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5 Chinchilla Facts: Must For Chinchilla Owners

Do you own a chinchilla? Or are you planning to own one? In any case, I am sure there are a lot of things (and facts) about chinchillas that you need to know. Chinchillas are a different kind of pets. These aren’t just like cats or dogs. I am pretty much sure that if you own a chinchilla, you will know a lot of things about it already but those of you who are planning to own one, they must not be familiar with what they are choosing can turn their life upside down in no time. And you have to trust me on that!

OK, so what’s so special about this tiny creature? There are a lot of facts about chinchillas that often surprise people. It is much better to know all about chinchillas and their instincts before you bring one into your home.


Fact # 1

Chinchillas are extremely sensitive pets. Or I must say animals. They are very sensitive to heat and humidity. You have to provide them with a very suitable temperature so that they can live happily. Due to their thick and heavy fur, chinchillas cannot sustain high temperature. Experts say that the suitable temperature for chinchillas is between 15 to 26 degrees centigrade. So if you plan to have one, make sure that you can provide your pet with the suitable temperature that it needs. They get overheated very easily and they overheat too much. Those who are living in hot areas shouldn’t own chinchillas.


Fact # 2

The most interesting thing to know about chinchillas is that they sleep in the daytime and they wake in the night. It doesn’t matter whether you sleep or don’t sleep in the night, your pet will not going to sleep in the night. It is not that it will keep on sleeping throughout the day but you will find it sleeping most of the times throughout the day. And at other times, you will find it a bit lazy. The right time for your pet is night. It will play in the night, it will gnaw in the night, it will make noises in the night and this is the time for your pet.

If you can manage to spend a few hours with your pet in the night, that’s great else you will have to ensure that there is enough lights in its cage so that it can feel comfortable in its cage in the night. You don’t necessarily have to wake with it throughout the night rather all you have to do is provide it with a few toys that it can gnaw easily and light up its cage. You can then go to your bed. Although it will make noises in the night but these noises are pretty much bearable and you can sleep with them easily.

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Fact # 3

You cannot bath your pet with water rather chinchillas need dust bath. This is due to their thick fur. If you ever put your pet it water, you will notice that the fur doesn’t easily dry since it is too thick. Hence it isn’t a good idea to give it a water bath. The right bath for your pet is dust bath. You need to buy chinchilla dust bath from your local store and buy a bathtub for it as well. Fill the tub with the dust and leave your pet in it for an hour or maybe two. It will roll in the dust, it will hop around and will keep on playing in the dust. You will notice that how much chinchillas love dust and dust bath.

Make sure that you just don’t bath it too often. The number of times you have to give a dust bath to a chinchilla per week depends on several factors including weather. In fact, weather is the most important factor here. Besides, check from your local pet store as to how many times you have to bath your chinchilla in a week. Generally giving it a bath 3 times a week is considered OK until and unless you or your pet needs more or less.


Fact # 4

This is an interesting fact and it doesn’t affect the relationship between you and your pet directly but still it is important to know. Chinchillas have weak eyesight. They cannot see pretty well from their eyes rather they feel objects from their whiskers. Their whiskers keep on growing throughout their life. So don’t ever think of cutting the whiskers of your pet because it can and it will hurt its sense to see things.

Fact # 5

The teeth of chinchillas also grow throughout their life. And they just love to gnaw. This is it’s instinct and ensure that your pet cannot go without it. So expect a lot of gnawing from your pet. What you need to do is provide safe and right things to your pet for gnawing otherwise it will gnaw whatever it will find and it might hurt itself. Or it might badly destroy your stuff be it important documents or your shoes or your brand new sofa. You can buy toys for your rodent. Give toys to it for gnawing and it will not going to hurt itself.

Besides, make sure that the cage and the bath tub of your pet isn’t made primarily of wood because it will gnaw it as well. The right cage for it is the one that is made from a metal like steel or a mix of several metals.

These 5 facts about chinchilla aren’t new. But if these surprised you and if these were totally new for you, let me tell you that chinchilla might not be the right pet for you because you still don’t know a lot of other facts about it that are actually very important to know. It is, therefore, suggested to read and find out more about chinchillas before you can finally make any decision as to whether you need to own one or not.

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