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25 Best Blogs covering Aquariums, Aquarists, and Tropical Fish

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Blogs About Aquariums, Aquarists, and Tropical Fish

If you are interested in setting up a fresh water or salt water aquarium or are an avid aquarist that is always looking for new ideas for your next fish tank than the following blogs are excellent places to look. These blogs cover all different aspects of the fish keeping hobby from simple planted aquariums to complex marine environments and the equipment necessary to maintain a reef tank to just detailed information on various aquarium fish species and their compatibility with other species. Some of the blogs are run by professional companies that obviously are producing content to reach customers and other blogs are just dedicated aquarium hobbyists that are purely interested in sharing their knowledge, pictures, and videos with those that are interested.

Amazing Saltwater Tank

List of 25 Blogs about Aquariums

These blogs ares not listed in any particular order and will all be great reads if you are interested in learning more about fish keeping and developing an awesome aquarium.

1. This site is a compilation of articles and pictures about planted aquariums and any person interested in setting up a planted tank looking for interesting ideas should check it out. The detail is amazing.

2. The Tropical Fish Magazine blogs and yes they have several aquarium and tropical fish related blogs are excellent. The topics include: Adventures in Aquascaping, Breeders Challenge, Aquatic News, TFH Extras, Aquatic Books, Aquatic Videos, Featured Products, and Industry News. This is a more formal publication with in depth articles on all topics.

3. This site is focused on aquascaping nesws, guidance and tips related to aquascaping freshwater planted aquariums. Most of the information detailed in this site reflects the wealth of information coming out of Japan in regards to freshwater planted aquarium. The pictures in this site are amazing for getting ideas on building a beautiful tank.

4. The Saltwater Aquarium Online Guide aims to have lots of information pertinent to the salt water enthusist.

5. Aquarists online is simply a saltwater focused aquarium blog. The main categories include, Care, Conservation, Equipment, Livestock, DIY, Problems. The pictures of the salt water fish are extremely nice on this site.

6. is produced by and they have 8 authors total that write about kinds of different topics related to tropical fish keeping.

7. Reef Builders is focused on assisting saltwater aquarium hobbyist to develop their marine environments into exquisite reefs. Lots of in depth equipment analysis and species details.

8. Covers all different topics with occasional articles on freshwater, saltwater, reef aquariums, nano reefs. There is also a cool photo and video sections.

9. Redfish is another publication however they produce an online free magazine rather than a print publication. They focus on freshwater and marine fishkeepers. The articles are presented in a nice visual manner with in depth species analysis that will benefit the beginner and expert alike in learning more about a species.

10. Aquarium Bliss is focused on Building, Stocking, Caring for and enjoying your aquarium. Articles tend to be geared more towards the new aquarist.

11. An Aquatic Obsessions - Cause One Tank is not enough. Has awesome pictures and details about fish tanks and setting up fresh water and saltwater environments.

12. Aquadoc is a page dedicated to aquatic flora and fauna. Unique plants are discussed with detailed pictures as well as reviews and pictures of fish species that are great for tanks.

13. Aquarium Keeper while taking a short break from posting has lots of articles and great pictures about all kinds of fish species.

14. Aquascape Blog is focused on the plants that make a planted aquarium so rich with life and help provide the ecosystem necessary for a thriving freshwater aquarium to really have character. Need to use translator from Google cause the site is in Polish, but even just check out the pictures for awesome ideas if you want.

15. Aquanerd is a Reef aquarium and Saltwater hobbyist blog. The blog has several contributors providing unique perspective on aquarium keeping.

16. The Little Green Corner is focused on the aquarist world and even covers those that compete against one another to develop the most beautiful aquarium settings through building planted tanks. The pictures of the tanks created by contests are just phenomenal and an inspiration to both newbie and veteran aquarists.

17. The Blog Mollie is connected with the San Francisco Aquarium and covers lots of relevant information to the San Francisco aquarium and the fish keeping community in the Bay area. If you are in California this is a great place to check out for interesting events and activities you may want to participate in San Francisco.

18. How to Breed Tropical Fish - Well it's pretty self explaining. This blog is purely focused on helping and educating about the practice of breeding tropical fish. In depth articles discuss the mating habits of different fish and how to develop the right environment to encourage successful tropical fish breeding.

19. Aquarium Fish World has lots of great education for beginners in the hobby. From how to pick the right fish for your tank to how to feed a betta properly this aquarium blog can help steer you in the right direction.

20. Discus Fish Care Secrets is soley focused on caring for and enjoying a tank full of discus fish, a particularly interesting species of tropical fish. Discus require a little bit additional attention then some species and are known for having strong following among hobbyists that like there broad colorful designs swimming through their aquariums.

21. Betta Fish Blogs contains Hundreds of Betta Fish care articles and is the destination anyone with a Betta fish should check out. Bettas are a common fish and found in most pet stores often in a small bowl, these colorful fish are great for starting out or when your tank size is limited a Betta will still be alright.

22. Tankscrapers is a solid general freshwater fish blog that has articles covering all the basic topics concerning tropical fish as well as a fun freshwater fish of the month which is a look at a unique species that if added to your tank will help diversify your aquarium and broaden your aquarist skills.

23. Rate My Fish Tank while being less of a blog, it does have articles is just a great place to check out user submitted photos and interact with others that are very interested in creating an amazing environment for their favorite fishy friends to swim around in. There is always a Fish Tank of the day to stare in amazement.

24. The Skeptical Aquarist goes deep into the various planted plant options that someone might be able to include in an aquarium. If you are looking for new plant ideas take some time to look through all of the random articles posted.

25. All About Aquarium Fish contains just about anything you need to know that is related to aquarium fish keeping. This site has beginner articles as well as very advanced articles and fish species information. Topics on the home page include: Fish Species, General Information, Aquarium Supplies, Maintenance & Set Up, and Aquarium Fish Disease.

General Fish Care

How to Take Care of Fish

Learning how to take care of fish properly and by species is very important. Make sure and find a blog or site that has someone that has a passion for keeping the same species that you have in your aquarium at home. If you are thinking of starting a new tank do a little research from one of the resources above and make an amazing saltwater or freshwater environment.


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