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5 Best Christmas Gifts for your Ferrets for 2021

Tanya is the owner of multiple animals, including two ferrets. She has studied animal health and is a dedicated volunteer at a shelter.

1. Marshall Products FT-190 Ferret Super Thruway

Ferrets just can't get enough of tubes! It is often one of the most popular toys that a ferret owner can have. It provides these natural tunnel dwellers with a place to play, hide and perform sneak attacks on you.

There are a lot of brands of tubes out on the market to buy or you can even make your own. However, one of the most popular ones every year is Marshall Products FT-190 Ferret Super Thruway. It can expand up to 15 feet and is completely see-through so that you can keep an eye on their antics and safety.


  • Expandable to 15 feet
  • Made of see-through plastic
  • Can be combined with other toys (such as the Marshall's ball pit)

2. Marshall Products Ferret Pop-N-Play

Well, we can't recommend the clear tunnel without adding the Marshall ball pit to the list!

There are a lot of ball pits out there and all of them are great! You can even just buy bags of balls and create your own pen to keep them in. However, if you get the Marshall's tube, it can be connected to the Marshall Pop-N-Play for extra fun.

These balls are slightly soft, so keep an eye on any super chewers to make sure they are not tearing the plastic apart too much. A good way to save some money on replacement balls is to look for a large bag of these balls made for children. Walmart often has bags of these at a great price so that you can replace any extremely worn out balls.


  • Connects to the Marshall Super Thru-Way tunnel
  • Package includes 35 balls and more can be bought
  • Folds down for quick storage
  • Plastic pen and balls makes it easy to wipe clean

3. Treat Puzzle Toys

If you are looking to stimulate your ferret's mind, take a look at treat puzzles. There are many created for cats and dogs that also work perfectly for ferrets. It allows them to figure out how to get their treats out and you can get a variety of diffculty levels. You can choose what you think will be the perfect puzzle for them to try.

Some ferrets get bored of these toys easily but you are the one who knows your ferret best and will know if it is something they will enjoy!

I have the Catit Sense 2.0 Digger, which is great for our male with Wardenburg syndrome, as he can not do too complicated of tasks.

Another I recommend is Outword Hound Dog Brick Interactive Treat Puzzle. This one is a little more complicated and requires the animal to flip, push and open things to find their treats. This one is a big hit with our normal ferrets and some will work hard to get those goodies out!

Cat Sense 2.0 Digger Features:

  • 3 short narrow tubes and 2 long wide tubes
  • Hand wash
  • Made of BPA-free materials

Outward Hound Dog Brick Puzzle Features:

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  • 20 hidden treat compartments
  • BPA, PVA, & phthalate free
  • Easy to clean

4. Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy Rope Net

This rope net toy is a nice versatile toy that a lot of ferrets enjoy. It has clips on all sides so that it can hang whatever way you want, creating a hammock, a climbing ladder or maybe even a type of ramp. They are also able to be clipped together to great a longer rope net. It allows them to climb and fit themselves in and out of the holes.

It may seem like an odd toy for a hammock, but if you have a ferret then you are familiar with their strange sleeping habits! Don't be surprised if you find your ferret hanging through one of these holes having a nap.


  • Metal clips connect to most cages
  • Can clip multiple nets together
  • Made of Cotton

5. Marshall Hanging Nap Sack

A ferret list wouldn't be complete without mentioning a hammock. Of course, we know that ferrets love their hammocks for sleeping and snuggling. There is no better time to get your fuzzies a new one than for the holidays!

The types of hammocks available are numerous with a variety of materials, styles and sizes. When shopping for one, keep in mind the things your ferret likes to do. Does he prefer to hide inside of a cave? Maybe just lounge in an open hammock? You know your pet the best, so you will know what it is they most enjoy.

A personal favourite is the Marshall Hanging Nap Sack. Living in Northern Canada, this hammock has been great as it gives them a place to snuggle into to stay warm and the option to just lay on top. My ferrets also like when it is laid under their cage, directly on the floor.


  • Machine Washable
  • Fleece
  • Nylon straps that are adjustable
  • Hold 2 ferrets comfortably

Ferrets are great pets because they get some much joy from pretty much everything. If they can bite it or steal it, they seem to have a great time no matter what they are doing.

Don't forget that you can also spoil them with some new treats to go along with the toys. My ferrets get their own little stockings each year with a couple of silly toys. Cat toys go over very well and are perfect for stealing and stashing.

Whether you spoil your ferrets for the holidays or not, take time to give them some extra love and hugs just for being themselves and being in your life.

Happy Holiday Shopping!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Tanya Huffman

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