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4 Ways to Make Your Cat Love You Immediately

If you've adopted a feline, you may have a hard time winning their affection. It's also possible you've been together for years, and they've been affectionate, but now you feel as if their attitude has changed.
If either is your case, don't miss this article in which I tell you how to help your cat love you. Let's go.

1) Make their surroundings better.

One of the main causes of behavioral changes in cats is anxiety. Cats that live indoors can be just as happy as those with outside access, but some can be stressed because they cannot satisfy their basic instincts, such as hunting, climbing, and scratching.

When this happens, the character changes and they may even turn aggressive. Therefore, if you want your cat to be happy, you must stimulate their instincts and intelligence by improving their environment.

You can start by buying a scratching post if they don't already have one.

Felines need to scratch to care for their nails, mark territory, and relieve stress.

You should also provide platforms and hiding places, as cats love to keep an eye on their prey from heights and hide in dark places. Likewise, it's advisable to offer toys of all kinds. Hunting and stalking toys such as fishing rods simulate their chase and climbing instincts. Intelligence games which use hidden food are particularly useful for this purpose. And finally, social interaction games will improve their bond with you if you play a minimum of twice a day.

2) Give them space and time.

when a cat comes into our home. We are eager to give them attention. However, if we want the relationship to start off on the right foot, we need to be careful. Cats need time and space to adapt to their environment, and that includes us.

They need to lose their fear and become accustomed to our presence. This is why we must never force them to receive petting or climb on top of us.
To reciprocate love with your cat, you need to create a bond of security and trust. Give them treats, play with them, but let them come to you. They will smell you and then rub against you. Only then you have permission to interact.

3) Ensure their safety.

You must make sure your basic needs are covered because malnutrition can trigger health and behavioral problems. We must give them quality food appropriate to their species and age. Also, you should always have water.

As for their hygiene, the most important thing is to take care of their coat. We should brush them daily and give them a multi-blade once a week to help reduce the possibility of hairballs.

It's also important to clean their ears when they are dirty, brush their teeth, and trim their nails if they are long. Remember that cats do not need to be bathed, except those that do not have hair. You must also make sure that a feline has a stable, uncovered, and appropriately sized litter box with suitable and very clean litter. This should be located in a quiet place away from their food and water bowl. Lastly, your cat also needs a pad.

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4) Monitor their health.

Although they live indoors, cats are exposed to infectious diseases that can cause changes in their behavior. They must be vaccinated and dewormed according to their needs.

In addition, we must remain attentive to any symptoms of illness and go to the vet for routine checkups.

If you see your cat has everything they need but does not show you affection, it may have a health problem. To rule it out, we recommend that you consult a veterinarian. Only a professional can diagnose such a problem.


If you want your cat to love you, you need to create a bond of security and trust with them. Give them treats,play with them, let them come to you. You must stimulate their instincts and intelligence by improving their environment.

Playing social interaction games will improve their bond with you.

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Thank you for reading,

(Take good care of your tiny companion, don't forget.)

Do you meet all these requirements when caring for your feline?

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