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5 Amazing Reasons Why the Bernese Mountain Dog are the Best Family Dogs

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Yuliss has worked with sheltered dogs, training them to be adoptable to good homes. She has had her own dogs and now has 4 human children!


5 Amazing Reasons Why the Bernese Mountain Dog are the Best Family Dogs

It is quite the dilemma for many dog lovers that on one hand, they would love to get a running partner or just a loyal Furry friend, but on the other hand, choosing the right one of from some of the best family dog breeds is important when their pet is going to interact with the whole family, especially children.

Understandably, you want to have a pup that will play nice with the whole family, especially your children. Now begins the tedious task of going over the different breeds that will be a good match for your household. In this blog, we will be going over 5 amazing reasons that a Bernese Mountain dog can be considered one of the Quintessential best family dog breeds.

  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are very good-natured and affectionate animals, as per studies they are considered to be some of the least aggressive dog breeds and due to this calm and even tempered nature, they are a good fit to play with Small Children and are considered really family friendly dogs.
  • Although a Bernese Mountain Dog is not a violent or aggressive breed, they are known to have a very strong desire to be protective of whom they consider as family. This is one of the major reasons to bring home your own family's super protector.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are considered one of the smarter dog breeds, and when you mix the high intelligence with good-naturedness you get one of the easiest breeds to train and the training process could be part of increasing trust and love between the whole family, especially the kids.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs are considered to be very loyal and submissive dog breeds. By this, we mean that your family's best friend will usually be up for almost anything you might want to do, for example at one time when the kids want to play they will find the pup as more than a willing playmate.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred to be used as working dogs on farms, so you can expect your furry friend to have a medium to a high energy level that is ideal to keep not only yourself but the whole family active and healthy.

Important Facts to Consider about the Bernese Mountain Dog

The Average size and weight of a Bernese Mountain Dog are around 23 to 28 inches tall and roughly about 75 to 120 pounds heavy. The Males are usually a bit larger than the females of the breed.

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  • The dog breed has medium to high energy so you need to take out time daily to ensure that your best friend gets in their daily exercise so that they will be healthy.
  • They have on average a lifespan of about 7 to 10 years, this needs to be in consideration on whether it might make more sense to get a younger or Older Dog.
  • Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred in colder snow-laden territories, so they are known to have a double coat of fur with a long outer coat and a thick undercoat. They tend to shed

So it is needed to brush them every day during the shedding season and once a week all year round.


In this hub, I share 5 amazing reasons the Bernese Mountain Dog makes a great family dog. They are cute dogs that are docile, good learners, and easy to train. They require lots of exercise and benefit from mental stimulus as well as physical fitness as they are very intelligent dogs. They enjoy challenges, and like to think. They are also very fluffy and require daily grooming and occasional professional grooming care. The Bernese Mountain Dog makes a great family dog for families with children of all ages.


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