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10 Ways to Keep Your Cat From Getting Bored

I love cats I wrote 10 tips for people who don't have time for their cats, which leads them to feel bored.


10 Ways to Keep Your Cat from Boring You!

Maybe you’ve noticed that once your cat has established a routine, they are content to sit on the same perch and watch the same birds in the garden. Or perhaps you’ve caught them batting an old sock over and over again. If so, you know that after a certain point, cats get bored. You might not see it as much of an issue as your cat is happy and well-adjusted in their new home, but prolonged boredom can lead to stress or even depression. That’s why it’s important to keep your cat from getting bored with these 10 tips!

1. Add more perches and platforms.

Cats like to be above the action, so it’s important to add more perches and platforms where your cat can relax with a good view of the world. You can also give them access to a window sill or cat wall with a great view. Be creative! If you have a multi-story home, be sure to give them a way to easily move between floors. This can be as simple as providing a couple of steps placed in strategic locations. Cat trees and scratching posts are a must-have for any cat owner. These provide your cat with both a view and a place to scratch away some of that excess energy. Make sure you select trees that can stand up to the weight of your cat.

2. Rotate their food bowls.

Cats are creatures of habit, so they appreciate a familiar feeding bowl. But a constant bowl of the same food could lead to boredom. So try rotating their bowl and feeding them a different food every few days. You can also try mixing a little of one food with another. For example, you can add some wet food to your dry kibble. It might seem pointless, but cats have very sensitive tastebuds, and the different flavors may pique their curiosity. In addition to the food, you can also rotate their water bowl. This can help prevent bacteria from growing in the water. You can also add ice cubes, which will help keep your cat hydrated on really hot days.

3. Add more scratching surfaces.

Cats are natural climbers, and climbers are natural scratchers. It’s how they mark their territory. Providing a scratching post or tree will minimize their use of your furniture. Scratching also helps wear down their claws and keeps them from getting long. Plus, cats who have access to scratching surfaces are less likely to develop stress-induced urinary tract infections (UTIs). Cats like different textures when they scratch. You can provide a variety by adding sisal, cardboard, or carpet to your cat’s environment. If your cat has a preference, try to cater to their desires. You can also add a scratching post near each perch or platform to provide variety.

4. Let them play with a wand or disc.

Cats are natural hunters, and even indoor cats can benefit from having a way to get their hunting instincts out. One of the best ways to do this is with a wand or disc. A wand is a long stick with feathers that your cat can bat and chase. The feathers will also help them sharpen their hunting skills. Discs are similar, but they are a wheel with a feather on them. The wheel can be spun and tossed, providing a fun and challenging game for your cat. Cats also love toys that make noise, so you can also try a stuffed animal that makes noise when they stand on it, a laser light toy, or even a music box that they can play with.

5. Install a window-mounted cat lookout.

A small cat lookout placed near a window will give your cat a great view. But it will also give them a place to sit and feel safe. You can even install a platform that connects to the window to provide a safe place for your cat to sit and survey their territory. If you have a multi-story home, you can also install a window guard to prevent your cat from falling out. If your cat likes to sit on the windowsill, be sure to close the blinds when they are not in the room. Even if they don’t want to jump out, they could brush up against the blinds and fall out.

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6. Add some cat hideouts.

Cat hideouts area unit tiny boxes that your cat will go within and feel safe. They conjointly give a good place for them to sleep. you'll realize several types of cat hideouts online or at your native pet store. you'll conjointly create your own. If you have got a spare area or closet that you just don’t use, you'll rework it into a cat hideaway. simply add a litter box, a few toys, and a cat bed. There also are vertical cat homes that may provide your cat a pleasant place to flee. they'll be placed against a wall or in a corner.

7. Install a treadmill or other exercise equipment.

This one could be a bit extreme, however, you'll install a treadmill or alternative exercise instrumentation for your cat. they'll be able to climb, jump, and run, giving them exercise and how to expel energy. If you go this route, take care to pick out a cat exercise wheel that's a minimum of 2 inches high. this can forestall injury. you'll conjointly purchase toys that give exercise for your cat. hunt for toys that may spin once they swat at them or toys that create a crinkling noise. they'll give hours of fun and keep your cat moving.

8. Read to your cat to avoid boredom and keep her happy.

Your cat might not be able to perceive your speech, however, it'll appreciate your voice. Reading your cat aloud will assist you bond together with her, keep her calm, and supply her mental stimulation. If you select to browse from a book, check that it is a book that you just do not mind obtaining a bit wet or damaged.

9. Don’t Leave Them Alone

Your cat wishes you company. they go to induce bored if left alone for too long. A bored cat would possibly begin to exhibit negative behaviors like meowing too, scratching items or pieces of furniture, or urinating outside the litter box. to remain your cat happy and healthy, pay quality time with them every day and provide them with millions of toys and activities to remain them occupied.

10. Mental stimulation

Cats would love mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. dissatisfaction can lead to damaging behaviors, depression, and even depression. There square measure some ways to prevent discontent in cats, from providing perches, platforms, and scratch posts to fitting cat hideouts and various types of play, once you supply your cat with the right surroundings, you will keep them happy and healthy. With a little effort on your cat, you'll keep the cat happy and prevent him from becoming a nuisance, this might help keep your cat from you

Final words

I hope the ten ways that keep} your cat from boring you may facilitate your cat to stay happy and healthy. If you have got other tips or tricks on a way to keep your cat from boring you, please share them in the comments below. I’d like to hear from you!


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