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The 11 Benefits Of The GPS Dog Tracking Collar

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Dogs are our most loyal and reliable friends, whom no one wants to lose. But despite our taking care, such situations happen when the dogs run away and get lost. As per records, every year around 7.6 million lost pets are entering to shelters, whether 1.2 million pets are dogs. So, the GPS tracker is a best option to keep your dog tracked. It is easy to put a collar, and not painful for the dog to wear, than microchips. There are many other benefits of smart collar, know the ten other benefits using GPS dog collar.


# 1: More Reliable Than Dog Tags

The GPS tracking systems or Smart collars are built to be sturdy and are waterproof and lessening that is more reliable than dog tags because they do not easily fall off. In addition, smart collars are waterproofed that means, no water will get inside and your dog’s collar can be bacteria and smell free.


# 2: Easy and Safe to install

Aside from the GPS capabilities, smart collar has great features and is easy and safe to use. Most of the GPS tracking collars are simple and easy to wear that does not need any Vet or expert help and has no any negative side effect on the dog’s health.

GPS Dog Collar

GPS Dog Collar

# 3: No Painful Implantation

Implanting a microchip can be the little painful, and also have possibility of infection to the dog and even can end up getting more complications. Whether the GPS enabled dog collar are simple and easy to wear that does not have any chances for pain or infection. However, it is generally uncommon, but there are some cases when microchipping caused soft tissue tumors known as sarcoma to develop around the area.


# 4: Real-time location tracking (The GPS, LBS, AGPS positioning)

The essential feature of smart dog collar is to provides to option trace the location of the lost pet, some of the trackers provides the traced location accurately even in range within the feet or within a meter. Also most of the GPS Trackers provide the option to create a virtual Geo-fence and generate alert whenever your pet goes past that.


# 5: Escape Alert and Intimation

You can set up the safe zones (Geo-fence boundaries) and you will receive alerts when your dog will cross the stipulated go-zone. This you can set via the IOS, Android or Windows Phone mobile apps, as well as a custom web portal on their website. This provides an early stage alert to take precaution before its late.


# 6: Mobile and Web App Features

All the smart dog collars provide the user friendly mobile and web apps to locate the geographical location and display the located area on screen that also display the route to reach quickly and continuous monitoring displays the dog movement and also can track their activity for the day.


# 7: Activity and Health Monitor

The GPS monitoring screen displays the dog's movement and also can track their activity for the day. It can also track the dog's activity for the day and it also can work like a fitness tracker such as the FitBit that can record how many calories they have burned or how far they have walked or how many calories they have burned etc.


# 8: Find Stolen Dog

Finding a lost dog is a key feature of smart collar, but apart from locating and finding a lost dog, the GPS enabled dog collar can also be helpful to find your stolen dog. However, this will work only if dog collar is not removed. Some of the smart dog collar also stores the owner name, address and dog and breed details, with a GPS tracker on your dog’s collar, you can easily get the police to retrieve your pet.

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# 9: History Record and Health Information

In addition to track your dog or display the current geographical location, some of the GPS trackers are also useful to maintain the record history of the dog. Like the date of vaccination, de-warming, any other treatment and also maintains the name and address of owner that helps to monitor dog's health and keep track for upcoming vet schedules.


# 10: Useful to Avoid Legalities

In many countries pet rules are very strict, whether your escaped dog can create the legal trouble for you. Some of the possible scenarios are,

- In many countries, some dogs have restricted access to public places
- If may be charges, if your dog attacks to other pet, dog or human

These chances became higher in case of lost dogs, because usually they are afraid, hungry and tired. But an alert, while crossing the restricted Geo-fans can bring your quick attention and save you from legal sufferings.


# 11: Can Save Dog's life

Normally we assume - if the dog is out of home for the long duration means either escaped or stolen, Even that has the highest probability but not always correct. It's also possible that your beloved companion is injured or sick and not able to return back to home. Specially in case of unfortunate scenarios like, if the dog happen to accident, sickness or stuck somewhere and helpless to return back. In such misshapen, early detection of the dog's location can be helpful, even can save the life of your dog.


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Aaradhya (author) on October 01, 2018:

Thanks @Louise Powles !

Aaradhya (author) on October 01, 2018:

@Ellison Hartley,

Firstly thanks to read and comment.

About Dog GPS collar, Because you are a horse expert and definitely you will like the horse GPS collar integrated with IoT features That has many more features like - health monitoring and customize the alert option as per your need and preferences :)

Ellison Hartley from Maryland, USA on October 01, 2018:

This was a great article. I learned about the GPS collars from my brother who has coonhunting hounds. They wear the collars when he lets them loose to hunt, that way if for some reason they aren't onto something so he can hear them, he knows where they are. I don't know why, but it never really crossed my mind to use them on my dogs, just for safety purposes. It would be a great idea though. I have two bloodhounds that if they got loose would put their nose to the ground and be long gone! The Doberman would probably follow wherever they went. The only one I don't have to worry about is my little Yorkie. He hardly ever leaves my side and is afraid of being outside alone for long periods of time. Thanks again for the great read!

Louise Powles from Norfolk, England on September 30, 2018:

I have my dog micro chipped, but I really like the idea of a GPS tracker. That's a really good idea.

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