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10 Real-life Cat Heroes

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Cats and dogs were two of the most domesticated animals on the planet. Dogs are loved because of their adorable puppy eyes that melt the human heart. Cats, however, are loved even though they don’t seem to care for humans (at all). Cat’s mentality is different from dogs in a way that dogs treat humans as masters or someone above them. Cats on the other hand, are the opposite. They are highly independent and so they somehow seemed to think that humans are inferior and just someone to provide food for them (like a nanny?). Cats have their own world and they go their own ways. They are selfish and solitary. They do what they want and humans cannot put a leash on them. They are free-spirited. But no matter how carefree and aloof they seem to be, cats love their humans more than anything. They don’t show it often enough but when their human needs help, cats will always come to their rescue.


1. Pudding, the would-be-therapy cat

The moment Amy Jung and her son, Ethan laid eyes on a 21-pound orange and white cat sitting on a counter of the shelter, they knew that they will adopt him. In February 8, 2012, they brought Pudding home with them along with another cat Wimsy. Pudding didn’t have any trouble feeling at home. He instantly felt that the Jung’s house is meant for him.

That night, only a few hours after his adoption, Pudding sensed something was wrong with Amy Jung. His human was having a seizure and so Pudding tried to wake her up by hitting her face with his paws and by biting her nose. Amy was diabetic since she was four years old and that night Pudding knew that Amy was in trouble. She woke up momentarily and then went back to convulsions. Pudding, didn’t give up. He thought to himself that he better do something or else he might be back to the shelter the next day. He run to Ethan’s room and woke him up as best he could. Ethan woke up and called for help. That day, Amy’s life was saved thanks to Pudding and from then on, Pudding was trained to be a therapy cat so whenever Amy’s sugar level drops down, Pudding will alert her.


2. Opie, the Super Cat

Just like Superman can catch bullets in mid-air, Opie, the super cat gave up one of his 9 lives to catch a bullet in order to save his human. The stray bullet shot through the window of a Pennsylvanian home one night when the owner, Angelica Sipe and her son Daemire was sleeping in the living room.

Angelica frantically checked her son’s body for any signs of blood but he was sleeping soundly. She then found poor Opie lying on the floor bathing in his own blood. The bullet pierced through his head to his neck and out from under his shoulders. The bullet finally hit the pillow missing Daemire by mere inches. Opie was her son’s hero. Afterwards, Opie had surgery and it was successful.

Opie, here with stitches from the bullet wound...

Opie, here with stitches from the bullet wound...

3. The Mysterious Cat who walked the lost hiker home

The mysterious cat was unnamed and just like Zorro, his heroic deed deserves praise and appreciation. The hiker decided to post the story on Reddit. The man was from Hungary and he went to Switzerland for a hike. When he reached the village of Lauterbrunnen on his sprained ankle, he suddenly lost his bearings and could not find his way back to his hostel. He said most of the trails are closed during that time since it was the end of ski season. He then proceeded to follow the mountain trails up to the top and then followed the train tracks until he found himself in an empty town of Gimmewald.

That’s when he met the black and white cat. The mysterious feline guided him through the trail that will lead him down to the valley. The heartwarming story gained a lot of comments from people and one comment said that the mysterious cat is a resident of the Mountain Hostel owned by a couple named Walt and Petra.


4. Meatball, the cat that saved 11 lives

11 lives would have been lost to a fire one Saturday night in Southern France, if not for our dear furry friend named Meatball. The hero cat was probably chasing mice in the attic of the barn-converted house in La Bégude-de-Mazenc (a tiny apartment complex where 11 people live) specifically the unit occupied by Alexandra Marlin, when the fire broke out.

The woman was awakened in the middle of the night by the constant annoying sound of Meatball’s scratching and clawing in the attic. She went to see what Meatball was doing and probably to reprimand the cat for waking her up but then she realized that a fire had already broken out. She immediately called the fire department and alerted the neighbors. Everyone got out safely and no one was harmed except for maybe, Meatball. No one saw Meatball after the incident. They all thought that their hero died in the fire. Fortunately, Meatball returned home the next evening. The hero cat was probably blaming himself for chasing mice in the attic and so he needed some time alone to regain his usual self. For his bravery, everyone decided to contribute for his year-long supply of cat biscuits!

Boulette (meatball) with his owner Alexandra Marlin

Boulette (meatball) with his owner Alexandra Marlin

5. Slinky, the Tomcat who went to the neighbors to save his collapsed owner

When Janet Rawlinson collapsed due to a serious reaction to morphine (intended for her back pain), her tomcat, named Slinky run to the neighbor’s house to ask for help. Slinky knew that there is no way he can carry his 48-year old owner and so he went to her owner’s neighbors, Mel and Stephen Sharp who for sure can do something to help Rawlinson.

Slinky tapped on the window of the Sharp’s home and annoyed the crap out of their dog to get their attention. The couple then realized they hadn’t seen Rawlinson yet and so they went to her house and used the spare key to enter from the back door. When they saw Rawlinson they thought she was dead. Fortunately, she received immediate help and had been quite well since. After the incident, Rawlinson stated that Slinky, her aloof cat, barely left her side again. He is constantly keeping a close eye on her. Slinky was nominated for the National Cat’s Award in London for his bravery and heroism.

6. Tommy, the cat that called 911

Who ever said cats were stupid probably didn’t own a cat before. When Gary Rosheisen fell out of his wheelchair and couldn’t move because of sense of balance disruption (caused by mini-strokes) and pain from osteoporosis, his cat, Tommy came to his rescue and called 911 on behalf of his owner.

