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5 Best Dog Breeds for Children


5 Best Dog Breeds for Children

Best Dog Breeds for Children

Before we get into the best dog breeds for children, a question arises 'What makes the best family dog?'

Dr. Holy Putnam(DVM and former member of the board for the association of Shelter of Veterinarians) suggests considering the size of the dog and the family's lifestyle and what energy level would best fit.

Here are some recommended dog breeds for your children:

1. Labrador retriever:

Labradors belong to the British breed of retriever gun dogs. This is one of the most well-known dog breeds in America and the UK. They are counted among the dog world's most versatile species as there can do almost everything. They are the most preferred species for rescue operations, detections, and other security purposes. The fact that this species requires a lot of exercise shows that it can be an excellent playmate for your children. A plus point for choosing labs as family dogs are that they're easily trainable.

best known traits: friendly, patient, trainable

trainability: responds well

grooming: sheds regularly

activity: requires a lot of exercises

environmental adaptations: extremely versatile

life span: approximately 10-12 years

weight: 29-36 kg (in male, adult) 25-32 kg (in female, adult)

2. Newfoundland:

This breed is mainly known for its sweet temper. It can serve as the best family dog because they show excessive love and protection towards children. That's why they are also called nature's babysitters. Newfies have webbed paws which help them excel in the water. Their large-sized bones, strong musculature, and lung capacity help them swim over long distances and their waterproof double coat protects them from the chills of water. Due to this ability, Newfoundlands serve as brilliant water rescue dogs.

Best known traits: intelligence, loyalty, sweetness

trainability: Easily trainable

grooming: excessive shedding and drooling

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activity: requires moderate exercise

environmental adaptations: thrives in cool climates, but can adapt to living in warm climates

life span: about 8-10 years

weight: 60-70 kg (in male, adult) 45-55 kg (in female, adult)

3. Collies:

These dogs seem to have a special sense of understanding human feelings. They are socialized dogs and love being with families. Collies are best known for their heroic herding skills. They keep an intense stare on flocks of sheep and hence are best partners of shepherds.Collies are either rough or smooth. Rough collies have long flowing coats whereas smooth collies have shorter coats. This breed is brilliant.

best known traits: strong, fast, affectionate, loyal, responsive

trainability: often very easy to train

grooming: rough collies require regular grooming

activity: the more exercise, the better

environmental adaptations: a country farm or ranch suits best

life span: 10-14 years

weight: 14-20 kg

4. Golden Retriever:

It is a Scottish breed of retrievers. This breed is named so after its characteristic flowy golden coat. Golden retrievers are characterized by their affectionate and playful nature. They are not excessive barkers. Female golden retrievers are usually more active than male ones. They count among the top notch therapy dogs. They seem to have love stuffed inside them as they can calm and soothe anyone.

best known traits: extremely patient, loving, and loyal

trainability: they have high intelligence which means they learn easily

grooming: sheds lightly throughout the year

activity: very active and energetic and require a lot of exercises

environmental adaptations: should not be left in extreme climates (above 104oF or below 45oF)

life span: 10-12 years

weight: 29-34 kg (in male, adult) 25-29 kg (in female, adult)

5. Poodle:

A misconception which needs to be cleared about poodles is that they originate from Germany and not France. the species name comes from german word 'pudel' or 'pudelin' which means 'to splash in water'. Poodles were bred at purpose to be good swimmers, so they own traits like webbed paws and waterproof coats. Besides their swimming abilities and pretty haircut, poodles are a great choice for allergic people as they shed very little. Poodles are a good family dog because they come in toy, miniature, and standard sizes with various colors, which means you can choose a poodle accordingly. Poodles may be shy around strangers but get along with familiar people.

best known traits: affectionate and playful

trainability: easy to train

grooming: they don't require regular grooming as they shed very little

activity: highly active dogs

environmental adaptations: ideal for semi-active homes

life span: 12-15 years

weight: Standard poodle: 45-70 pounds(in male) 45-60 pounds (in female)

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