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10 Reasons Why Poodle Make a Good Family Pet

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Is Poodle a Good Family Dog?

Dogs are known for their loyalty and devotion and almost all dogs make good family pets. Each dog has its own unique characteristics, and they are more suitable for certain tasks, It depends on how they have been trained? Some breeds of dogs are considered experts for police, military or search operations, and they excel in such task. While some dogs are good herding or retriever dogs and excel in these areas.

And there are some dogs like poodles, that make good family pets. The poodle was bred to be a hunting dog, basically a water retriever and also a favorite dog to work in the circus. Know what are the important things that make it a good family pet,

What Makes a Poodle an Excellent Family Pet?

Poodle dogs, also known as "Pudel, in German" and "Caniche, in French" can be one of the best family pet for the following reasons,

1: Poodles are intelligent and quick learners
2: They are active, energetic and agile dogs
3: Poodles are Non-shedding hypoallergenic dogs
4: They gets along well with children
5: They gets along well with strangers and other pets
6: Poodles are available in multiple varieties of size and colors
7: They are Playful and lively dogs
8: They are suitable for apartment living
9: Poodles have Become a Fashion Style
10: Poodles are basically water dogs who love water



1. Poodle is an Intelligent & Quick Learner

The Poodle is an intelligent and a quick learner dog, which learns commands very quickly. Due to his excellent learning and obedience, It is considered one of the best dogs to work in the circus. If you are not an experienced owner and have limited time, then Poodle is a good dog for you. They require very little training and they adapt themselves according to the family.

2. Poodles are Active and Agile Dogs

The Poodle is a healthy, energetic and agile dog that is always active and keeps the home environment lively. And they do not need to pay extra attention to health and fitness. Daily regular exercise is sufficient for them. Due to its excellent physical ability and quick learning skills, Poodle is considered one of the best dog breed to perform in a circus.


3. Poodles are Hypoallergenic Dogs

The Poodle is a hypoallergenic dog that has a single, dense coat and curly fur that does not shed or drool, which make a good pet for children, seniors and people who are allergic. There are many types of Poodles, in which the large and standard poodle being considered the most hypoallergenic dog.

4. Poodle Gets Along Well with Children

Poodle dogs are very friendly and playful, they try to get everyone's attention. And they are considered reliable with children. But it is better to keep any dog ​​under supervision with children, and dogs should also be trained and socialized from an early age.

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Poodle Dog

Poodle Dog

5: Poodle Gets Along Well with Strangers & Other Pets

Poodles are friendly with other pets and dogs, and are reliable with strangers. But like any other dog, they need to be socialized early. And there may be slight differences in the behavior of each dog of the same breed, so you should expose your dog under your supervision, in the beginning.

6: Poodles are Available in Multiple Varieties of Size and Colors

Poodles are available in a variety of sizes and colors, It gives multiple options to select the dog according to your needs and preferences. Poodles range in size from 8 to 9 inches to 24 inches high, and are available in 9 different coats and colors.

Size of different types of poodle dogs


Color Types of Poodle Dogs

 Poodle, Coat and Colors

Poodle, Coat and Colors

7: Poodles are Playful and Lively Dogs

The Poodle is a playful, active and energetic dog, who always tries to please his owner and get attention and keeps the entire family atmosphere lively and entertaining. This quality of the Poodle makes them a good family pet.

8: They are Suitable for Apartment Living

If you live in an apartment, then the biggest challenge for you is that your dog does not cause any inconvenience to the people around you. And if your dog is a highly aggressive or excessive barker then you may get complaints. And some dogs that need a lot of running and exercise, you will find it difficult to keep them in the apartment. But the Poodle is a perfect dog breed for apartment living, who is a friendly, moderate barker dog and suitable for apartment living.



9. Poodles have Become a Fashion Style

Poodles are beautiful and photogenic dogs that have become a fashion style. The poodle has worked in more than 50 movies and many TV serials, and the hair cut named after his breed "Poodle Cut" is quite famous.

10. Poodles are Basically Water Dogs Who Love Water

If you keep pets in house, with family, then it is necessary to keep them clean. Normally dogs avoid baths and it can be challenging to keep them clean, but poodles are basically water dogs, which can be easily bath trained, which makes them a good family pet.

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