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15 British Tea Party Names for Your Teacup Yorkie

Teeuwynn has owned dogs her whole life. She has enjoyed the companionship of everything from Pugs to Newfoundlands.

Teacup Yorkshire Terriers are the same as their larger relations in many ways. Both make great pets. The most noticeable way they differ is in weight. A normal Yorkie will weigh between 4 and 7 pounds. A Teacup Yorkie weighs between 1.5 and 3 pounds.

Because of their petite size, Teacup dogs of any breed have to be handled carefully, fed high-quality food, and have a bell jingling on their neck to minimize the chance anyone will step on them. Because of this fragility, make sure you know how to care for one.

So why the term “teacup?” Well, this simply means that teacup Yorkies are just smaller than expected by the standard.

With that, it’s time to get to the naming. All names are coming from a teacup party, to celebrate our breed of teacup cuties. You may be surprised by how many names we can find just by looking around at a tea party!

A Yorkie in a Teacup! She would make a great Brown Betty.

A Yorkie in a Teacup! She would make a great Brown Betty.

Tea Party Utensils and Metals

Brown Betty

This teapot is known because it is very rotund and glazed with brown manganese. The pot is made out of red British clay. This name might be good for a female brown or reddish colored dog. It would be particularly cute if the Yorkie spends time in a pot like this or if she is round enough that she barely fits in.


Chips come about when cups and other pieces of a tea set get bumped about too harshly. But chips can add character to a set. They show that the set’s not just there to make the owner look fancy or posh, but that the owner truly cares about it. This name would be great for any dog with a won’t quit attitude or some sort of minor fault or flaw that only makes him or her better in your eyes.


This very strong ceramic was first developed in China thousands of years ago. People use porcelain to make bowls, utensils, and vases, among other household items. They are usually exceptionally well decorated. This name could work well for any female Teacup Yorkie with lighter color fur or exceptional taste.


Household silver was sometimes bought as a set, but was very often bought in several lots as it was too expensive to buy a complete set. Silver was sought after as a symbol of success as well as holding value on its own. This name stands for value and beauty, making it a great name for any male or female Yorkie. It would probably work best on one with silver markings, though.

This lovely silvery Teacup could easily be called Silver.

This lovely silvery Teacup could easily be called Silver.

Name Your Teapot Yorkie After Party Food


A British biscuit is small, unleavened, and flat. Many find it quite tasty. Many biscuits crunch when you bite into them. Biscuit could work as a name for a particularly small Teacup Yorkie or one the same, dark color as the biscuits. The name could work well for Yorkies who like to “snap” or speak up a lot.


This bun is a sweet round piece of dough, often sugared or decorated with other tastes and beautiful accoutrements. This name reminds me of a very sweet Teacup Yorkie who likes to snuggle and sneak treats.


Chocolate is a favorite of many people all over the world. The British are great fans of the substance. Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, anyone? Chocolate can be sweet or bitter. It can be within the food, served as a dip, a topping, a decoration, a frosting, a drink, and much more. It is very versatile. This versatility might make this name a good one for Teacup Yorkies who are creative, sneaky, or clever. Of course, it would also work well for dogs with predominantly dark brown fur.


These chewy delights are made of sugar, flour, salt and other ingredients specific to the cookie. When the British use the term “cookie” they mean a softer item. A biscuit is a hard, or crisp, cookie.

Cookie is one of those great names that can work for almost any Teacup Yorkie. Almost all dogs love to “help” with the cooking and get extra treats. Cookie makes a great name for dogs like this or for dogs who melt into you when they snuggle, just like an ooey-gooey cookie.

Cookie the Teacup Yorkie heading for a treat!

Cookie the Teacup Yorkie heading for a treat!


This is the clotted cream so prized at British tea parties. It is incredibly rich, thick, and tasty when put on scones or other treats. Getting the clotted cream involves steaming whole milk and then putting it in pans while the milk slowly chills. As it does, it makes the clots for the cream. This sweet cream makes a great name for any very light colored Teacup Yorkie, particularly one with a more serene temperament.


This beverage has a wide range of varieties. All punches contain fruit or fruit juice, but they can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.


A scone is a single serving quick cake. Scones are often sweetened and glazed with egg wash. There are scones of all different colors and tastes, from vanilla bean to dark chocolate and Matcha green tea. I could see this name belonging to a dog that is frisky and likes to bounce around a bit. This name could also work for most Teacup Yorkies since all colors of Yorkie could likely be represented by one scone or another.


This delicious dish is made from a vast amount of ingredients. It starts with custard and sponge cake, then comes fruit, fruit juice, and whipped cream. The cook arranges each layer, over and over again, until they fill the dish all the way up the sides. The cook then soaks the whole thing with some form of alcoholic beverage and some bread and custard goes on top. This name could work for any Teacup Yorkie you feel is a more complex individual. If your Yorkie is one of those dogs that thinks big thoughts, this could be a fun, ironic name. But you could play it straight and figure this is a silly desert and you have a dog with a goofy personality so they go together. That works too!

This Teacup Yorkie is already thinking about his new name, Trifle.

This Teacup Yorkie is already thinking about his new name, Trifle.

Name Your Teacup Yorkie After The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


This name obviously comes from the heroine of Alice in Wonderland. Alice is a brave girl who has all sorts of adventures in Wonderland. One of the things she comes upon is a bizarre tea party held by the Mad Hatter for a few of his friends. The Hatter does eventually help Alice in her quest and proves to be more friend than foe. Since Alice is so brave and adventurous, this name might work best for a female Yorkie who has those same traits herself.

Dormouse (Mouse)

The Dormouse sits at the table between the Mad Hatter and the March Hare. The dormouse is always falling asleep everywhere he goes. He is a sweet creature, but he does love his sleep. I’m sure some of us here can relate! This name (either Dormouse or just Mouse) works perfectly for any of those sleepier, snugglier Teacup Yorkies out there.


The Mad Hatter is king of the tea party in Wonderland… And when they said mad, they weren’t exaggerating. He is crazy. But the Hatter generally wants to do good. The Hatter loves to say impossibly odd riddles and randomly changing places at the table. All this haphazard craziness leads to naming possibilities for Yorkies that like to act silly and play lots of games.

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Teeuwynn Woodruff (author) from Washington State on June 13, 2020:

She is so cute! Unfortunately, this particular dog isn't for sale. Teacup Yorkies usually weigh 5-7 pounds. Price varies by breeder and area. If you have a good breeder, the dog should be healthy. They generally live 15-18 years.

Sharron S on June 10, 2020:

The little teacup Yorkie named Trifle is so cute and small how much does she weigh, how much does she cost, is she healthy at that size, how long will she live?

Jenn from Pennsylvania on April 19, 2018:

Such cute names for these adorable pups. I had a Yorkshire Terrier (not tea cup) named Buddy when I was very young- I don't remember him much though.

Lorelei Cohen from Canada on April 15, 2018:

Such tiny little babies I cannot image having such a wee pup in the home. I think Porcelain is indeed the perfect name for these precious little beings.

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