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20 Superstitions About Black Cats

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I like to share information about wildlife, animals, and pets—dogs in particular.

The first acknowledged superstition about cats is believed since 300 BC that was started from Egypt. And the most common superstition about the cat was “it's a bad omen if a black cat will cross your way”. If you will deliberate this supervision as believed in different cultures and countries that all have their own logic and believe. It depends upon geographical considerations. Also superstitions are just superstitions that have no reasoning. There are many superstitions which are specific to color of cats and dogs.

During the 13th century in Europe Pope Gregory declared black cats are the creature of Satan. That made a huge impact on adoption of black cats, he has believed that the black cat, or “witches familiar” would carry messages between the witch and Satan.

Superstitions About Black Cats

Superstitions About Black Cats

In Ancient Egypt and some part of Europe many people believed that witches were turning themselves into cats to avoid their recognition. Still, many people believe that a black cat is unlucky and have many other superstitions about them. Though he dog's or cat’s color doesn’t make any difference to their character and behavior, but still these superstitions have strong believe and has a big impact on adoption of black cats and dogs. Read this article to know about most common superstitions about black cats,


1. Black cat crosses vehicle

In many countries like USA and most part of the Europe people believe that If a black cat will cross in front of your vehicle, means you have a danger of accident.

But then that's opposite in Japan, the Japanese believe that's a good luck. But if a black cat will cross second time, then you have to say “Konichiwa” to prevent bad luck and then you can drive at your own luck.


2. Black cat crosses you at morning walk

  • In India, Nepal and some other Asian countries, people believe, if a black cat crosses you at morning walk and then you will have a bad day. But if that walk beside you then that's a good luck and you may get some unexpected good news.
  • In Some part of Europe and Turkey, people believe that you can reverse the bad luck by holding a part of your hair when it happens.
  • In North America people believe, if a black cat crosses your path is a bad luck. But if a white cat crosses your path that’s a good luck.
  • In Britain and Ireland, people have a different believe they believe if a white cat crosses your path is a bad luck, but it's a good luck if a black cat crosses your way.

3. A black cat crosses your way at moonlight

In Ireland and some part of England people believe if a black cat will cross someone’s path in the moonlight, then his death will be an epidemic. They have another similar believe if someone kills a black cat, then he will have a bad time for 17 years.
In India also people has similar believe that if the person has killed a cat, then he will die with lending debts and poverty for his family.


4. Accident of black cat

In some part of India people believe if a black cat’s accident happen with you, and cat died then you will die in an accident and you will be a vampire after death.


5. Black cat crosses you at outing

In India, Nepal and some other Asian countries, the Hindus and Buddhists believe if a black cat crosses your way when you were leaving for some important work means you will have a bad luck.


6. Black cat in cradle

In Scandinavia and some European countries, people believe that the cat is the symbol of fertility and Dutch people believe, if they will keep a cat in the empty cradle of a newly married couple’s then they will be blessed with children.


7. Seeing black cats from behind

In England and Scotland people believe, it's a bad omen to see the black cat from behind.

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8. Cat jumping over corpse

Some culture believes that the cats can see the specter of death. In Romania and Hungary people believe a cat jumping over a grave means that the corpse will become a vampire.


9. Black cat sneezing around bribe

Japanese people believe, if a black cat sneezes around a bribe then she will have a happy married life.


10. Black cat appear on house porch

In Scotland and some other part of the Europe, people believe that if a black cat appears on your porch means you have a good luck to gain money and going to have a good financial luck.


11. Black cat for babies health

In Japan people believe if they will keep a black cat with babies that will protect them with evil souls and also they can cure them from disease by licking.


12. Black cat in Dream

People have many superstitions about seeing a cat in dream, the one in England is if you will see a black cat in a dream means you are afraid and lacking confidence.
Other countries also have many other superstitions about dreaming a cat like,

  • According to Roman believe being badly scratched by a cat in dream foretold sickness and trouble.
  • In Egypt dreaming of a cat is sometimes regarded as a sign of bad luck in the future.
  • French people believe if you dream of a black and white cat then you have a good luck with children or will have a child birth.
  • In America people believe seeing a white cat in a dream is a bad luck indication, dreaming about white cat or see a white cat on the road is a good luck.

13. A white hair in black cat

In France and some Part of Germany people believe, if they can find a white hair of a black cat, that will bring a good luck and money for them


14. Black cat carries demons

In Some part of Europe and America people believe that black cat contains demons and also they can see the aura or psychic energy that surrounds the body of humans or they can can see the aura or psychic energy around the human body.

But in many countries people have reverse believe also,

In China people believe that the cat’s eye can scare an evil spirit and can keep them away.
In France and Japan, people believe black cats are good to keep in the house and they bring wealth and good luck. In France black cats are referred to as "matagots" or "magician casts." French people believe, black cats bring good luck to owners who feed them well and treat them with the respect they deserve.
Japanese people believe that the black cats are the one who can cure your health with supernatural power and prevent to get affected by negative soils.
The Buddhist in South-East Asia has a believe that the souls of the dead pass into the bodies of sacred cats before moving on to the next life.


15. Perception about the black cat and black cats born in May

Since the end of the Middle Ages, It was believed In Western Europe that a kitten born in May will be a witches cat. Queen Elizabeth has same believed and she reportedly ordered burning of dozens of cats on her coronation, to get rid of witches.
Also in Celtic mythology, it was a belief that kittens born in May were badly behaved and troublesome because the month of May was a time of ill-omen. And the kitten born in May will be a witches cat..


16. Fisherman's and their wives believe about a black cat

At many places sailors keep black cats with them, they believe cats can predict the voyage. The cat foretold a voyage with good, gusty winds, but if they lick their coat against the grain, means a storm is about to come and if they sneezed means it’s about to rain. Also, their wives believe keeping a black cat at home is good luck and their husband will return to home safely.


17. A black cat walking with you

In Some part of Europe people believe if a black cat will walk beside you that's a good luck symbol for you that has bought a luck for you, but if that will run away means that took away your luck.


18. Black cat on the bed of a sick person

In Italy, people believed that if a strange black cat will lay on the bed of a sick person means that person is about to die. They also believed that a cat will leave the house where someone is about to die so it's a bad omen if a black cat left away.


19. Black cat at home

England : People believe if you has a black cat in house then the young lass would have many of suitors.


20. Black cat for eyes sty

Some people believe in the experiment the rubbing eyelid with the tail of a black cat can cure for a stye on the eyelid.

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