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10 Superstitions About White Cats

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Superstitions about white cats

Superstitions about white cats

It’s commonly believed that the Superstition about cats were started from Egypt and the most of the superstitions were about black cats. In many other cultures also people have believed that black cats are Superstitious, but believe about black cats vary and all have their own trust and considerations. The most commonly spread superstition about cats is “Are black cats are unlucky or a bad omen? Though superstitions about white cat are less, but in many countries, people have superstitions about white cats also. In twenty-second dynasty the Egyptian King Osorkon, placed a white cat in magnificent temple and ritually endowed that with supreme power. Since then Egyptians acknowledged divine to the white cats and they are worshiped and held as a representation of light, goodness, purity, and good luck. Also the cat goddess was believed to be that of the sun, moon, and earth.

Some superstitions that are based on color of cats,

  • France, Germany, Egypt, India, Nepal and some other south Asian countries: Usually black cats are considered unlucky.
  • U.K., Australia and parts of North America: Black cats are considered quite lucky.
  • Europe: where black cats are unlucky, and white ones are lucky.
  • Russia: Blue cats are lucky and black and white spotted cats are unlucky.
  • The Hawaiian green sea turtle, also known as the Honu, symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life.
  • In the United Kingdom, white cats are considered to be bad luck. This is because a white cat is considered to be the same color as a ghost, so they are considered to be unlucky animals.

1. To see a white cat in dream


In North America white cats are considered a good omen and people believe if you see a white cat in a dream indicates you will have a good luck.

2. White cat in dream superstition for work


In Europe, usually people don’t praise white cats, they believe they are closer to the ghost and devil spirits because ghost and white cats both are white and roam in the nights. But some people believe it’s good to see a white cat in dream that indicate creativity.

3. A black and white cat in dream


In the UK some people believe if a newly married girl see a white and black spotted cat in a dream that’s an indication, soon she will have a baby.

4. White cat in house


In England, Australia and some other countries, people have different thinking, they believe the black cats that are lucky and the white cats that are unlucky. In England people believe if you will own a white cat, you will lose your wealth and will live in poverty.

5. White cat crosses on the way


There are lots of superstitions about a black cat cross the way and most of them indicates the bad luck. Superstitions about white cats varies from country to country. In England people believe it’s a bad luck, but in America people have different trust, they believe it’s a good luck if a white cross you on the way.

6. A white cat appeared on the way to school


People believe in England if school going kids will see a white cat on the way they will have a bad day in school.

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7. White cat as a pet


In England people believe, owning a white cat will bring poverty. But Russians have different trust they believe having a white cat as a pet brings happiness and prosperity to a home.

8. Seeing white cat appear on the way


In England people believe if a white cat appears on the way that indicates a bad luck. But in North America people have different thinking, they believe it’s a good luck to see a white cat on the way.

9. To see a white cat in night


In most of the countries people believe it’s a bad luck to see a white cat at nights.

10. Babies with cats


People believe in India that the cats are not like dogs they are selfish and easily jealous also they are not a pack animal and they like to live alone and keep them self on priority. When they feel babies are getting more attention at home they feel jealous and curse them.

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JAY on May 18, 2018:

I own a black cat and a white cat. I don't know about luck but they bring lots of love into the family.

Aaradhya (author) on July 26, 2017:

Yes, I agree with you.

But the details are correct and also "Superstitions" - no logical or scientific clarifications there.

Koi on July 26, 2017:

No, they're just animals. Cute ones.

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