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20 Awesome Names for Persian Cats from Persian Mythology

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Persian cats come from the area that is known in the modern era as Iran. They have round faces with short muzzles. These long haired cats are a popular breed in a number of places around the world. Persians have several variants including Himalayans, Exotic Shorthairs (toy and teacup sizes), Chinchilla Longhairs, and Sterlings. Persians are believed to have made their way to the Western world from Iran by way of Italy.

The following names are all taken from Persian mythology. Giving your Persian a name that harkens back to his or her heritage can provide you with another special link between you and your cat as well as giving you a neat story to tell when people ask you about the origins about your cat’s name.

A beautiful white Persian cat.

A beautiful white Persian cat.

Persian Mythology Names


Although she is a demoness of illness, Agas is also associated with the evil eye which can protect its user. This name could work for any female cat, although perhaps it would work particularly well with a cat whose eyes are very hypnotic.


Amesha is actually the name of a group of seven divine immortals who fall under the control of Ahura Mazda, the highest god. They are similar to archangels in concept. A combination of god and monster, these beings fight for good and truth. This name would be good for most Persian cats, due to their noble, fierce looks.


Asman is a god of the sky. He is the god of the highest heavens. This name might work for a male Persian with a pale or blue coloration or blue eyes.


This is a god of fire and purity. Atar is a study in contrasts as he can be seen as burning and not burning at once with representing both visible and invisible fire. Atar could be a good name for a reddish male cat or one with a more fiery disposition.


This god is one of wealth and prosperity. Wherever he desires, wealth comes. He is a simple god of divine bounty. This name could work for many male Persians.

Perhaps this red male Persian could make a good Atar.

Perhaps this red male Persian could make a good Atar.


This god rules over victory and the planets. He helps the god Sraosa get the souls of the dead to rise from their bodies when the time comes. Bahram could be a nice name for a Persian male cat with a bold personality who likes to get into mock battles.


Daena means “that which was revealed.” Daena is the goddess who personifies religion in this mythos. Her name could be good for a female Persian with a serene attitude.


Dev is a demon of immense strength. This demon is a god of war who is ruthless with his tactics against all comers. This name might work for a strong male Persian, especially one who likes to play pounce.

A wise Persian cat waiting for your naming ideas.

A wise Persian cat waiting for your naming ideas.


Indar is a noble god who stands for courage in all things, particularly battle. Indar could be a good name for a male Persian who is courageous and stands up to everything from mice to chihuahuas.


Indra is the god of apostacy, or the renunciation of religion. He is one of the seven Daevas. This name would probably work for either a male or female Persian of any kind since the 'a' at the end gives the name a slightly more feminine feel.


This is not the Chinese leader of yore. Mao is a Persian god who ruled over the moon. This name could be good for a cat with grey fur or one who particularly likes to prowl around at night.


Mithra is a god of friendship and light. Mithra also oversees contracts. He has the weighty responsibility for maintaining cosmic order. Mithra assists his father, Ahuru Mazda, against the forces of evil. Mithra would make a great name for any male Persian cat with a loving, more serious personality.

Information on Persian Cats


These spirits are impressively beautiful beings who help take human spirits to the Land of the Blessed after their deaths. The Peris also fight the Daevas. This name could work for many Persians, particularly females, the more beautiful the better. The name also works particularly well for cats with the sweetest of dispositions.


This god is the god of midday. Rapithwin protects the south and Summer from any demons or gods who threaten them. This name might be good for a male cat with golden or other summer fur colors or green eyes. It could also work for a cat who likes to defend his home territory even if it is just to verbally complain about what he doesn’t like.


This is a mysterious text that is yet to be fully translated. It is a hymn that scholars consider very important to the mythology and religious texts of the time, but when and whether we discover its meaning is yet to be known. Because of the mystery surrounding this name, it would be good for a cat with a mysterious personality as well.


This is one of the four major leaders of the stars. They are the warriors for Ahura Mazda who is the guardian who fights to conquer evil and protect the star of the west. Again, this name could work for a cat who likes to play fight or for one that has a noble, warrior’s demeanor.

This noble Persian cat could be a Vanant.

This noble Persian cat could be a Vanant.


Vata is the Persian god of the wind. Every month the 20th day was dedicated to Vata. This name could be good for a cat who enjoys the wind in his or her hair or who likes to run about the house at high speeds.


The earth, as with the sky, the wind, the Summer, and other physical factors, played an important part in Persian mythology. Zam is the earth deified. Zam might be a good name for a male cat with brown or other dark fur.


This member of the Daevas is in charge of ageing. She is its personification. Zarich could be a good name for an older female rescue cat.


Zurvan is a complicated god. He is a primordial god, one who is in charge of infinite time and space. Zurvan has two children, one representing evil and the other good. Zurvan himself remains neutral in the conflict. For himself, Zurvan also has power over light and darkness as well as destiny. This name could work for a male cat who perhaps portrays a bit of a duel personality.

Persian kitten awaiting a name.

Persian kitten awaiting a name.

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