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10 Heroic Stray Dogs That Saved Humans Life


The relation of dog and humans is age old. The dogs were domesticated from wolves about 40,000 years ago. Since then dogs are "Man's best friend" and known for their honesty and devotion. Meet the 10 heroic stray dogs that saved the life of humans and proved, they have amazing sixth sense and ability to save the life of humans.


#1: The Dog saved the life of people, from a Suicide Bomber

Dog that saved the couple of life from a Suicide Bomber in Nigeria

Dog that saved the couple of life from a Suicide Bomber in Nigeria

Dog name: Stray Dog
Place: Maiduguri, North Eastern Nigeria
Date: April 2017

This was an occasion when many people were attending a wedding party in Maiduguri, North Eastern Nigeria. Somehow a Suicide Bomber girl, from Islamist militant group Boko Haram, attempted to infiltrate in the crowd. She strapped bombs around her body and reached near to the wedding party. But suddenly a local’s stray dog attacked her. And when she had no option left, she exploded the bombs and dog was killed. But he saved the life of a couple of people.

#2: The Stray dog saved an infant baby

The Stray dog that saved an infant baby.

The Stray dog that saved an infant baby.

Dog name: Stray Dog
Place: Saudi Arabia
Year/Date: November, 2015

This is a heart touching incidence happen in Saudi Arabia, when a stray dog saved an infant baby. The just born baby was abandoned by her mother and she dumped him near a waste bin. And this stray dog found the newborn, took him in his mouth without hurting the baby and placed in safer places. Later, when villagers saw that baby, they took him to hospital. The dog was a real hero, who saved the baby and now the baby is alive and healthy.

#3: This stray dog, saved and sheltered an abandoned new born


Dog name: Stray Dog
Place: La Plata, city of Argentina
Date: August, 2008

This incidence is from La Plata, city of Argentina, when a villager noticed a newborn baby lying beside a stray dog. He informed to Police, when Police reached here and examined, they found that the stray dog found and rescued the baby, and took him like a puppy. Police team was astonished to see, a stray dog saving the life of a baby. The temperature in that night was too low around 3 C (37°F), if the dog wouldn’t have cared the baby, definitely it would have been bad news.

#4: An adopted stray dog "Duke" that saved his owner’s 9-week-old baby.


Dog name: Stray Dog
Place: USA
Year/Date: October, 2012

Jena and her husband noticed their adopted dog, doing unusual activities. Duke started jumping on the bed and making noise, his strange behaviour makes them concerned but they were clueless. Suddenly it strikes, to check her 9 weeks old daughter Harper. They ran to her room and found the baby was not breathing. Immediately, they called an ambulance. Baby was revived by paramedics and saved the life of the baby.

#5: A dog saved the man stuck in mud in the lake.


Dog name: Adopted Stray Dog
Place: Ohio, United States
Year/Date: Mar 31, 2015

A man stuck in mud in the lake and called 911 for help. When the rescue team arrived, they found the water was too shallow to reach him by boat and the temperature was freezing, suddenly they noticed his dog was running nervously, back and forth. Rescue team got an idea to attach a rope to the dog’s collar and let the dog swam to his own and then the man was pulled out by the rescue crew. Though the man was saved by the rescue team but the dog was the real hero.

#6: Kaze, saved the life of a woman in her late 20's.


Dog name: Kaze
Place: USA
Year/Date: NA

Kaze was the police rescue dog, who located the missing woman under a bridge at his first assignment. The women were missing from the last few days and was found in a coma. After her treatment doctors said that if Kaze would have delayed a few more hours, then she would have died. Kaze was awarded from the Contra Costa Sheriff's Department, for his heroic effort.

#7: Kankuntu, the stray dog that saved his owners life from armed pursuers.


Dog name: Kankuntu
Place: The coast of Venezuela
Year/Date: In Year 2008

The five armed pirates attacked to the British couple, Peter Lee and wife Betty, when they were sailing through the Caribbean sea. But their brave dog Kankuntu, furiously attacked by the gunmen and saved his owners. But one of the pirates stabbed him between his shoulder blades and shot him. The dog was seriously injured and took longer to get recovered. Kankuntu bravery and loyalty was highly appreciated.

#9: The mixed breed dog TAZ, that saved the life of athlete Denelle

Danelle and her heroic pet Taz

Danelle and her heroic pet Taz

Dog name: Taz
Place: Utah, USA
Year/Date: December, 2006


The well renowned top athlete Danelle Ballengee bought an adorable puppy "Taz" from an animal rescue shelter, she never would have thought what she will get in return. A bad incidence happens, when she was running in a remote place and she fell on the perilous rock and shattered her pelvis. She was alone and was bleeding badly, then her dog runs miles back to civilization and got help for her, he led the rescue team near Danelle. The dog Taz was praised by local news as a hero, for his honor and bravery and he received multiple medals of honor.

#9: Pui, the stray dog saved the life of abandoned baby girl


Dog name: Pui
Place: Tha Rua district, in Bangkok, Thailand
Year: December, 2013


Poi, a 6 years old free roaming male stray Thai Bangkaew dog, noticed a white plastic bag thrown into a garbage dump. The bag was thrown in roadside dump, when the dog pulled the bag to the roadside, he discovered a newborn baby inside the plastic bag. The tiny infant girl was in bad health, weighing in at less than 5 pounds. Pu didn't harm her, he sat besides with the baby - when people noticed them, they called police and took the baby to the hospital and saved the baby.

#10. The dog rescued and saved the life of 10 tiny puppies and their mother


Dog name: Stray Dog
Year/Date: 2017

You might hear people making fun, "dogs are the enemy of their own family". But this dog saved the life of 10 puppies and their mom and set an example. It was a freezing night, when this heroic dog spotted 10 tiny puppies and their exhausted mom were shivering. The kind dog took led to bring the mother and puppies near a burned out tree. Considering the low temperature exhausted puppies and their mother would’ve probably died if they weren’t found and taken to a safe place by this dog.

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