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10 Things A Dog Does To Show You They Love You

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What we already know

Dogs generally are a very loving, loyal and caring pack animal. Research has shown that dogs who share a strong bond with their owners produce oxytocin, the same hormone we associate with love.

So how we do we know from their actions that they actually care and love us, if we are not the same breed?


1. Cuddling

Yes, most dogs love to cuddle! It may not be the conventional way(how we may hug each other), but when you're on the couch, your pooch will often be found sat right up close to you!

2. Leaning/Sitting on you

Exactly what it says on the titles, you will often find your dog on your lap, feet, arm etc You name it he/she will be there. The closer the better!

3. Sleeping next to you

Like the previous one, your dog will preferably sleep next to you on the sofa, on the bed you name it they will be there. They will feel safest next to you, and as a pack animal they start from a young age sleeping next to their parents and siblings so it's only natural for them to want to sleep next to you.

4. Licking and Sniffing

Yup they love to show you affection by giving you kisses and getting to know your scent.

5. Following

You will often find your loved furbabies following your every footstep, it doesn't matter if you are going to make a cup of tea or going to the bathroom; wherever you go, they will follow.

6. Playing

This can be anything from playing fetch to fighting; as long as you're careful and they know when it is time to stop.

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7. Attentiveness when you're not feeling yourself

You will notice that it doesn't matter if you are feeling down, have a cold or stomach cramps you will find your dog up close and personal; making sure you are ok!

8. Tail Wagging

Granted your doggy has a tail, you will see it going back and forth frantically just from the sight of you. There is evidence to show that the speed of the wagging can illustrate the excitement they feel and the direction can mean whether it is negative or not.

9. Interest

You will discover that your dog has a genuine interest in everything you're doing and saying. You could be in the bathroom, washing the dishes, getting changed, sleeping, reading or watching tv. No matter what it is you doggy will be there watching with great observational skills, with intent to "help".

10. Always happy to see you

It doesn't matter if you have left the room or house for a minute or an hour, when your dog sees you he/she will be overjoyed, jumping up to get closer to you. They might also have a little accident, so be warned!


Always remember

To show your doggy just how much they mean to you and how much you love them. They do it to you everyday and every minute they spend with you!

Stop any bad behaviours, and reward them for doing things rightly and safely!

Your doggy isn't going to be with you forever, so cherish every moment you have with them!

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peachy from Home Sweet Home on April 30, 2015:

i haven't seen my past doggies coming up close to me when I am down but my old cat does!

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