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10 Most Beautiful Birds in the World!

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Birds are some of the most interesting species in the world. Did you know that birds actually evolved from a group of dinosaurs?

1. Major Mitchell's Cockatoo

No list can be complete without this white and pink beauty. Look at the crown, it almost looks like a prince or a princess! This medium size Cockatoo is found in Australia. But before you jump from the chair and try to get this beauty as a pet, the temperament is not the easiest for novice bird owners. The Major Mitchell's cockatoo can bite and be very sensitive when the bonded person is absent for a short while. So, just admire this gorgeous bird from its natural habitat and zoos.


2. Peafowl

This magnificent bird displays its plumage to attract the ladies. Aside from the usual green colored peacocks, the white ones are also very pretty. These large birds originate from Asia. But now, you can admire them in most zoos. Let's just hope that the peacock will display his tail feathers when you visit him in the zoo! Maybe you need to dress up like a female peafowl to get his attention!

3. Macaw

Can any gorgeous bird list be complete without the macaw? Absolutely no. These birds are large, colorful, and magnificent. It's hard to pick between the different species of macaw because they are all so beautiful. For this article, let's just talk about two species, the hyacinth macaw, and the scarlet macaw. The hyacinth macaw is the biggest parrot with cobalt blue plumage and bright yellow around the face. Often dubbed the gentle giant, these blue beauties have somewhat easygoing personalities when compared to other macaws. However, they are being trapped for the pet trade with a price tag to match. Even if you can afford it, it's best to let these guys roam in their native habitats. The scarlet macaw is one of the most colorful macaws with red, yellow, and blue plumage. However, its beauty is only matched with a somewhat difficult temperament. Think carefully before you buy a macaw as a pet, these guys can live anywhere from 40 to 80 years. You will need several generations of committed caretakers for these guys.


4. Resplendent Quetzal

This colorful bird is mostly found in the neotropical realm. The resplendent quetzal is one of the largest bird in the trogon family and the national bird of Guatemala. The feathers of this bird are just so beautiful and long in proportion to its body. When this bird is in flight, it's absolutely amazing to see. Even when perched on a branch, the resplendent quetzal still attracts tons of attention.


5. Red Crowned Crane

Cranes are beautiful birds in general. But the red crowned crane of East Asia is one of the most beautiful with its glamorous slender body. This bird is also the rarest cranes in the world with a dwindling population. With so many amazing species in the world, humans should really try to protect their native habitats and avoid trapping for the pet industry. Let these gorgeous creatures thrive and let the future generations admire their beauty from the wild. Aside from their looks, the red crowned crane has a ritual dance that signifies their bond. Sadly, these beautiful cranes are endangered and may face extinction in the future.

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6. Golden Pheasant

Surprise! Another color bird makes this list. I think that by having lots of colors is one of the key features of a beautiful bird. Of course, there are other important features as well. The golden pheasant is a gamebird with the males having colorful plumage. In the bird world, males generally have more gorgeous features in order to attract their more plain looking female counterparts.


7. Keel-billed Toucan

If big beak is your thing for birds, don't miss the keel-billed toucan. The colorful beak is thought to attract mates. This toucan is a very social bird and rarely seen alone in the wild. Living in the tropical forest of South America, it is known as the national bird of Belize. This bird also loves to eat fruits with its oversized beak.

8. Flamingo

This pink flamboyant wading bird is often the key attraction at any zoo. With a group of them in the pond, kids run to see them. The pink plumage is due to shrimp and algae that they eat. The surprising thing is the flamingo stands on one leg only with the other leg tucked away beneath the body. Next time you are at the zoo, be sure to observe this for yourself. However, if you want to observe the flamingo for a long time at the zoo, be sure to bring a mask. While this pretty pink bird is nice to look at, their smell is really something else.

9. Bold Eagle

This bird of prey makes the list because it's the national symbol of the United States. This majestic eagle is recognized worldwide with its powerful appearance. Although not colorful or elegant, the bold eagle takes a spot on this list with its deep gaze and powerful stance.


10. Magpie

This bird might not be beautiful in the traditional way. But, it still captures hearts around the world. Magpies are in the same family as the crow and raven. Birds in the Corvid family are just super intelligent. Like the parrot, they can be trained to talk. Also, their problem solving skills are top notch. Surprise, the Eurasian magpie is the only non mammal species to recognize itself in the mirror? Talk about the Einstein of birds. With black, white, and iridescent blue plumage, this bird is really beautiful.


Kalpana Iyer from India on November 01, 2020:

The one I haven't seen before is the Major Mitchell's Cockatoo. Such beauty! Generally, I am kind of intimidated by cockatoos and macaws. But they definitely are beautiful!

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