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Police from Columbus Ohio received that 911 call one Thursday night and said that the call was from Rosheisen’s address but no one was on the phone. They tried to call back and no one answered. The police then decided to come and check. There they saw Rosheisen on the ground unable to move and the cat beside the phone. Rosheisen was not wearing his medical bracelet that time he could not reach the cord to alert his paramedics. Tommy was the only one there that could have done something and probably he did. All the years of training on how to push the speed dial for 911 paid off for both Tommy and his owner.


Cat treats...

7. Major Tom, the cat that saved his owner from the sinking yacht

Cats don't like water, period. When Major Tom and his owner Skipper Grant McDonald were 40 miles away from the Western Australian Coast, the yacht (Osprey) took on water and started to sink. Major Tom, fearing that his 9 lives would be no match for the great expanse of the sea started to think of ways on how to save his own life and that of his owner.

McDonald said that Major Tom kept slamming his head against his to wake him up. When he woke up he saw that the whole yacht was flooded. He said that there was no time to waste and was too dark to try to fix the leak and so they were forced to abandon the vessel and climb on to a life raft. Hours later, they were salvaged by Shi-Dai, a merchant vessel. McDonald believed that had Major Tom failed to wake him up on time, both of them would have died.

Major Tom with his owner Mr McDonald after their rescue...

Major Tom with his owner Mr McDonald after their rescue...

8. Scarlett, the mother cat who saved her kittens from fire in Brooklyn

A mother’s love knows no boundaries even among the animal species. When the fire in Brooklyn broke out sometime in 1996, Scarlett, despite sustaining severe burns, steadfastly rescued her kittens from the burning building one by one. After making sure that all of her little monsters were safe and unharmed, she collapsed in exhaustion and pain. That’s when David Giannelli came to their rescue. The firefighter took Scarlett and her kittens to the clinic of North Shore Animal League. There, people from all over the world heard their story and countless of admirers offered to take them for adoption.

Karen Weller was the lucky one who adopted Scarlett where she enjoyed a long life despite damaged eyelids and ears. She stayed with Weller till she died 11 years later. The inspiring story of Scarlett’s motherly love made its way into a book entitled Scarlett Saves Her Family and a children’s book “The Bravest Cat” was published soon after. In her name, the clinic created an award, Scarlett Award, for animal heroism.

Scarlett with her human, Karen Weller...Scarlett died in 2008.

Scarlett with her human, Karen Weller...Scarlett died in 2008.

9. Faith, the Church Cat

Faith is a story of a Tabby cat who found itself in the church one fateful day of 1936 while in search for food. The rector, Father Henry Ross heads the St. Augustine and St. Faith churches in Watling Street, London during that time. After 3 times of being shooed away by the verger, Father Ross decided to keep the cat and named her Faith. For 4 years Faith religiously attended the church services and the parishioners all loved her. She gave birth to a kitten which they named Panda in August of 1940.

3 days before the big air raid, Faith started behaving differently. She did not attend the church service and instead she went to the basement and carried small Panda there. Father Ross realized that the basement was dirty and cold so he brought the cats back to their warm and comfortable basket. Again, Faith transferred Panda to the basement sensing the impending doom. This happened 3 times until Father Ross finally gave in after being given an advice that the cat must feel something is wrong and that the basement might be a safer place for them. On September 7th, air raids fell into the city. And on the 9th, the church was bombed and it fell in heavy ruins. Father Ross came to rescue the cats that miraculously survived the frightening ordeal. Faith continued to nurse Panda despite everything. She remained brave and calm and protected her kitten despite the fact that 4 floors have fallen in front of her. The whole church was in ruins and fire is everywhere. Because of this bravery, Faith was given a tribute and a silver medal awarded by the Bishop of Canterbury himself. She may not be eligible for a Dickin medal (because she was a civilian) but she sure deserves a tribute and a silver medal for her heroism.


10. Simon, the cat with the highest award

In 1949 during the Chinese Civil War, Simon, a black and white cat, became friends with everyone aboard the British frigate HMS Amethyst. Simon became especially close to the captain Lt. Cmdr. Bernard Skinner. His story was told by Lt. Cmdr. Stewart Hett who knew Simon quite well. According to Lt. Cmdr. Hett, Simon’s role during their capture was of highest importance.

When the Chinese Communists fired continuously at them in April 20 of 1949 along the Yangtze River, several lives were lost including Lt. Cmdr. Bernard Skinner’s. Simon was severely injured. When all the firings stopped, Simon went out and his survival boosted the morale of the other survivors. Simon was given immediate medical help and when he recovered, he tried to contribute by eating rats that would otherwise consume the foods of the soldiers. Simon saved their lives by making sure they have food. His presence also gave the soldiers strength and hope. Simon’s life was short but very meaningful. He died while in quarantine at the age of 2 in November 28, 1949. He was given the Dickin Medal, which is the equivalent of Victorian cross only for animals. He died a hero and indeed he received the highest honors. He was buried in Ilford, Essex complete with military honors. He was also given the rank of Able Seaman.


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Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on May 16, 2017:

This stories are so beautiful and touching to bring tears to my eyes--even the two cats who lost their lives a long time ago. I love stories like this. Thanks for sharing.

Readmikenow on May 16, 2017:

What an excellent story! I really enjoyed reading this. Good work! Hope you write many more.

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