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10 Things Your Dog Hates More Than You Know

10 Things Your Dog Hates More Than You Know

10 Things Your Dog Hates More Than You Know

10 Things Your Dog Hates More Than You Know

Everyone who owns a pet knows that they can have their own unique personality. One of the best parts about owning a dog is all the fun games you can play with them. Obviously, not every dog will enjoy the same thing. Some might prefer to play fetch while others might prefer to chew on your shoes. Here, are 10 things that dogs hate and how to deal with them.

What Your Dog Hates

1. Dogs hate the smell of new shoes. It makes sense. This is something you get used to after a while, but it’s one of the first things that all of the dogs at the shelter react to. For some dogs, it’s all they’ll ever have to know that you’re human. It’s almost like humans have a sense of smell, which is really quite an advantage. There are several solutions to dealing with this one, including giving dogs different shoes. While this may be upsetting at first, it will become apparent that it doesn’t bother them at all. 2. Dogs hate wearing a collar. Your dog won’t have to wear one very often, but one of the first things that they’ll show you is that they hate the collar.

Scratching the Furniture

When a dog's nails get long, they tend to scratch the furniture. However, it is highly discouraged if a dog does this. Dog hair is hard to remove and you can get it everywhere in your home, including the furniture. You'll want to keep your furniture in good shape so that your dog isn't tempted to scratch it. Eating the Inside of Your Pot According to PetMD, dogs that eat the inside of their food will eat much of it before it even gets into their stomach. This results in it going straight to the dogs stomach, so you're going to have to cut it up before you give it to them. Dog food gets stale if you don't cut it up for them, so you'll have to do this the next time you feed them.

Not Getting to Eat

Dogs are pretty picky eaters and if they don't get the right ingredients they will go out of their way to let you know. They love bread, pizza, meat, and steak. But if they don't eat those foods they will fight you to eat the kibble. They will happily take the kibble from you, but if you give them some of the foods they really like they will fight you to get them. Sleeping Pills Getting your dog to take any kind of medication can be a nightmare. They are scared of the pills, and if you try to give them any they will spit it out and get mad. They also tend to take the pills and vomit them up. If you find yourself having to deal with this it's best to try a different medicine and then they might start to trust the pills.

Bath Time

We know you love your dog to death and you don’t want to take a shower with him. However, if you insist on taking a shower, use a low-to-the-ground tub. Smaller dogs usually freak out in a large tub. Some owners have taken to hanging a towel or two on the walls and then letting the dogs jump on it for a moment or two before wrapping it around the smaller pooch. Dehydration Dogs can’t tell when they are dehydrated, so the easiest way to tell is to check their pee. If they are soaked in pee, they are dehydrated. After spending hours outside in the heat or in a pool, they are more likely to have a urine fever. This can cause your dog to refuse to eat, sleep or drink. Do your best to get fluids into your dog. Noisy Neighbors Your dog should have a “quiet zone” in his home.

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Sleeping Outside of Their Bed

This is a huge no-no. Not only can it pose an endangerment for the dog, it can be pretty gross. It’s actually very important to make sure your dog has a great, safe bed that’s clean and free of hair. That’s not the case with many dogs! If your dog needs to sleep outside the bed, put a blanket in their bed or crate to absorb any of the hair that could be blown around. Things That Taste Bad Many people use garlic, onions, and other strong smelling vegetables as a way to deter dogs from eating things that are really bad for them. These foods don’t taste good, but they certainly smell as if they do. Your dog may not like them, but it’s in their best interest to not try and eat them.

Being Left Alone for Too Long

If your dog is too young to interact with you without you physically holding them, they hate to be left alone. They want to be close to their family members and they don't like being away from their people for too long. This can cause them to bark at anything and everything, as well as chew on anything and everything, and worse. If you leave your dog home alone, check on them at least every 10 minutes or so. Toys that Contain Metal If your dog has ever been chewing on a cheap toy that had a metal collar, you've seen the type of damage that can happen. These types of toys are incredibly dangerous and can cause serious wounds to your dog's teeth and gums. For a less harsh deterrent for chewing on plastic toys, consider giving your dog a tasty Kong.

Not Having Their Own Space

This is definitely the number one pet peeve of every dog owner. If they're used to having their own bed, blanket or couch they like to have a "hole" to go hide in when they feel like they're being punished. Losing Their Toys Especially those squeaky toys or rubber tennis balls are highly annoying. They make a good mess of the floor and your carpet, and your dog hates you for it. Being Too Close To Their Food This might sound a little crazy, but some dogs hate it when their food is too close to them. They need to be far away from their food bowl before they can eat. When the food bowl is on a chair, the best way to tell if your dog likes you to keep it off of the ground is to see if they stay at a distance or move closer to it.

Having to Share Their Food Bowl

You probably know how annoying it can be when you and your dog are both eating. Even if your dog is food motivated, he or she will often just be sitting in the middle of the floor, yapping, while you put food in your own bowl and then try to share the food bowl. Many dogs don't enjoy the attention they get when they share their food bowl, so this one is something you need to control by taking the bowl off the table and into the kitchen so that your dog can eat in peace. Not Being Able to Have Sleepovers Sleepovers are a staple in the dog world. In fact, some think that it is the human who should be staying in the dog's house instead of the other way around.

Sharing their toys with other dogs

Maybe you thought that it wouldn't be that big of a deal to let your dog share his toys with your friends dog. While this may seem like a great way to share your dog's toys with the dog that just came into your life, your dog won't be that happy about it. This is probably a pet peeve of your dog's as well, so it might just go down as a bad experience for both dogs. When someone else walks their dog at the park Your dog probably doesn't like it when another dog comes up to play. Even if the two dogs are getting along, they might still be a little bit scared. This can cause the dogs to engage in some barking and growling. If you have a dog that tends to bark a lot, this is definitely one of his pet peeves.


Play is an important part of a dog’s daily life. Most dogs enjoy it immensely and don’t mind spending time engaged in some fun. However, for some dogs, it can be a big turn-off and is therefore something they should avoid. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with them. Just make sure to be considerate when planning your activities.

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