litter box, water bowl, and food bowl.. Which is good if you're too busy to handle all the responsibilities of a dog. Plus cats are just as fluffy and cuddly. Cats are a lot more self-reliant and independent than dogs, so that means you don't have to spend so much time giving them attention. If you have a dog, there are tons of things you have to worry about that you generally wouldn't have to worry about if you had a cat instead. For example, you don't have to walk a cat, and they're not quite as loud as a dog might be.


#5: Cats Keep Rodents Away From Your Yard and House

Cats are natural hunters, so if you have a few, you may never see a rat in your house again. Do not let your cat eat any rodents it catches, as it could have a disease and give it to your cat. But if you're scared that pests might be in your home, always keep a cat or two handy and you won't have to worry any longer. The only thing bad about this is that cats usually don't take the dead rodent outside - but instead they leave it in the floor or try to eat it (don't let your cat eat anything it catches, though). Another good thing is that cats also hunt bugs, so you can say bye-bye to those creepy crawlies around your house!


#6: Cats Are Usually Less Expensive Than Dogs

The estimated amount that most cat owners spend on their cats each year is around $500. Sounds like quite a bit of money, right? Well, the yearly estimate for dogs is $1,400 to $4,300. It does, of course, depend on which breed of cat you buy, who you're getting it from, how many cats you own, and the brands (food, toys, etc.) you decide to buy. Your cat could also develop a skin or health problem and need expensive vet bills. But it is proven that cats are more affordable than dogs. Adoption fees are generally lower for cats, too! If you want an intelligent, cuddly pet but can't afford a dog, then I would definitely recommend a cat.


#7: Kittens Are Extra Easy to Potty-Train

This is one of my favorite things about cats. While potty-training puppies can be difficult, cats naturally know how to bury their waste. All I had to do for my cats to start using the litter box was show them where it was. And they haven't done their business outside of the litter box even once! Nobody likes to clean the litter box, but trust me, it's much easier than constantly taking your dog outside for him to use the bathroom. Personally, I'm really glad that you don't have to do much to potty-train cats, because it can be pretty hard (particularly for puppies).

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