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10 Superstitions About Black Dogs

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I like to share information about wildlife, animals, and pets—dogs in particular.

Superstitions about dogs


Dogs are our most reliable, devoted and honest companions but we have many superstitions about them. It’s strange but many of us believe a dog can predict about death, health, wealth, ghost, evils. Superstitions about dogs varies to countries and cultures. You may surprise to know but superstitions about dogs diverges according to dog’s color. You can separate these superstition in two categories,

  • Superstition about black dogs, also known as “Black Dog Syndrome”
  • And superstition about dogs.

You'll rarely hear a superstition based on the color of red, brown, or white dogs, But there are many beliefs for black dogs in different countries and cultures of the world. Some consider them auspicious and some consider them bad omen. And due to some such negative beliefs, some people are hesitant to adopt black dogs. Some people relate them with vampires, Though there are many people who also believe them god's favorite and in some countries like in India and Nepal they are sacred like humans.

Superstitions about black dogs

Superstitions about dogs doesn't have any logical or scientific reasons, all are based on ancient beliefs and old stories. And many people and biologists, veterans do not believe them. Actually dog's color doesn't affect their personality, behavior or health. Choosing a dog color is just like choosing a car color. To buy a car, you need to decide the make and model of the car, corresponding to your need and budget and then you can select the color. In the same way, to get a puppy you need a proper analysis about the dog’s breed and appropriateness with your need, interest and expertise. Once you make your decision then you can go for any color.

Know he superstitions about black dogs in different countries and cultures of the world,

1. It,s a good luck if a black dog follow you at home.


In Some part of Europe and In Scotland, people believe if a black strange dog is following you at your home is good luck for you. But if a dog follow you on a rainy day that is a bad luck for you.

2. A Black dog follows you on the road is a bad luck.


We have superstitions about black dog if that appear at home or following us to home like -
When a black dog follows you at home - that's a good luck.
But if a black dog follows you at home in rainy day - that's a bad luck.
If a black dog crosses you on the way- that's a bad luck.
but what if a black dog follows you when you are leaving from home? If a black dog follows you on the road means a bad luck for you.

3. Meeting a black and white spotted dog on the way to business meet is a good luck.


In Europe many people believe if you are on the way to a business meeting and you saw a black and white spotted dog on the way that means you are lucky and you will make a successful business deal.

4. A black dog crosses you on the way is your bad luck.

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It's a common superstition about black dogs in many countries, if a lack dog will cross you on the way means you will have a bad day and a bad luck for the day.

5. Black dog appears in your car is a warning for danger of an accident.


This may be not a commonly believed superstition, but some people believe, if a black dog appears in your car means you have a danger of an accident.

6. The black pet dog keeps evil shadows away from home.


In many countries and cultures, It's a very common believe that dog can see ghosts, evil spirit and negative soul. In India also people trust, if you have a black pet dog that will protect you and your family from negative things and bad souls.

7. A Black dog appears at your house door means you will meet with an old friend.


Many people have a superstition, if a black dog appear to your house door means you will meet with your old friend and if the dog comes inside to your house, means an old friend is coming to your house.

8. You will have a good luck if you will feed a black dog at night.


In India also people believe dogs can see evil spirits and negative things. Also, they can sense about upcoming death and disasters. And black dogs are the most effective because the Indian death god vehicle itself driven by black dogs. So many people have another trust, if they will feed a black dog at night, then that happy dog will guard them and their house with evil spirits. And death god's black dog will be sympathetic for them and death god’s dog will request his master to pick them at least.

9. A dog walking between a courting couple, Indicate the danger to their wedding.


In Europe many people believe that if a running dog will cross between a dating couple means a bad luck for them and they may have a quarrel and it also can be a danger to their marriage.

10. Black dogs can see the ghost and evil spirits and they bark at nights around your bed to protect you.


In Asian countries and some part of Europe and in America (The Native Americans) people believe dogs have a supernatural instinct and higher sense, they can see the ghost and upcoming death and can predict the presence of evil soul. When they see them around their house or near to, their master or family then they bark. And at nights when evil souls and ghosts or more active, then dog protect their house and family members and at many occasions when we can't see anything around and we think the dog is barking without reason, actually they bark because they can see them.

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